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  1. Quite good isn’t it.
  2. With his footballing brain I can tell you the DM role or anything remotely central role will be an utter disaster.
  3. He was absolutely shocking under Sherwood but put 100% effort it...when Sherwood left so did his effort.
  4. I would if I was you not read this thread until you've watched it, it says spoilers in the title. I don't do any social media or anything.
  5. Oaks

    U.S. Politics

    It's almost impossible to assassinate a president these days. If they wanted to get rid of Bernie...it would be best to do it now.
  6. Apparently there's going to be 8 series.
  7. Credit to him...there was 8 million reasons for him coming over, Joshua is the money at heaveyweight Martin knew that when he lucked into bring champion.
  8. I doubt Tom Fox is their show runner.
  9. Oaks


    I still find it ridiculous that some people see this and the Ched Evans case as almost grey areas so not really that serious. It disappoints me.
  10. Oaks


    Yeah I definitely feel that Margret Byrne has literally taken one for the team.
  11. Oaks


    I agree with the above post. A friend of mine is a UFC avid watcher is quite dismissive of boxing...to me they are seperate sports that will survive in their own he thinks that it will over take boxing, I doubt it. You also have to remember that UFC is only one championship belt as well. It's a company that's doing very well to spin major stars, who then in recent years have failed to live up to their hype. But there is other companies who maybe haven't sold there product as well. I will never really enjoy MMA as much as boxing, it's just too graphic for me firstly and I do lose interest when they hit the floor. And as I love my boxing, the striking annoys me with lack of movement in the head as well as body. But I will still enjoy the events, they are well put to gether and you get more competitive fights than you get on the whole in boxing, but that's a marketing issue rather than the sport it's self.
  12. Yep and pretty much everything Fox has touch has turned to shit.
  13. Maybe the French think it's more important to show their way of life will go on, I'm sure it's their choice, I doubt we forced them to play.
  14. We carry on...they won't win, if France want to play it we play it. It shows our life and ideals won't be beaten.
  15. It quite astounds my how many people don't understand what the law is and what rape is. I also think a lot of people want him to be found innocent because they're worried about their own sexual practices. The I think his innocent brigade are really starting to do my head in...not that I think either way, I just trust our judicial system.
  16. Oaks


    Haven't seen Gabbys account then.
  17. Carragher isn't too bad, but giving him air time takes away Nevilles air time...who's 100 times better than any pundit in this country. Henry however is shocking. He's being paid millions from Sky too.
  18. Same as me, hence why I got Watford wrong.
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