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  1. From an Irish perspective, should i be worried about Farrell taking over ? He's a highly regarded coach within the IRFU but ive just this feeling especially with his league background, that it's gonna be gym rat type players smashing the gain line, looking for collision constantly.
  2. Word on France. Would they of held out with Wales that close to the line for 5 mins? Probably not, but they've gone out to a shocker of a call there. If you aren't giving that forward then you really shouldn't be reffing a RWC QF.
  3. If they don't get beaten up up front and in the back row ( England have a very solid 1 to 8 ) they'll give themselves a chance anyway. NZ punced holes through Ireland, quick ball and clinical out wide.
  4. They have an offload and passing game that's pretty much unrivalled. What makes NZ so hard to play against is they play heads up rugby. The play it as it's unfolding. Too many Northern Hemisphere sides look like they are playing it off a manual. I agree that England are a much better side than Ireland and have been in good form for many months now. The much vaunted duo of Curry and Underhill will have to bring a level of performance that trumps anything they've bought before. If they let let savea, cane and read dictate there - game over. If they get platform, quick ruck ball they'll hurt England big time on the scoreboard.
  5. England won't get near NZ.
  6. France just have this inbuilt self destrructive button. Massively talented but could never rely on them.
  7. Don't think NZ will punch holes in their forwards like they did Ireland but i do think they'll be too good for England. They've too much of everything.
  8. Mate, they haven't got out of 2nd gear or broke stride.. U lot are getting this next week. They'll be even better .
  9. Boxer Patrick Day passed away. Aged 27. He suffered head injuries and was hospitalised following a ko loss at the weekend.
  10. The Cheika v Jones narrative is building nicely this week. Suits England, takes the spotlight off them. They are favourites. If they play as they can they'll win but i think this might be the best version of Australia they'll of run into in Jones's time so far. Think it will be a very physical game this one.
  11. Johnnyp

    Tyrone Mings

    What's annoying about this is he will inevitably have to field questions from journalists about tonight. That shouldn't happen. He didn't instigate this. He's part of what will be the story on the back and front pages tomorrow but at the same time it's nothing to do with him. Wrong.
  12. Paris this year will still be fresh in French minds, or at least it should be. They had Wales bet out the gate then just reverted to normal France. Imploded. Wouldn't know what they'll do. They don't even know. They've played 25 minutes of great rugby so far in the Argentina game. Can't trust them though.
  13. England might be undercooked. They've not had a test at all. England - Australia will take on a life of its own. Always genuine needle. Cheika is 0-6 against Jones.
  14. Lealiifano needs to start at 10. Toomua better from the bench. England are going in very undercooked. They've had no test. Might not of been a bad thing for them had the France game went ahead.
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