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  1. leicester knew grealish wasn't going to be playing, as did everyone else
  2. Death, taxes, and losing at old trafford As long as we come away injury free and goal difference doesn't take too much of a battering i'll be happy
  3. i've said this should be the case for ages. it would mean every year theres guaranteed 1 team in europe that didn't play in europe the year before too
  4. your opinion...my opinion is that the bench he named didnt say to me that he wanted to win the tie. bogarde, aaron ramsey, sinsalo and caleb are youth players. replace a couple of those with JJ and ings and we have better options off and i doubt smith would be insulted by what i'm saying when he didn't even care about the cup enough to do media duties for either of the ties we played
  5. my issue is not the starting 11, but the bench. it just said to me that there was no expectation to win the cup tie and instead use it to give the kids more minutes. which unfortunately, they'll likely not get any more of until the FA cup in 3 months time. having 2-3 of the first team on the bench, ready to be used in case of emergency, wouldn't have burnt them out like people are suggesting. anyone thinking that smith took tonight seriously, needs to question why he couldn't even be bothered to do the press conference and sent shakespere instead. even the media duties are given to the 2nd string i just think he made a mistake tonight and i hope the FA cup is given a real go.
  6. not having an ings/watkins on the bench to bring on was an error IMO. i hope deano takes the FA cup more seriously. tonight feels like a missed opportunity
  7. Exactly...why is it that marv is the one getting all the grief?
  8. about 3 years!! we just took it as read that we did and that it went without saying!
  9. agreed but i do think this could have been accompanied by a FAQ section rather than just reeling off punishments. edit: i'm aware it does link to the generic ticket FAQ section but think there could have been something more specific to the re-distribution of tickets
  10. Villa laying down the law... https://www.avfc.co.uk/news/2021/september/New-measures-to-prevent-resale-of-tickets/ personally i think the penalties are harsh. what if i have a genuine reason for not going? i.e. i test positive for covid the day before an away game? i will have missed the deadline for returning my away ticket so i either lose the cash or risk a 3 game ban by selling the ticket on
  11. i'm not saying it's easy. but so many teams destined for a mid table finish basically sack off the cups by fielding under strength teams in winnable games. a strong villa 11 should beat a heavily rotated chelsea 11. i just disagree with what you said that our main priority should be top half. this is a more realistic route into europe than via the league too, IMO.
  12. each to his own...i don't see it as much of a legacy. as great as those achievements are, i'd like to see something in the trophy cabinet (and i'm not counting the trophy for the playoff final...still have no reason why trophies are given for that)
  13. it's not about the money though. who knows how long deano will be around...the owners are ambitious. look at eddie howe at bournemouth, for all his good work he left zero legacy there. i'd hate for deano to be the same when he leaves. frankly i don't care if we finish 10th or 12th. aside from a few quid it doesn't mean a great deal. lets have a proper go in the cups besides been without silverware for too long and it's the one thing that blues have over us.
  14. i'd be interested to survey the noses as to whether they'd give that trophy up today to still be in the PL. i'd wager a good few would rather still be in the PL with a stadium that isn't falling apart and the only decent youth player they've had for years still playing for them
  15. tomav84

    Matty Cash

    how long did it take for him to call up someone of grealish's quality? happy to be corrected but don't think he's attended any of our first 5 games either which indicates none of our other players are on his radar i love matty, but there are currently 3 better english RBs, 2 of which are younger than cash. he's got little chance of playing for england IMO
  16. no chance...their fans are already quite upbeat about their performances, even when they've lost. he's made some real improvements already to their style of play
  17. 100% she has caught him having some sly glances at the sister at christmas lunch or whatever. probably some not so subtle flirting too one of those that goes without saying, but she felt the need to actually say it!
  18. didn't think of this....too many red flags i think, we'll pass i reckon! thanks for the advice, @Mandy Lifeboats too
  19. advice please. found a house on rightmove that looks great which we've booked in a viewing for but it's currently student accommodation and has tenants in situ until April of next year. hypothetically if we love the place, have offer accepted, when would we complete the purchase? normal time frame or next april? and how does this work regarding mortgage, are we less likely to have one approved? any help is appreciated
  20. if you live in australia it's on bein sports 1 south africa it's on supersport PSN and ESPN+ in the US
  21. haven't they basically publicly said they just want to be recognised as in the top 25 in the country though? wolves sounded like they were awful at the weekend though...lage is under pressure already arsenal will be ok, annoyingly
  22. i do think we'll see buendia and traore start. i agree with sanson coming in too...if he doesn't play i'll start to suspect things going on behind the scenes there
  23. in the top 100k overall...doesn't sound too impressive but has to be my best ever start to a FPL season!
  24. got both... 87 point week for me, all 3 auto subs (one of which being rudiger) used so definitely got lucky
  25. we don't know what their season ticket resale system is (if even there is one) there were several empty seats at VP yesterday, presumably from season ticket holders unaware of the resale system not saying your theory is wrong, just playing devils advocate
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