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  1. All the best to him. He's contributed a lot the cause here. Don't know is it a role we need to fill with a great degree of urgency. If anything, we were a bit stacked. Shakespeare probably becomes even more hands on now.
  2. Don't want this dragging on for the next month. We can't let it effect the team negatively. Always about the team fellas, no individual.
  3. I think we'll bring someone in close to the start of the season. No fact to back that up, just a hunch.
  4. I think it's an incremental build when you are in the PL year on year and the type of player you can acquire. Even though we probably had the money when we came up, you don't just get quality players. We had shop in a market that's fraught with risk. We rolled the dice with Wesley. It hasn't paid off and i don't think it will.
  5. I think the guys a dud but i know you've to tread carefully here with calling it as you see it ( my opinion ) as your seen to be too harsh. His demeanour is sulky, negative. Thought it the first day the spurs centre halfs absolutely man handled him. He's going to be compared to Ollie. He's a striker. We aren't exclusive in that regard. But ability, workrate, attitude he falls well short stacked up beside Watkins.
  6. I thought the body language was weird between Southgate and Grealish when the takers were been decided. Few words said. Grealish looked a bit sullen. Either he didn't want to take one, or he was told he wouldn't be in the 5.
  7. It's easy to say with the benefit of hindsight that England did this that or the other wrong but everyone could see after 55 minutes, not after the event, that England were far too deep and negative really. The played a good opening 20 minutes off football and were lively in extra time.
  8. It isn't nonsense. Twitter will be a cespitt x10 tonight.
  9. England playing like it's the 4th minute of injury time. Wanna buck up. Too negative this.
  10. Shaw is having a fantastic game. Been rewarded for his bravery.
  11. I'm not upset, at all. The Jack wank fest when you have reached the finals of the euro's and are 1 up, bossing it , doesn't upset me. It's just...exhausting I'm Irish, i hope Italy throttle them.
  12. I just find it morbidly weird that your country are winning the finals of the euro's and all you can think about is Grealish.
  13. Shut up. Seriously. Have a day off.
  14. England could bury Italy here. The best quarter of football they've played so far. They've turned up.
  15. England need to play the game, stay in the moment. They can't show italy too much respect. I think Italy are better than England overall, but England only need to be better than them tonight. That's it.
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