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Liverpool FC in 2011/12


Will Liverpool finish in the top 4 this season?  

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  1. 1. Will Liverpool finish in the top 4 this season?

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Will Liverpool get into the top 4 this season?

Last season they finished 6th. However, once Dalglish took over they were 2nd in the league from then on (or maybe 3rd on GD).

Below is the reasoning from both sides on the subject from where I can see it.

The argument in favour of them finishing top 4 is as follows

They have bought 2 players in Downing & Adam who are able to provide ammunition for Carroll. Downing in particular looks tailor-made to do just that and the striker could have a bumper season.

They have already shown with what they did in the latter half of last season that they had the ability for top 4 form even without these additions.

They have key returnees back in defence which was a weak spot last season (Agger).

Arsenal look to have lost further ground making 4th more attainable. If Fabregas leaves then that makes it even more so.

They do not have the distraction of European competition or the inevitable strain that might put on the squad.

The argument that they won't be top 4.

The Dalglish effect will wear off, if it hasn't already.

Their defence is still suspect and a little cobbled together.

The over-reliance on Carroll & Suarez will eventually catch up to them.

The likes of Spurs are still stronger so if Arsenal do slip, it won't be Liverpool taking their place.

Gerrard will be an issue, whether it be continuous injury or the realisation that they're better without him and need to drop him. Something they will probably not do, causing form and/or morale issues for the team.

What do you think of the above is the more likely or the more important factor in their season. Or weigh in with your own thoughts.

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Enrique is not going to sort out their defence.....he had a good season last season but newcastle fans were on his back two years ago when he looked a real liability...

johnson carragher skrtel enrique is not a top 4 defence....particularly when their back ups are youngsters, aurelio and agger......

if you would have said to liverpool fans one year ago that their first choice midfield in a years time would contain Charlie Adam and Henderson they would have told you to piss right off....

Adam is fashionable right now but will bomb next year in a team where he isnt the main feature...

Henderson is unproven and overrated and will not pull up trees this season....

there better players are up top where downing, suarez and carroll could prove very useful, they are a top four attack....

but they will be relied upon far too much and if one gets injured it could get tough......

i think they will finish 6th

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Adam, Henderson and Enrique are players that i would expect us to be in with a chance of signing....

so they certainly wouldnt excite me if i was a liverpool fan who i deem more attractive than villa for a player right now to move to.....

the fees that Adam and in particular Henderson have moved for have definately helped to make the signings look more attractive....

if liverpool had bought henderson for 5m the fans would be crying out for the board to make more moves in the transfer market....

Citeh have strengthened better and IMO Spurs have a better front 6 anyway

IMO liverpool should be aiming higher than what they have bought

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I think they will just miss out and finish 5th.

They will improve on last season but will not have enough to get over the line.

It is a tough one though because Arsenal look catchable this year.

You can add the lack of European football as another plus for Liverpool as well.

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Liverpool vs Arsenal for 4th spot in my opinion. I dont think Spurs will be in the running this year and nobody else comes close. Sitting on the fence in the poll because the question is every bit as much about Arsene Wengers lot.

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6th for me. Signings arent great, Suarez could still flop if worked out, defence is dreadful and reliance on Carragher and Gerrard is a huge mistake as both are past it.

If Spurs sign a striker and keep Modric they are ok

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Same as Rev for me.

It'll be a season long tussle with Arsenal for that spot. Arsenal will be undoubtedly weakened, but I suspect Wenger will surprise people by just how strong his side remains (even if they do falter a few times and never look like threatening for anything). I also suspect that Liverpool won't have things all to their liking and will wobble. Saying that I also do expect Suarez to become everyones favourite player to hate this season through a combination of superb skill and being a dirty cheating little ****, which will reap points left right and centre for Liverpool.

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i agree with it being as much arsenal as it is liverpool, spurs getting 4th was every bit as much rafa as it was arry, the thing is with arsenal i cant even see who they will buy if they sell fabregas, mata is a good replacement for nasri but not cesc IMO and same old, if van persie gets injured they are ****, still think they will surprise people and the top 4 be more comfortable than people are predicting

spurs obviously need a striker but like someone else said liverpool arent exactly blessed with options if carrol gets injured / turns out to be shit

and i still have this slim hope that liverpool do what we did, spend £200m odd and still fall short, i have this ridiculous notion that us doing it means nothing but spurs / liverpool doing it for the next 3/4 years might actually result in something being done about it

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good point about the exhaustion as well that could take its toll. Carroll is interesting as im sure he will score a few goals and win headers but the price was just mad and if he goes on a drought mid-season questions will be asked

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Depends on Arsenal really. For about the last 5 seasons people have predicted there demise, yet they still manage to finish in the top 4. Put it this way they wont finish top 3.

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