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  1. I have no idea and I have no information at all to speculate on. He's the manager—he'll come up with some plan. That's his job.
  2. Weird how managers adapt tactics to different teams.
  3. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    Or the fact that Buendia couldn't play and Bailey has just come back from injury and clearly, by the evidence of the game yesterday, is still getting used to the league and isn't ready yet. It's no surprise we played 433 when we had Grealish. It's the formation that makes the most of him.
  4. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    You're ignoring the affect of different injuries and having different options available at different times.
  5. He probably used his eyes. I agree with him tbh. Maguire is a top player.
  6. And I'm sure you won't take the bolded things into account.
  7. My word, I didn't realise those were our next fixtures. I am so much less optimistic this season, and that's a fresh hit!
  8. Did anything happen about that rumour that Watkins has another injury?
  9. No offense, but you seem to me to be making big calls on the club's motivation and so on that you can't really know for certain. It comes across as a little too much positive spin, and I just don't believe it. You seem to be ignoring all the times we were told European football is the aim. Plenty of things surely happened in the summer that none of us know about for sure, but it's not an out there thought that the club weren't able to recruit exactly as they had planned. It doesn't all always have to be roses. I wouldn't aim my disappointment at any individual, from the owners to Smith or Lange, but, again, it's not a mad position some of us find ourselves in, wondering if the big talk about our near future may have hit a snag or two for whatever reason.
  10. Yet for how lovely and amazingly planned this exact current situation is, the club seemed pretty keen on getting JWP and or ESR. It's almost as if the club wanted to invest more but missed out on targets. So in that case, they're not happy with what we've got. If we fail to push on this season, you could well imagine Martinez being the next to leave us next summer. The club aren't screaming ambition to me at least.
  11. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    Well, Cheltenham Villa missed out losing Jack, which was my main point. But you're right—let's hope Bailey is OK with playing on the left, and he would hopefully be an improvement on AEG. Still, the injuries at the moment are not encouraging in themselves. Then losing the Emis for a game—maybe more in the future (I don't know the situation here). It's not our fault, but it's there.
  12. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    Don't forget to include losing our best player for decades! We haven't really improved on AEG when he's started the last three games. He couldn't even get into the squad for the first few months of last season.
  13. I'm not having a go at the owners. But I very much feel as if we've missed out on our targets and lost by far our best player, and I genuinely think we are more at risk of struggling because of it. We'll see how important Grealish was to us. I've said it before, but I acknowledge this is my subjective fear. I have been optimistic at the start of most seasons, except probably Bruce's last summer and I am absolutely not optimistic for this season. Let's see anyway.
  14. There are lots of convenient excuses on this thread.
  15. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    Hopefully we can incorporate Ings and Watkins into a Liverpool style front three with one of the others. I'd like that. I just worry it won't happen. Anyway, we do all just have to wait and see. I think fears and optimism have been logged on here. We all just want the best.
  16. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    I think our strongest team last season was much better than our strongest team this season. I rate Traore, so building up more right wingers doesn't seem like a massive improvement to me. Grealish is nigh on irreplaceable and Watkins is great up front, appreciating the improvement it is that we now also have Ings too. How we fit Ings and Watkins in a team may surprise me, but I said it earlier, I've only seen one unconvincing change of formation in pre season as evidence on that front so far. I don't feel we have a coherent plan. Buendia and Young playing in 2/3 different positions so far doesn't convince me otherwise.
  17. Rolta

    Dean Smith

    We're not finishing anywhere near 8th.
  18. What if is the key part of this imaginary argument, and I don't think it's mad to be a little concerned about where we are right now. Sure, it may all turn our rosey, but there are a lot of what ifs right now. I have been so optimistic about Villa since Smith took over but this is the first time I've been a little unsure. I'm definitely not feeling it.
  19. Then Smith and Purslow need to stop bigging it up.
  20. Smith said when Jack left that we were eighteen months away from where we needed to be. He comes across as living in a dreamland at the moment.
  21. Then Dean Smith, Purslow and everyone needs to adjust the narrative they keep giving us. I haven't invented the expectations I have, or impression I have about their ambition. It's been a pretty constant narrative for a while that is repeated by every new signing too. But right now, the narrative that we aim to compete for the European positions is looking false.
  22. We won't be challenging for the top 9 let alone the top 4 for a long time. The club have churned out the pr about our ambition for the last few years. They have created the higher expectations themselves. Being a bit bemused after the window was talked up so much, by Smith himself, and when we're coming out of it with arguably a worse team, but improved squad, is not entitled. Other teams around above us are strengthening. Sure, a lot depends on how Watkins and Ings fit in the team together, but we've seen one unconvincing formation so far in the one pre season game they played together. I have a sense that square pegs and round holes is the only way we'll be able to play our best players. That's a worry. Our non improved midfield is a worry too.
  23. Or he does well for them in the Championship because they have a lot stronger team than everyone else. Then he gets promoted to the Prem, plays for them and like them shows the massive gap between the Premier League and Championship and nobody really pays any attention.
  24. We've done enough to stand still at best so far. Considering the income we've had, this window has been a disappointment.
  25. We are in a mess. It's for many different reasons, but we are! If the youth step up they can certainly help alleviate some of these problems. It's a significant if though.
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