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  1. CONMEBOL is a joke. It was put to them that could of scraped this years copa america and ran off some WCQ instead. They pushed ahead with it and now they’ve a massive backlog
  2. First time I’d heard of him was the morning after he destroyed Barrera in the Alamadome in Texas. I didn’t watch it live. Barrera was a huge betting favourite. Nobody knew Pacquiao. Incredible fighter.
  3. Usyk has had six world title fights in his opponents back yard and won them all. The ultimate road warrior.
  4. Hatton’s kid would want to give this game up. Schooled by a journeyman tonight and got the W. The push he’s getting is insane. He’s quite awful. They know they can’t step him up anytime soon.
  5. A lot of people got carried away because they thought Usyk struggled with Chisora. He won comfortably but Chisora is awkward for anyone. Walks people down. Joshua tried to outbox a boxer. Silly.
  6. He hasn’t. If hype is becoming a 2 time unified HW champ, fair enough. All these hindsight merchants pop up after the event. Same as when Hamed lost to Barrera. He was a hypejob etc etc. Again, he wasn’t. Incredible fighter. Beat some great featherweights. Why can’t we just acknowledge they weren’t good enough and beaten by better men on the night without pissing over there careers.
  7. If these cards are as they should be, Joshua is well behind, might need a ko
  8. 5-2 Usyk. Twice he’s rocked Joshua now.
  9. Dunno. He has some engine but Joshua has to make him work.
  10. Don’t think Joshua needs to be thinking about Fury. Won’t be getting there by the looks of it. Been mugged here. Some difference in ring IQ
  11. I love the fact that he is without ego. Himself , looking to constantly learn. Doesn’t act like he knows it all. He has no issue working with new coaches and letting them get hands on too.
  12. Most satisfying win in a long time. Don’t let folk down play it either. A top united side.
  13. Don’t be fooled by the Jesus hair. Gave Ramsey a bollocking in the first half and was f’n and blinding them out if it Wednesday night too.
  14. I thought he was fine. I think the missed penalty is making your judgement much harsher than it should be.
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