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  1. I think he’ll want to play with the euros coming and he deserves to go he’s been a great servant for us scored huge goals at times, I wish him well wherever he goes.
  2. this guy is very good I’d recommend his YouTube channel
  3. Shocks me the arrogance on here, we brought 2 players from the Championship and they’ve massively improved us. They had 0 PL experience. More important is game time for these lads
  4. We do churn out technically proficient players, it’s just the last ten years have been not the right environment to blood youngsters aside from Jack who could cope.
  5. Great effort, 1-2 look like they could progress quickly if they get game time. on loans we n Ed to loan to clubs doing well, they need to play in better sides to advance more. Sending kids to clubs to get bummed 4-0 each week isn’t ideal
  6. Think we’ve been guilty of wrapping them in cotton wool for the last 5-6 years so much so that we end up with 22-23 year olds with no games under their belt. He needs to target a dozen appearances by the end of the season
  7. Imagine trying last years failures after you’ve masterminded 4 from 4. It’s a failing of his he goes through periods of dross then burns hot
  8. Harsh on Conor he’d improved massively and is a top pro he will still have a hand in a dozen goals this year. Also always deserves respect for crucial goals that got us here and kept us up. At one point Carra said “it’s Aston Villa” oh how I loved it after that
  9. Worth the money whatever it ultimately costs us just to give Jack space.
  10. All PL pundits/ fans are hugely arrogant. In the 3 years we were away they seems to have forgotten who we are.
  11. Barca we’re interested at the same time Spurs were after him. You’re taking the piss, not a serious post I don’t know his mind, think when it was initially talked about it’s contract length & value first, then it’s things like win this win that, other opportunities like marketing on this and that etc etc. Jack is a villa fan 100%, but it’s like any job if a better offer comes in you do have to make a decision
  12. Deadline is next summer but think I’ll be paying out and happy to @Corleone So you can stop reminding me daily now mate. Us staying up + Covid has dramatically changed the landscape and it’s benefiting us massively as a club, even beyond Jack Yes I’m a villa fan and I was incredibly pissed off at the prospect of losing him, we were struggling, he’s was “off” I wasn’t happy at all. I’m glad it’s changed around because I’ve always been consistent it was happening back Jan/Feb time he’d been sounded out, a deal had been agreed in principle. And I don’t care if none of you believe
  13. For all the grief we gave our wingers last year sometimes you just need the tools to work with, Watkins is the missing piece of the puzzle hopefully
  14. Sounds horrible but if we have genuine ambition to be a top 6 side Heaton was going to have to be replaced anyway
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