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  1. He was the only one out of thirteen subs not used by Man Utd against Leeds today
  2. Still playing Ark Survival Evolved. One of the best games i've ever played. Spent the past three months grafting on a PVP server, battling against being wiped by the Alpha tribe and being raided by other players. The hard work paid off though as i was asked to join the Alpha tribe on Tuesday.
  3. Currently playing Ark Survival Evolved on PS4 on an online server. The game is so addictive!
  4. There's a rumor going round that Haye is injured and may be pulled from the fight..
  5. Pelle has left Southampton and moved to China...
  6. Rainer


    Great performance last night by Eddie Alvarez to finish Dos Anjos in the first round and capture the Lightweight title.. Oh and Daniel Cormier will now fight Anderson Silva on Saturday at UFC 200 in a three round, non title fight. Tate v Nunes has been promoted to the main event, Lesnar v Hunt is co main event and Cormier v Silva is third.
  7. Rainer


    Key points from Jon Jones's press conference just now • Jones apologized to DC, fans and the UFC • Jones is not sure of what they found in his sample, but he believes it may be a banned supplement. • B Sample is being tested today, hope to get result tonight. • Jones was very emotional, had a hard time speaking, and had to leave the Presser once to compose himself. • Jones still has not spoken to Dana or the Fertitta's. • If he does get suspended (2 years) he will still return to fighting. • He says he is not a cheater.
  8. Rainer


    Bisping wants the fight also. Cormier v Bisping would be pretty cool.
  9. Rainer


    Gustafsson wants the fight, just waiting for the call. Says he can be in Vegas for 10pm this evening. Cormier v Gus 2 would be better than Cormier v Jones 2.
  10. I work for Sainsbury's and at work today i heard two customers talking about the vote, to which one said 'I voted out, but I don't know what will happen now. How weird would it be if we joined Africa'.. These are the idiots that voted leave...
  11. I had £20 on both Europa League semi finals to finish as draws last night, would have returned £220.
  12. Rainer


    Just posted a preview for the Fight Night card in Rotterdam Holland on the 8th May https://rainersmmaopinion.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/ufc-fight-night-overeem-v-arlovski-preview/ Here is a link to my actual blog https://rainersmmaopinion.wordpress.com/ And facebook page if your interested https://www.facebook.com/RainersMMAOpinion/ Oh and Daniel Cormier v Jon Jones 2 has just been announced as the headliner for UFC 200
  13. Rainer


    Guys ive just started up a blog on WordPress and the first thing i have written about is whos next for Mighty Mouse. If you care to have a look and let me know what you think it would be most appreciated. Still need to sort the image sizes out. https://rainersmmaopinion.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/mightymouse/
  14. Does that mean you could sign up as a new customer, stick £200 on Yaya safe in the knowledge you will get it back and gain £200 in free bets?
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