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  1. Broner is a vile cretin. Had that fight in January and then went on a crazy rant at Showtime CEO and Al Haymon saying they better get him fights and he ain't training for nothing.
  2. Agreed. Benn is keen but he needs to move along carefully too. The reality is that by the time he reaches the upper echelons of the welterweight division, Spence will be at light middleweight and Porter retired. Couldn't see Khan and Brook fighting Benn. High risk, low reward. Just couldn't see them making the numbers work for those fights. Josh Kelly is the obvious one. Does he go in though with someone like Benn after been stopped by Avanesyan. Lose again and he'll be pretty much done. Benn - Avanesyan maybe. That's a good fight and a good barometer too for Benn. Avanesyan only lost to Peter
  3. Benn was excellent. Granted, Vargas has been beaten a few times but only by top fighters but never wiped out like that.
  4. Shaqiri on. Straight off a week laying 200 blocks a day
  5. Mings been excellent today. Had a bark or 2 at Luiz also which is needed.
  6. Never seen a commentator call so many players by their first name.
  7. The year is 2030 " Well Ross is still just catching up a little bit on his fitness "
  8. Luiz's concentration is shocking. That's a 5 yard pass. He's very casual.
  9. He shouldn't be commentating on Liverpool games period. The most fanboy commentary ive ever seen.
  10. Watkins at West Ham. Lansbury at Palace. Grealish at Burnley. We've had our fair share.
  11. No crowd Carragher. Was waiting for him to roll out that beauty.
  12. Thought Carragher had migraine pain there for a minute.
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