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  1. Not for me. Ramsey arguably been our best player so far this season.
  2. I think Mings is an average defender. I’ve said that many times on here. I believe he gets credit because our fan base and maybe English football as a whole is still in love with this antiquated idea of having a hard bastard who is barking at everyone at the back, blinded to the reality he can’t look after his own game, never mind having a pop at someone else.
  3. How is he a top defender if he makes mistakes that lead to goals ?
  4. Sorry but that’s a cop out. The basics of defending, defenders defend. The game hasn’t evolved so much that it’s totally redundant. He makes mistakes. Plural. I’m sick of him getting free passes because “ he’s a leader, he’s vocal “ blah blah. None of that matters if you can’t do the basics.
  5. We are all over them. We need to make hay here.
  6. We aren’t out of this by any stretch. Dangerous going forward.
  7. I’m happy with that. If we get on a bit of ball Tuanzebe can push into the DM and link it up and get us moving up the pitch.
  8. Playing devil’s advocate, he just might not be very good. That encompasses ability, fitness, conditioning etc. Who knows. The same question has been bandied around at united with van de beek, although no injury, they might not like what they are seeing day to day.
  9. Iran are streets ahead of what they play in Asia and have been for sometime. I’d even like to see his goal scoring record against S.Korea, Japan and the Saudi’s
  10. A bit silly that Daei is even mentioned beside Ronaldo’s name. Context is everything. Daei scored most them goals against piss poor teams in Asia qualifying. Did very little when Iran did qualify for tournaments.
  11. I agree with this. I’d be surprised if Villa get European football. Don’t want to be an expert after the event and say “ told ya so “ but again i wouldn’t be gutted if we did consolidate. We have to incrementally build. Unless you have a freak season where you totally exceed what you should be capable of. Leicester were an outlier. It certainly accelerated their progress much faster than it would if they didn’t have that season they had. I’m certain of it. Bailey is a signing im excited about because it suggests ambition. Buendia, he’s been asked to step up. He’s not coming down from someone bigger than us. The fee is none of his worry and im sure he’ll come good but im realistic and i do think his form might be scratchy for a while.
  12. Sad to see him go but a pure professional. Scored so many big goals for us, the equaliser against the baggies, the resolve to take a penalty and bury it in the second leg. Turned in a good performance last Tuesday when he had to know he was off.
  13. He’s looked absolute rubbish this season .
  14. Johnnyp

    Matty Cash

    I don’t see how a break will improve his bravery in an attacking sense. It’s not a fitness issue where a rest is needed. It’s been a problem since he came in the door to be fair. He can’t overlap, beat a man. Full backs at this level have to be able to do that, or at least show a desire to.
  15. Really enjoyed that half. We’ve been brave on the ball and tried to play football. Gonna leave yourself open at times when you do that, and we’ve rode our luck a few times. Better than sterile possession though and been afraid of the ball.
  16. Getting the ball up to him might be issue. Can see Brentford owning that ball for large parts.
  17. Tuanzebe’s chance. This is how it works. I know people will say “ ah the captain has to walk back in when fit “ Why ? You want nobody thinking their place is nailed on. Wish Carney the best too. Go stake your claim fellas.
  18. Be a tough game. Ings know how and playing at this level a long time against a back four that haven’t really been tested in both games will be good for us.
  19. An all too familiar dance. His pedigree, name still has a bit of clout. We’ll get excited but he’ll end up elsewhere.
  20. A momenumental waste of money. Even Angel had a slow start, but he immersed himself in the city, wanted to get better and did. This guy has been sulky and looked disinterested from day 1. I’m not buying the stuff about his fitness, he’s had a whole pre season and more. Unlikely he’ll play for us again. Going out the Club Brugge at least maintainins the price we paid for him and maybe more if he does well.
  21. I do. Take the blinkers off and treat it for what it is. A reason Conor is playing tonight. I don’t expect him to be here beyond the deadline.
  22. It’s a shit penalty to take at the best of times. Away at a league 2 club, it’s piss taking. Shouldn’t of done it but hey he scored.
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