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  1. Targett one of the best performing LB'S in the league. Chillwell i don't think has played a minute under tuchel. Chillwell goes to the euro's. You know it.
  2. It's a confidence and belief thing. Always had good technical ability. Last year he looked nervous and jittery, overwhelmed him a bit. Takes no crap off the man facing him up now. Real bite and snap about him. Dare i say it, leader like almost. Not vocal but he's stepping up.
  3. Wasn't terrific but did absolutely nothing wrong either. Has a great engine on him. Could of easily done the full 90 minutes. What's really noticeable is he isn't afraid of the ball at this level. He's not afraid of making a mistake. Physically can handle himself too. All good with this one.
  4. We actually have a very good bench this evening. Be shame not to use it.
  5. Leeds look a bit leggy. Not the same energy as the Southampton game.
  6. Bit of a stretch to say he hasn't been good. He's been pretty decent.
  7. Ramsey definetely a curve ball. Don't think Bielsa would of seen that coming an hour before kick off. Up the lads now. C'mon. Get in to them.
  8. Smith's last game with Brentford was against Bielsa's Leeds. 1-1. They totally stifled them in midfield and was all because of mokotjo who plays similar to Nakamba. Just high energy. Get up and down the pitch and get a foot in every time. Trying to out play them hasn't worked. We've to box clever here.
  9. Like they didn't ruin our polished, cultured midfield at villa park you mean ?
  10. Luiz doesn't work anywhere near the required level to play against Leeds. Horses for courses. He'll be needed again.
  11. I'm happy with that selection. Brave. No posts cribbing about Elmo please. It is what it is. Cash out. Guilbert not here. Easy to say start Konsa from the comfort of our couches. Ramsey won't let us down either. Kid can play. We might of caught them a little bit with this side. Wouldn't imagine this was the side they expected to face.
  12. I agree. I don't subscribe to the Leeds theory from their fans that if they are missing a player, another can come in, fit in seamlessly and do the same job and not compromise the quality of the team. Individual ability does matter. I know they are big on the collective, but of course it matters. Shackleton is not going to be or as good as Phillips in DM role no matter how much he's drilled tactically. We need to take advantage of where they are weak.
  13. Elmo is a big worry for this one ( the irony though is as good as Cash has been, he was in Harrison's pocket for the reverse fixture ) Its nothing to do with not having played much. It's just, we've upgraded on the quality of player we have and he isn't that good for where we want to get to. It's like if you had Traore out and Adomah had to replace him. The drop is noticeable and it was against Leicester. It's not a slow, laboured attack coming down the left either. They move at pace. Plus, he just hits it long every time he gets it. They'll be all over us like a rash anyone. Can't just give t
  14. The only saving grace for us is their form is a bit indifferent, they tend to follow a great result up with a loss or a draw so there's that. They just seem to be all wrong for us. Collectively, we aren't as good as them and we aren't going to be fitter or press better than them in the space of 3 to 4 days. Interestingly, and surprised it was never raised. Smith's last game as Brentford boss was against Bielsa's Leeds. They were flying at the time. Finished 1-1. Watkins scored. He made a big change though prior to ko off included mokotjo to break up and disrupt Leeds in midfield. And it worked
  15. Just looks so much more confident than he did last season. Last season he look petrified at times but he's backing his ability now. Physically too, really improved.
  16. I'd be dissapointed and shocked if Smith hasn't come up with something to stop Harrison destroying us again. That was brutal.
  17. I'd really love to stuff this lot. They've been a right nuisance to play for a good while, truth be told.
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