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  1. I wouldn't play Kane at all, he clearly doesn't want to be there. Don't care how good he can be.
  2. This could get real bad, Arsenal destroying Spurs here.
  3. Kane as been so poor since he returned. It's clear he desperately wanted a move away and it shows, he looks half interested.
  4. Spurs look awful. Great play from Arsenal though.
  5. That time wasting from Wolves is kind of pathetic really.
  6. Wolves don't look great, but Southampton look like they'll struggle this season. Especially without Ings. I liked the look of Armstrong in the Championship but he needs goals at this level.
  7. It's crazy how much softer referees are with cards now compared to last year. Seen some pretty bad tackles over the weeks without a card, probably not a bad thing but still strange as hell compared to past seasons.
  8. Not really surprised by Ole's post match interview. A lot of United fans want him gone and he seems to refuse to take the blame for their shortcomings in the past. It's a tad pathetic but not at all surprising. Just trying to save face.
  9. Super underwhelmed by PSG so far, watched a fair few matches and I'm far from impressed. Think they'll be lucky to be challenging for Ligue 1 title let alone the Champions League.
  10. Liverpool look like they can't defend to save their lives. Awful.
  11. Great goal from Jota tbf. Did that player get injured whilst celebrating?
  12. Credit to Brentford, Liverpool's defence looks atrocious.
  13. How are Brentford not ahead, got Liverpool rattled. Unbelievable start from them.
  14. That yellow Liverpool kit looks awful, who thought that would look good.
  15. Honestly hate how Man Utd always get these dodgy penalties late on, it's a joke.
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58643421 The whole situation at Barcelona is a mess, the more I read about it the more I'm surprised they can even afford the players they have now. Don't think I've seen a club so poorly managed in football ever. Sounds like it's only going to get worse. Good read.
  17. For the insane amount of quality PSG have, they look very average. Not to impressed at all.
  18. What a total mess, now a coach is being sent to send the Argentina players away. Honestly I can't help but sense something dodgy going on here.
  19. Funny how the Brazilian authorities are taking action in the middle of a damn football match, when those four players have been in the country for three days already. Definitely a public stunt.
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