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  1. met crouchy and barry down broad st. top lads! ill try and dig out the photo!
  2. I got into a massive scrap in a kebab shop on broad street with the owner. As he said British troops dying in the war was great.....
  3. Great Thread! All my family is brum born (mum from Aston, Dad born in coleshill, but raised in city), I was born in weymouth. Some things from me: *My cousin (born and bread brummie) as soon as he found out missus was preggers moved out (they had a flat in the mailbox). *I ALWAYS go to the villa when im back in the UK and as an old man have never felt unsafe. *Got mugged with said cousin at 15 in brum. *Alot of family members have now moved from brum to other areas (Ohio, Spain, Herts, Myrtle beach) so maybe that tells you something. All very much working class brummies. * A Piss up in brum with brummies is the best ever....
  4. very possible, i get the feeling we are being viewed as serious customers in the transfer market and wont be messed about. As someone else said. "The lion is awakening"
  5. This is exactly what im thinking!
  6. Just wanted you to know mate. I have no dog in this fight.
  7. Just as an FYI from what i heard it was 7-1, i could be COMPLETELY wrong, but i seem to remember that it was mullering. Take that for what its worth mate.
  8. Had that before it was on special at the outdoor, wasnt great, wasnt shite. but im no expert!
  9. we touch of johnnie walker blue. suit me sir.
  10. Henderson TAA Gomez Mings Trippier Phillips Foden Grealish Sancho Sterling Kane Thats what id go with for Denmark. Foden (I really like him and hes a genuine talent imo!) and Sancho (if hes poor against the Danes, id sub greenwood at half) were poor today, but have genuine talent, get Jack in between the lines driving and slipping. With no recognized left back, Tripper has to play. Also wouldn't have Gomez in, but hes better than all the other right sided center backs. As an aside JWP was nominated for MOTM. HAHAHAHAHA and he got 18% of the vote!!
  11. Dom_Wren

    Matty Cash

    I'm sure its been said before, but my Forest supporting mate said "(He's) Quality...been our best player for a while. Shouldn't be playing in the champ."
  12. Dom_Wren

    U.S. Politics

    I've got a sneaky suspicion the Democrats are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  13. yeah boys put that code in! My team: Scheimchel TAA Tarkowski Laporte Mings Rash Auba Jack Bruno Long Antonio Konsa Stephens Maupay
  14. This is a great question. You never know, i never really want to know if i've got the minerals. Ever.
  15. Hey! Iv'e got a diesel in my truck!! 6.7L Power Stroke......Beefcake I am going to buy 740 rds of 5.56 tomorrow, haven't been able to get any, anywhere. Buddy that works at the gun club had a guy that was selling it.
  16. Well, at least he wont get tapped up!!
  17. 22 years of youth soccer coaching comes to an end due to a baby boy coming . Robbie Robinson-inter Miami (1st pick) Tomas Hilliard arce- la galaxy (2nd pick) Enzo Martinez-Real salt lake (19th pick) Alex Martinez-sporting Kansas City Sebastian Velasquez-Real salt lake Jaylin Lindsay-sporting Kansas City Brendan McDonough-Vancouver whitecaps Shawn Ferguson-Charleston battery (usl) Ricardo garbanzo-Charleston battery (usl) 4x high school state champs 1 x high school national champs 4 x club state champs 1 x club national champs 1 x national coach of the year but the most rewarding ting is the relationships with the lads!
  18. No worries mate, im still pished from Sunday!! UTV!
  19. If you think he doesn't care about the villa, you're madder than bez!!
  20. Those vids can be misleading, but he does look some player!
  21. 1$ (60p) pints yesterday......im still on cloud 9!!!
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