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  1. No sympathy for the majority of their fan base. Lot of mushroom supporters that followed them on the back of their initial first PL title in '93. They knew nothing for years only winning. Reading the reaction on twitter tonight and some of them are close to throwing themselves in the river.
  2. Hard to know. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see him drop out the match day squad when Samatta rolls up. Great experience for the kid though
  3. Americans always tend to work their absolute nuts off when they come to play in the PL don't they. Think they've got this inferiority complex going on because Americans when it comes to football are kind of sniggered and sneered at a bit. We don't take them overly serious. Serious work ethic though. I remember Dempsey and McBride. Tough as nails. Leave every thing out there. Hope this kid goes well for us, he probably has one eye on Qatar 2022.
  4. Johnnyp

    Pepe Reina

    I'll put my hands up and admit i was one of those that questioned the logic behind signing a 37 year old keeper. Played very well so far. Kept Maupay out Saturday and saved brilliantly from Deeney tonight.
  5. And Kelly as attacking coach. I think the guy is a cheerleader. He's a glorified Sunday league coach.
  6. This coaching ticket are a disaster. Rabbit in headlights stuff. They haven't a scooby.
  7. They would of pressed forward if Luiz started too. Some villa fans have the memory of a goldfish. Picked out one worldly to Grealish and we forget his pathetic work rate, can't tackle and switching off when he gets the ball out from the back. C'mon.
  8. He's kind of made himself look like a bit of a tit though with the " Kodjia wasn't fit enough " statement. Drinkwater looks like he's running through treacle. He should of just came out and said he didn't rate kodjia instead of throwing him under the bus with that crap.
  9. I reckon if we get hockeyed tonight Smith is in trouble. We can't really lose this, if we get slaughtered...yikes!
  10. Meh, i dunno. Pearson has this reputation as been a prick and and a bit cold etc. Sanchez Flores couldn't get a tune out of them. You dont play the way they are playing right now if you aren't enjoying your football. He's not the chest beating ape the media like to portray him as. They look a pretty happy, highly motivated and committed bunch to me.
  11. Johnnyp

    Douglas Luiz

    So if he was beside Nzonzi he would be more brave on the ball , work harder and not turn his arse into tackles ?
  12. Johnnyp

    Douglas Luiz

    Totally agree with this. It's reactive and hindsight when people pop up after the event ( his assist ) and say he should of started. He rightfully didn't start. He is a talent but loads to work on. People saying he isn't a DM is just a cop out, you have a duty to work whatever position you play in. His work rate and intensity is poor, right now .
  13. Football manager 18 is freakishly accurate. Went to sign Konsa when he was at Brentford. Looked at his personal info " Dislikes Maupay "
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