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  1. Was going to say, Hause's aerial stats are absolutely phenomenal, up there with the very best CB's in the world.
  2. And John Terry 'scored' 2 own goals against Everton. Does that mean that every time he played Everton you'd want him away from CB because he was bound to make the same mistake? No, because he was class and guess what, good players make mistakes. Get off Dougie's back over one mistake, honestly, it's exhausting.
  3. Just based on past social media output in which he has displayed huge affection for both the City and the club more than anything mate.
  4. Ronaldo scares the shit out of me because he seems to have the ability at age 36 to jump higher than a house...
  5. Everton are quite obviously punching above their weight at the moment, they have key injuries and even with them back they have no squad depth at all.
  6. Looking forward to the obligatory Pogba shithousery for a penalty early in the second half after we've been 0-1 up and comfortable. Then the late winner from some prick, most likely Maguires massive **** forehead.
  7. They definately wouldn't sell him for that, and you're right it doesn't matter but its the disparity in the perception of value based purely on the club that they play for that I take issue with.
  8. This doesn't even account for Buendia starting to fire. If he can recapture his best form for us, he is our best player.
  9. His value to Villa given he has filled a gaping hole that we desperately needed quality in - £20/25m His value according to pundits/fans of other teams/sky as he's not a Sky6 youngster - £5m The proof, if you needed any, in the disparity of player valuations for Sky6 and "other" clubs is when you compare Ramsey with Harvey Elliot. Both homegrown talents, Elliott has 6 PL appearances and a good season at Blackburn under his belt. Ramsey has 23 PL appearances and a short but successful loan to Doncaster (albeit L1 at the time). They both play key positions for their clubs. The difference? According to Transfermarkt one is worth £13.5 mil and the other £4.5m. I'll let you guess which ones which.
  10. Did you get lucky? His place or yours?
  11. You will see a new contract signed in the next 2 months. Dougie loves it at Villa.
  12. Funny thing is, we haven’t even seen the best of our best player yet.
  13. This is absolutely tragic. he’s being sarcastic
  14. Ridiculous to think that youth prospects in and around the first team this season we have: J Ramsey - Established PL starter now, seemingly solved our short term issues with a box to box midfielder and only going to get better. JPB - Injured at the moment but was the standout wide player in pre-season. Carney Chukwuemeka - touted as the best 16 year old in England by our CEO, still only 17, the youngest CM PL starter in a decade and should have a PL goal to his name already no thanks to the paintwork at Spurs. Kaine Kesler-Hayden - Getting rave reviews at Swindon and surely will be knocking on the door next season as our long term RB. Aaron Ramsey - Allegedly the "better" of the three (!) Ramsey brothers. Cameron Archer - Already has a senior hat-trick and is now consistently making the PL bench. That list is without even mentioning Louie Barry, Arjan Raikhy, Caleb Chukwuemeka, Brad Young and about 5 others who have all shown themselves to have top tier potential. Scary.
  15. Even better than that, there seems to be a used scratchcard on the floor. You never know when your lucks in!
  16. Again, you have surpassed yourself with perhaps the dumbest comment of the week.
  17. Total horseshit, was combative as always and had a couple of nice progressive passes. As for you accusing one of our players for being hungover, I won’t even bother.
  18. 2 goals and 2 assists in 5 games. signing
  19. Absolutely sublime performance today. For a 20 year old in the middle of the park he’s just looked so composed.
  20. Jacob Ramsey doing his best prime Yaya Toure today. What a performance.
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