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Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Would he cut the mustard in the prem?  

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  1. 1. Would he cut the mustard in the prem?

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Well depends. He'd probably be about the same, possibly a little smaller amount of goals, he's just a good player but that's it. Over-rated.

Pretty much right.

Would comfortably score anywhere between 10-20 league goals. But there are strikers who would do that without costing £50m.

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No, overrated, big time. Reminds me of Berbatov at United. Attitude stinks, massive ego, and he's lazy. He'd frustrate the life out of fans here.

Well he'd probably score and assist more than Berbatov so fans would probably be pretty content with that.

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No, don't think he would. He's not working hard enough and would complain endlessly about getting kicked down. And he would be kicked down. Remember Laursens tackle when we won 3-0? :lol: He's a word removed, a very, very good player, but still a word removed. I'm just glad he left Inter for Barcelona to win the CL and, well, you know the story. :lol:

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Have you seen his record for league medals ?






2005–06 (OK, these are controversial league wins)





And will probably win the league with Barca this year.

If he does that will be a league medal every year of the last nine years with the exception of 2002-2003.

Impressive record for a guy who is considered lazy.

He'd probably do it in the Prem but I wouldn't say he'd be on par with Drogba et al.

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