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Weekends Football 27/29 January


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FA Cup 4th Rd 

Man City v Arsenal 8pm ITV 1


Walsall v Leicester 12.30pm

Accrington v Leeds 12.30pm BBC 1

Blackburn v Small Heath 

Bristol City v Albion 

Fulham v Sunderland 

Ipswich v Burnley 

Luton v Grimsby 

Sheff Wed v Fleetwood 

Southampton v Blackpool 

Preston v Spurs 6pm BBC 1

Man Utd v Reading 8pm ITV4

MOTD 10.50pm



Coventry v Huddersfield 

Hull v QPR

Middlesbrough v Watford 


FA Cup 4th Rd 

Brighton v Liverpool 1.30pm ITV1

Stoke v Stevenage 2pm

Wrexham v Sheff Utd 4.30pm BBC 1

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Was Laporte in the bath when he was called to go into the pitch? No kit, no boots, no shin pads. 

Is it too much to ask the subs to be ready to go, bar a jumper or a coat?

I don’t understand this not wearing the kit or boots whilst on the bench. 

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9 minutes ago, MachoFantastico said:

What a boring game, you'd expect better from these two sides. 

It looks like they are both more interested in keeping a few cards up their sleeve for the league meeting in a couple of weeks. 

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5 minutes ago, Spoony said:

This has made me angry all over again about Stevenage 


Everything else at the club is going fine. 
Not seeing the game out 3 weeks ago is a big missed opportunity!

on top of that I am really bored today and feel I should be doing something exciting on a 4th round Saturday.


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There is no football this weekend. The FA Cup ceased to exist when we got knocked out. As it does every year as far as I'm concerned. Couldn't care less about it and won't watch a second of this or any other round.




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Jack Clarke should easily be playing premier league football. Wrong choices made at the time - shouldn’t of went to spurs. Lost a few years. Great finish that against Fulham. I’d love to have him here. Lot to work with. 

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57 minutes ago, BleedClaretAndBlue said:

Milan getting a hiding here

Self inflicted wounds

We thought Emi to Olsen was a downgrade, Maignan to Tatarasanu is as bad as you will get

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