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I lost a Villa bet...


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I lost an order of magnitude more than that at the bookies, and in the morning when I can find my wallet, I'll be matching it at Acorns. If I'm going to get fleeced, it may as well go to a good cause.

P.S. **** Grealish. 

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14 minutes ago, TheStagMan said:

Posting this as a separate thread as it will get lost In the noise of the Grealish thread at the moment.

Mods - please move if this is inappropriate.

I called out @Fairy In Boots about Grealish leaving and it turns out he was right, I would like to apologise to him. I said I would pay £20 to Acorns if he left. So here it is. 


You fool, he guessed right in a 50/50 flip.


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4 hours ago, StefanAVFC said:

No offence to any of you, but you guys are mental for pissing money away on this shite.

Bit harsh, Acorns is a good cause tbf.




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