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  1. "Poor man's Las Palmas win richest league in the World"
  2. Only 4 points less than our 9th place team. Our coefficients are going to take a hammering next season when Leicester and co turn up.
  3. Sevilla won 14 home matches in a row title winning home form. They are an anomaly. They get to Europa final every year because they are so strong at home.
  4. All bought into the Sky hype haven't they. A team which would be comfortably bottom half in La Liga. Might as well celebrate Burnley winning the Championship.
  5. Maybe our store should stock Leicester City shirts?? They are only 40 miles down the road FFS. Control yourselves.
  6. Take your Leicester shirt off #glory hunter It's well documented in this thread what they've been up to.
  7. Sickening thing is people will actually clap whilst their doing the lap. If you clap those clowns you shouldn't be watching this game.
  8. The guys a complete and utter mug. His claim to fame is being involved in Fergie's Aberdeen team. Another one riding the Fergie gravy train.
  9. Continues this season. Ends start of next season. Only 1 game left for protest so lets make it good.
  10. Balloons out on 74,lots of them. Easily sourced, cheap. Hand them out on again with great work from the volunteers still needs a slightly darker theme though. Would black balloons be too grim? Edit:- So black balloons mixed with claret and blue. So still a celebration of AVFC but tainted by 'black cloud'?
  11. Randy's statement put pay to any takeover immediate take over imo. Due diligence can take 6 weeks and is usually exclusive meaning no other bidders can get involved. Probably in a period of early due diligence with a potential new owner who may like or not like what he see's. This is why the Brum Mail rubbished the 48 hour thing.
  12. They were written by Adama unless his fan had access to his kitchen and was taken shots of him cooking his dinner (which were on there).
  13. A case for Mulder and Scully why he sticks with that shyte team Garde played all the time.
  14. The guys a terminal failure wherever he goes there is failure ...what's he doing here anyway?
  15. The only player who can moan with legitimacy. I fully support him.
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