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  1. Will we appeal the yellow card for supposed Simulation ?
  2. What about the Tweets that said there was a Medical booked in for 5.00 one night earlier this week - and then another tweet said "successful medical"??
  3. We have Sky Sports but when I looked at this channel - it says "Upgrade your Subscription to view this Channel" - I think it's £11.99 per month so there's no chance of that - like above, can't we just make a one off payment or please put it on You Tube . Is this channel not part of Sky Sports then? As it says Sky Premier, I assumed it was part of the Sky Sports package !
  4. Hev

    Ticket Info

    Shame that, I was hoping to go - I had 9 aways last season but my friends only had 6 and as it drops from 9 right down to just ST Holders , I was waiting to we could all be together. Guess this will happen a lot this season. Still I suppose it is only fair that those that went to the most aways should get first priority but still a shame. !
  5. Hev


    Sorry deleted this cos I found the answer to my question in another thread
  6. Hev

    Douglas Luiz

    I didn't think we had a Player Liaison Officer now - I thought Lorna McClelland was "let go" when we got relegated?
  7. Whilst we are on music, please change the walk out music.
  8. The Ladies Loos in the Upper Witton really need a revamp. The large one in the loos on the side away from the stand has had dirty grit down it for at least two seasons. Also phone signal (O2)non existent and tannoy unintelligable in upper Witton
  9. The ref is just going to give everything to Albion tomorrow and they are going to kick shit out of Jack. I am so angry and nervous too.
  10. Very biased Anti Villa tonight on WM though
  11. Listening to WM. Everyone hates us dont they?
  12. Hev


    Correct. I am having the same problem. The option to load to card is just not there. Hopefully a glitch which they will sort soon. Hopefully
  13. Here I am Rob. I was there on Saturday - it was great to see him again. Was a bit disappointed that he and Laursen never actually came over to the Witton Lane stand though so I could have got a full on view . Never mind, I still have my photo taken with him in 2005
  14. Noticed that the music pre-match was better on Saturday, we heard Geno and We Will Rock you before Hi Ho - then it all got spoiled when they still came out to that godawful screeching - I really hope we can have something better next season . I do love the Lion's pumping eyes though
  15. I have seen a post by Villa Marv in the SHA reaction thread which says that Villa have been charged with failing to control their players (along with SHA ) following the game last Sunday - they are on about the incident after the tackle by their player on Jack early in the game. This is incredible and surely can't be right. This sort of thing happens all the time (VIlla Marv has posted a link - maybe someone could move it) ?
  16. I saw this too Villa Marv. Disgrace . Cant' believe it.
  17. I just hope that this doesn't affect Jack in the next few days- I am sure Adrenaline kept him going yesterday but I do hope that , having now had time to think about and it see for himself what happened, he doesn't now start to worry. He was awesome yesterday the way he handled it all.
  18. In the internet yesterday, the details were of a Paul Mitchell from Atherstone , but this morning, the news says a man from Rubery has been arrested?
  19. Franksy on WM is trying his best to sell our Jack off to Wolves for 20m
  20. Hev

    John Terry

    How do we know that JT wasn't watching Chelsea youth to see who we may be able to loan from them in the Summer?
  21. There's no atmosphere pre-match either. You go to other grounds and the atmosphere is ramped right up before the team comes out onto the pitch. We have nothing - even Hi - Ho Silver Lining barely got a response on Saturday - and how anyone can get hyped up by that crap awful screeching that we come out to is just beyond me.
  22. Whilst it is nice to feel confident, I wish some of the Villa Fans would stop being so arrogant and cocky about it. Some of those on WM are just behaving like the Wolves fans last season. I am hoping that we aren't jinxing this.

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