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Ratings and reactions: Villa 1-1 Spurs


Who was your man of the match?  

86 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Clark
    • Cuéllar
    • Lichaj
    • Ireland
    • N'Zogbia
    • Herd
    • Heskey
    • Weimann (for Heskey 51)
    • Collins (for Hutton 53)
    • Delfouneso (for Weimann 70)

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[table color=#bccde9:03fbf123a5][mrow][mcol color=#8c333c:03fbf123a5]Aston Villa[mcol]1-1[mcol color=#f5ffff:03fbf123a5]Spurs

[row][col color=#8c333c:03fbf123a5]Clark 35[col][col color=#f5ffff:03fbf123a5]

[row][col color=#8c333c:03fbf123a5][col][col color=#f5ffff:03fbf123a5]Adebayor 62


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Thank **** for that.

It wasnt pretty, but we have got there.

Ireland was outstanding. 100% effort and loads of nice touches and passes.

Our entire back four were heroic today. Dunne's stupid tackle aside, they were faultless. Given made some good saves too.

N'Zogbia had a shocker but was injured.

I'm a proud Villain today just because of our defence. Blood and guts.

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Shockingly bad performance and season. In the end it may turn out that flukey deflection off Gallas' head was all that kept this club in the Prem.

Just end this season already, can't stand it.

Cuellar MotM for solid defensive performance.

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Well, talk about limping over the line. Unless we lose 15-0 next week we are going to stay up, but the performance today was our season in a microcosm. Played off the park by ten men, mostly because of our own unwillingness to actually attack. Results elsewhere get us out of the shit. Its depressingly familiar. McLeish out.

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I did think at one pont we would be relegated, Bolton were winning 2-0 and QPR were 1-0 up...

thankfully other teams did the work for us, unacceptable performance against 10 men spurs and generally not good enough at all this season - McLeish out.

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get the scum shit pockmarked faced bell end of a ginger gibbon featured thick flange iodiot the **** away from my club and doont ever ever ever let the twunt even set foot in the ground ever again

clueless gutless lying cowardly

and he sets his teams up the same

no suprises all season utter shit, decent players ruined, good players made to look shit by the inept tactically blind primate

today we didnt get battered check the stats, we were anally gang raped

10 men behind the ball, a freak goal and then he makes it 11 behind the ball

they go down to 10 and what does he do? why he brings on another defender

of **** course he does

the we go to rat shit ( ironically my nickname for peter grant)

instead of put our right back who was playing left back, back into right back,

putting our left back who had been playing in midfield

bringing on someone with pace such as carruthers or even gardner to fill out the middle of the park where we had lost it from the 2nd minute onwards

nope, he brings on collins, moving cuellar who had been great all game out to right back, he becomes shakey

collins goes to the middle, dunne beomes shakey

and the middle of the park? well as i said, it was a lost battle from the 2nd minute onwards

hard to keep the ball with only 2 midfielders against 5

mind you, we had 6 defenders against 1 forward

clueless in ever single way

chuck the twunt a banana, drive past him slowly so he can leap onto your car and pull off thwe windscreen wipers then drive back out of the safari park

that should be the last anyone sees of this ginger gibbon

**** disgrace

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Heroic defending but the other teams have done it for us. Really hard to believe that we were actually eleven against ten Spurs players.

Just one game left with McLeish and then we can forget about his horrible regime and this whole sorry mess of a season.

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Given 8: Brilliant saves once again

Hutton 8: Was superb until the injury

Dunne 7: All his good work ruined by a needless penalty

Cuellar 8: We need to keep him badly

Lichaj 8: He has really proved the best of the youth team coming through, he shackled Lennon superbly!

Herd 5: Did ok but offers little in terms of passing and possession

Clark 5: Same as Herd, i guess that is what McCleish wants them to do.

Nzogbia 4: He may well have been injured but he was largely terrible

Ireland 8: He and Cuellar were superb

Heskey 6: Did his best but doesn't have the legs anymore.


Weimann too little time to rate

Collins 6: Did ok

Delf 5: Didn't really look like he cared

McCleish 6: Playing Heskey is my only criticism of him today, but that doesn't excuse anything in terms of the bigger picture and i really hope he resigns.

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A game to forget in a season to forget.

This is not a season of transition, its a season of indecision, incompetence and idiocy.

Get McLeish out now and lets give KMac the reins for the last game. See if we can inject some sunshine into life again.

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4 wins at home all season, 1-0 up against 10 men you'd think we'd attack. Instead we end up with 40% possession, 11 behind the ball and concede another stupid pen. We are so **** lucky we're safe because, lucky deflection aside, how were we ever going to score.

Bet Baggies fans hate it that they've helped keep us up. McLeish should step down now.

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Another poor perfomance and we really should be able to beat teams at home when playing against 10 men.

Then again we would have to want to attack!

The wrong choice of players to start with, playing in the wrong formation, with the wrong balance between attacking and defending and playing football the wrong way.

Mcleish out tonight please!

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'mon the Olbuyun.

In all seriousness, I feel honored that the only game I managed to get to this season was one of our four home wins. McLeish should be gone by the end of the evening if Randy had an ounce of acumen in anything useful, with KevMac being allowed to take charge for the final game. I'd imagine we'd win it too.

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Some decent performances today in fairness. Ireland was fantastic, Cuellar, Given, Hutton, Clark and Heskey all good as well.

We're safe. Thank goodness. But boy am I sick of this season and us sitting back for a point. I do hope McLeish is never seen at Villa Park again, certainly not in our club colours, but credit to all for the spirit after the Bolton defeat to pick up two vital points in potentially tough games.

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