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  1. What's Dean Smith done to make him worth considering when Bruce leaves? Pardew for me. Good record at this level and has Premiership experience, whereas Smith has none. We'd run into the same problem with Bruce if he got us up, can't do it at the top level, so sacking him now just brings forward the inevitable. He won't get us up though, which is unforgivable given the resources/players available. Bruce out!
  2. Collymore saying Pearson! After the Derby disaster!? He's unbelievable. He must be trying to drum up interest in his talk show.
  3. It is, fees regularly go into double figures now, for the sides at the top end at least. He's a goal scorer and they come at a premium.
  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. We've got to think bigger though and he's got a good record at this level. He's a safe pair of hands.
  5. We're all out of clean slates. We don't need him anyway, side is already top heavy.
  6. 15m is the going rate for a forward these days. If he can score 20 goals in an ordinary Bristol City side, he'll score plenty for us, the problem is lack of service.
  7. It'll be Bruce, close the thread. He's available now, no compensation and a proven track record at this level.
  8. I didn't say appoint him because he's Villa, I just pointed it out as some would no doubt say they didn't want him as he's played and managed the shit down the road, which is irrelevant in this case. I'd say his performances have pretty good given he's working with **** all. The list of possible replacements for RDM is so ordinary, I'd rather give a younger manager like Rowett a chance.
  9. Who gives a shit if he played and managed the crap down the road, he's Villa and the short sighted amoungst us would do well to remember. Its a risk, he's not had a job with the pressure he'll have with us, but he's done really well upto now and he'd be my choice, good young manager. Get him before Bournemouth go knocking to replace Howe when he links up with the national side.
  10. Whilst it's early, it'll be play offs at best and that's at a push. We've made little to no progress since the season the started. The side is top heavy, loaded with quality forwards, but they're starved of service due to our non existent midfield. We look poor at the back, little to no protection from midfield again. Baker has got to start playing though, take the armband off Elphick if need be. Sides just walk through us, far too easy. We're just going to stumble to a mid table finish with RDM, so go get Rowett, stick with him and we may have the next Eddie Howe.
  11. Agree but Gary Rowett. Good young manager. The short sighted amongst us that will moan about him having played and managed the shit down the road, get over it, he's Villa anyway if rumours are to be believed.
  12. The score down the road puts our results into context. We've been so ordinary and it's not good enough, especially given what we've spent. They're worse but grind out results. Go get Rowett. RDM is an average manager.
  13. He's not a very inspiring manager so doesn't suprise me.
  14. It is when you're stuttering like we are, meaning the gap is likely to get bigger before we finally find out feet and then throw in a possible managerial change. He can't be given much longer. He wasn't expected to hit the ground running given what's gone on with the club recently, but we expected better than this.
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