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  1. I'm not. This signing Barkley on a permanent is crazy stuff and we need to take a step back and take stock before we consider that one. Played some very good games, had some stinkers too against Leeds and Southampton. If Chelsea want to sell, that shouldn't be reason enough to buy. You'd want the physio's and medics to have a big input on this one. What's best for the club.
  2. United was a very serious dressing room at the time. Plus, he had the unenviable task of replacing Schmichael. I mean, it was like a death in the family for United fans when he left. Bosnich was going to be held to the exact same standards as Schmichael with everything he did. Which was extremely high. He was a senior figure too at the club. Bosnich was fantastic for us.
  3. This is a gem. Content like this back then would of been like goldust. Too easy now to do stuff like this.
  4. Couldn't find a thread for him. Only came to mind because i seen it on the club's Twitter page it was his birthday. Class keeper. I remember that 93/94 season where he saved a tonne of penalties. Save from Hughes also in the league cup final at the end. Save from bebeto against deportivio i think, in the UEFA cup ( and it was a bloody hard competition then )
  5. Hard to think that lemon is replacing lineker long term.
  6. Jesus, Liverpool have gone strong. Gonna get tanked.
  7. Sil Swinkels to win it with a bullet header in the 94th minute .
  8. Will Chrisene play tonight ? Heard good things about him.
  9. The physicality and the conditioning was the alarming thing that stood out for me when we beat their kids 5-0. It'll be cruel for our boys. Please don't have a pop, be negative etc because this will be a heavy defeat, no 2 ways about it. Fair play to the kids for stepping in and getting this game played and i hope their development continues on an upward curve regardless of tonight's result.
  10. It won't. They'll never play collectively together at senior level as an 11 probably ever again. This is a footballing anomaly. At most 2 or 3 fellas out of this crop will make it into the first team with senior pros. Some get released and play lower league football. They should enjoy tonight for what it is. And who knows, one or 2 can put themselves in the shop window for a loan this month.
  11. I think if you are talking about them putting out a side relative to what we put out that night you are thinking of a team that consists of Williams, Jones, Shaqiri, Minamino, Origi. Not their first team but enough to seriously damage the scoreboard against an u18s team. Liverpool have absolutely no obligation to " play fair " as we'd put it. We didn't field an academy side to match theirs if memory serves me. Davis, Guilbert, Lansbury, Jota, Kodjia. All played.
  12. I've only seen tidbits of Louie Barry play. Be honest with yourselves here, the kid wouldn't be getting half the traction he's getting within the fanbase if he wasn't at the Barca b team. To temper expectations, alen Halilovic tore it up when he was there. He can't get a game with the blues now !!!! Louie might be great but let him walk before he can run so to speak with his development. Let him work in peace with Harrison and Delaney and unlock his potential in time.
  13. If forfeiting was an option, we should of went for it. I mean you are playing a game for the sake of it, the outcome is absolutely nailed on. The FA aren't gonna be happy, hurts the credibility of an already flailing competition and BT gonna be pretty pissed too. On the flip side, any villa kid looking for a move in the January window. You'll be on a pretty big platform tonight. Result won't go your way but hey, stand out.
  14. Could be anything this. Liverpool could hit 10. Don't want to hear any silly bollocks talk that these kids aren't up to it when we lose this game. No kid is ever introduced to senior football alongside 10 other debutante against a strong PL outfit. Whatever happens, happens. Move on and then encourage them in their development.
  15. Me neither. For the credibility of the PL, their broadcasters etc. Very bad for their brand to see senior pros hammering kids.
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