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  1. It's a terrible fight and anyone dressing it up as anything else ( basically sky ) are trying to pull the wool over. Campbell has done nothing as a pro to earn a fight of this magnitude. He's not even a draw to the masses in the UK. Has a local following. What's happening at the minute is quite simple. Hearn's uk based fighters are commanding massive purses. He cannot afford to pay them by putting them on regular sky. The licence fee Sky pay for those type fights wouldn't cover what these guys are now earning. Whyte isn't a pay per fighter, not in a million years - but he's on serious coin. PPV revenue the only way he gets paid what he wants.
  2. A voice of reason. Sentiment makes people make calls with the blinkers on. Conor will be found wanting in the premier league and im saying that before the event, not " oh he was brilliant in the playoff final, deserves it " and 5 games into the PL season " he's rubbish ". Unbelievably fickle. He has contributed massively to us getting up but im not afraid to upset others by being honest and saying i think he's a very flawed player. His balance is poor, he isn't the most physically imposing in a DM role, passing is safe rather than brave, gets rushed on the ball easily and panics. Douglas Luiz looks a higher quality of player than Conor and just a better footballing brain.
  3. Lansbury at the peak of his game was probably his last 2 seasons at Forest. He's never reached a similar level for us and even if he did, who does he dislodge from that midfield ?
  4. Johnnyp


    Made a fantastic pass to Guilbert who ran on the overlap at one stage. The pace and weight of it, top class. Ok its Shrewsbury and pre season but still..looks very good.
  5. Johnnyp


    Clever player. Good technique, very good footballing brain.
  6. That was the best Pacquiao ive seen since he beat Cotto.
  7. True. Has some pretty solid wins now on his CV. Still probably looking at a year before he gets the title shot though. Wilder fights Ortiz next and then the Fury rematch is rumoured as next February .
  8. Atlas is a media whore. If he was chocolate he'd eat himself. He knows the camera and spotlight is on him and goes all dramatic.
  9. Very dangerous fight that he probably didn't need to take. Rivas's record is a bit padded. Win over Jennings is the only one that stands up to scrutiny.
  10. Jeff Horn didn't beat Pacquiao . The record books say he did but my god that was some serious home cooking.
  11. Spence - Crawford. All i want to see. Two absolute elite level fighters.
  12. Canelo is getting better, coming into his prime. Very impressive against Jacobs. Golovkin looked old in his fight in June.
  13. I'm not so sure. Thurman looked rubbish in his last fight. I hope pacquiao beats him simply for the fact he's a decent guy and Thurman has been an absolute prick in the build up to this and said some very disparaging and disrespectful things.
  14. Johnnyp

    James Chester

    Don't see how Chester stands up to a 46 game season now but if he decides to move i wish him well. Fantastic signing. Great pro.
  15. Johnnyp


    That pass to El Ghazi was pirlo-esque.

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