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  1. Don't put it back on me the fact you haven't a shred of tact. That's your problem, not mine. You said " it's a shitty way to go " if you can't see what's wrong with saying something like that about a former player who just died then....can't argue with an idiot.
  2. Really classless comment. Trying to be clever and wrap a joke up into a young man's death.
  3. Great talent. Struggled for game time with us but like Davis, Albrighton - goes into the category of one we moved on far too soon. He was streets ahead of Championship level in his peak years at Cardiff. Surprised he stayed with them for so long. RIP. 35. No age.
  4. April 3rd, at the earliest. The are winging it. This is weeks away from reaching peak levels. Season is done i think.
  5. Wrap it up. Go again in August. This hasn't even peaked yet. Weeks from that .
  6. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    Because the underdog getting tanked in the league the week before and heavily criticised never up their game for a cup final. Right ?
  7. Joyce - Dubois. Whyte - Povetkin and Usyk - Chisora all on PPV within a month of each other. Fighters been paid astronomical purses. Licence fee from sky and bt can't cover it. Back in the day all 3 of those would of landed on regular sky. Whyte is surely been paid close or above a 7 figure sum. Never fought for a world title. Nuts.
  8. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    My point is in when all is said and done if you are in the bottom 3 after 38 games it's relegation, no matter how we try and categorise it.
  9. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    If we get relegated, it will still read we got relegated.
  10. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    I agree. You'd think the following. if his input and coaching were not been listened to and he had the courage of his convictions and thought he was been underappreciated, he'd of walked long ago. He's not short on cash. He has a name in the game.
  11. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    When you look at Guilbert and Trezeguet do you think these are players who are not playing for a manager or players who, regardless of who was in charge, are just not that good. They are miles off premier league players. For a start look where they came from. Club relegated in France and not even a top 5 club in Turkey. And we are shocked they are " underperforming" These are not holding anything back. I'm sorry, this is what they have to offer. We've been shown it.
  12. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    We are miles behind Europe in having a proper football orientated and focused network from top to bottom. Michael Zorc is the director of football at Dortmund, played over 450 games for them. Sebastian Kehl. Lars Ricken over youth. Ajax have loads of former players as directors and on the board. We need to stop giving important football decision making jobs to people who are not qualified and lack knowledge to make calls they are making.
  13. Johnnyp

    Dean Smith

    Smith wanted this job so bad that he took it with terms and conditions. He's now seeing that thing's eventually bubble to the surface when you do that.
  14. He played in a team relegated from ligue 1. Bordeaux didn't think he was good enough. Not having a pop at him personally. He isn't good enough. Suso needs to be sacked.
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