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  1. This was the first time i heard of Naoya Inoue. I knew who omar narvaez was. Long reigning super flyweight champion who had made an insane number of defences. Did step up in weight to fight Donaire and lost on points. Never hurt. But at super flyweight he was the man. Legend really. Never been dropped. Inoue had 7 fights going into this. He stopped Narvaez in 2 rounds and at the time of the stoppage Narvaez was practically crawling on the ground bowled over in pain. Inoue should be inside every top 5 p4p list .
  2. The frightening thing is he isn't just beating bums. He is absolutely dismantling world class fighters.
  3. What a scary little dude that Inoue is. Left Rodriguez, who is world class, in serious pain after that stoppage. Donaire don't need that. At his age. Oh he's gonna get destroyed.
  4. Leeds would of been very difficult, that big pitch with that high press..Not underestimating Derby at all but we have to approach it like Fulham did last year. They were favourites, as we will be. They embraced it, enjoyed the occasion rather than let it consume them and it all fell into place. Preparation is key. We get that right, we'll be ok. On a sidenote, mate of mine, an arsenal fan said he thought Derby and Lampard in particular got massively carried away and were on such a high from the celebrations last night that mentally they might of already reached their Everest. Interesting point. To be neutral , we seemed to enjoy it too though Hourihane and Grealish looked so focused even in the immediate aftermath. Smith was very calm. Lampard and Keogh i thought were very excited , though hey, the way they won etc..to be expected.
  5. Something to the effect of that he had a privileged background and didn't have to work for anything. Didn't exactly bust a gut last night.
  6. Dyche wasn't far wrong about bamford.
  7. Looking back on the highlights, Leeds were unbelievably naive at times. Their "everyone moves forward with the ball " approach with the was their undoing really. It cost them many times over the season. Marriott left in acres of space where Ayling should of be. Keogh bombing up the pitch out of defence like beckanbaeur, nobody near him. Height of respect for Derby, but they'll find it difficult against us. We don't lose shape like that .
  8. Nothing changes from our end though. Just because it's derby doesn't mean we can half arse it and get away with it. It will be tough. We need to be on it from minute 1.
  9. No we did not. Dangerous mindset that.
  10. We do need to park the 2 games we beat them in the league and move on from it. Leeds beat them 3 times !! Mount definetely didn't play against us at Villa park, not sure about the reverse fixture. Good player.
  11. The league results against Derby are of little relevance for the 27th. Be a very tough game. However, im more confident we will win than i was in the lead up to the Fulham game. We didn't play good football, Fulham did and my biggest fear that they'd boss the ball and we'd live of scraps was confirmed from a few minutes in. Won't be that way against Derby.
  12. No way we can get complacent here. Regardless of the fact we've done em twice. Hurt is a big factor too and can focus minds. We have that. They don't.
  13. Let Derby have the revenge factor and all that encompasses as much as they like. Couldn't care less if we've beaten them 10 times this season. It's all about what we do. If we are switched on mentally and our football is on point they'll find it very difficult to beat us.
  14. All about us. We'll prepare well and bring a performance. Not complacency but we'll see more of the ball against Derby but hey have to give them their fair dues. It will be a test.
  15. Frank Lampard " Who's **** crying now eh " !!

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