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  1. I think it's the other way around mate. Konsa will only get better. He's gonna be very hard to shift from that position. It's Mings who needs to be watching out in my opinion.
  2. My abiding memory from the play off defeat was Cairney sneering at how football won that day in his post match interview. Fair dues, we were negative, they were much better but you've just won the game. Be gracious. We'll play much better ball tomorrow. I'm sure of it.
  3. That Nelsson fella was class against United in the EL. A gamble, it's a step up for him for him but he looks decent.
  4. I'm sure he's come up in conversations between Smith and the coaches since Thursday. They are in a bit of a bind. I think a few weeks ago the plan was set in stone for Ramsey to go out on loan ( might still be ) but he's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works with how he's played in the 2 league cup games, coupled with the fact Hourihane is hit and miss and McGinn has been out of form for a long while now and has fitness issues. Don't think they can pull the trigger on a loan just yet.
  5. This is the fear i have with Ramsey. He'll go out on loan and still get benched.
  6. https://www.sporf.com/bologna-drop-the-worst-best-transfer-announcement-video-ever/ Hands down the worst signing unveiling ever.
  7. Villa might decide to keep him on the periphery. Look at Curtis Jones, can't say he's a first team player at Liverpool and certainly going to be much more difficult with him now Thiago has come in. Liverpool have turned back a lot of loans for him apparently. Realistically though, i expect Ramsey to be gone out by October 16th.
  8. We definetely haven't managed our loans well. My thinking is : he's had a few games, been training with the squad all summer. Looks the part. He's clearly not a million miles away from the first team thing. If your saying Luiz, Hourihane and McGinn are your midfield 3 and the general consensus in here on form and ability is Ramsey is pushing Hourihane, then he clearly isn't a year away or maybe not even a bit part player. Yes i agree though if Barkley comes in that changes things.
  9. Gabby's goal per games ratio was pretty shocking, truth be told. I'd hope Watkins has a considerably higher return.
  10. The games are falling nicely for him. He'll start against Stoke again and even now Smith and his coaches must be thinking do we bring him to london Monday evening ?
  11. Me fear is he'll get shipped out and Barkley will come here and half arse it. Should roll the dice on this kid.
  12. Word on the pass too. That boy ain't afraid of the ball or space.
  13. Ramsey is making a complete mockery over the last week of this notion he isn't ready for the 1st team. Serious talent.
  14. If i see " Ramsey joins ( insert league one club ) on loan until the end of the season All the best Jacob ! " on our Twitter feed in the next 2 weeks I'll go nuts. The kid is ready. He's a talent. Don't farm him out ffs.
  15. Ramsey puts his hand up for the squad for Fulham with a performance tonight. We ain't got huge quality in midfield. Call it as it is.
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