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  1. Fairy In Boots

    Ørjan Nyland

    De Gea had a shocking first season, it must be difficult in a new country & culture where the coaching staff disappears after 2 months and you go a few weeks without a coach. Given the circumstances he’s done alright, give him till Jan to establish himself.
  2. Fairy In Boots

    Dean Smith

    He’s had 6-7 days in reality and this is where they prove themselves or finish themselves for him. Several have to be replaced in January, absolutely awful and not suited to where we’re going as a club now. Fittness needs to be improved and we need to be more clinical and cleaner in our general play. I can see a direction though which is why I wanted Bruce gone. I’ll be patient and back Smith to deliver it
  3. Fairy In Boots

    Dean Smith

    Ironically that was probably Bruce’s reaction to
  4. Fairy In Boots

    Dean Smith

    Setting a trap is when multiple players press in a certain way which forces a player or players to play in a certain area. Im lost on overload tbh
  5. Fairy In Boots

    Dean Smith

    As much as everyone credits smith for changing them in a couple of days. I’d wager that’s the first time most of them have actually received coaching and tactical instructions before a game in their time at the club. Honestly from tid bits I’d heard and my honest impression of Bruce they were sent out with “get in to them”, “play with a bit of zip” “pump it forward” and “keep it tight” ringing in their ears. I honestly think when he rocked up and said phases to them he then had to get a white board out and explain. Weve been abysmally ran for so long this is massively refreshing.
  6. Fairy In Boots

    Dean Smith

    Imagine being in the “Steve Bruce is the only man for us camp” for the last 18 months. He held us back massively, Smith will need time but we’ll go places under him
  7. Fairy In Boots

    Anwar El Ghazi

    It will always take its toll, hence more attack minded subs to press higher up the pitch. Good start from Smith I like the direction he’s taking us
  8. Fairy In Boots

    Dean Smith

    Interesting that it’s “head coach” & “assistant coach”. I think it suggests others will be put in place and won’t be expected to leave should the manager, I sense a real infastructure being put in place here. Its been badly needed at Villa for so long
  9. Fairy In Boots

    Dean Smith

    As someone who was more enamoured with the idea of Henry. I don’t get why you would come on here to say “I’m dubious etc” he has my support 100% and I’ll judge him after a dozen games to make long term assessments, anything else is farcical at this stage.
  10. Fairy In Boots

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Hopefully he can resurrect the club
  11. Fairy In Boots

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Apparently he believes we have a divine right to premier league football
  12. Fairy In Boots

    Jack Grealish

    Hasn’t been utilised correctly by Bruce this season for me, Bruce’s daily not Jack’s
  13. Fairy In Boots

    New Manager Speculation

    This is the period where it quickly becomes apparent that the vast majority of football pundits & journalists in this country are basically chancers trading off a past history playing the game or arse licking their mates.
  14. Fairy In Boots

    New Manager Speculation

    Dean Smith is not the answer, he’s the sum of all parts and will flop like Warburton has. Alladyce, Moyes are Bruce 2.0 Henry untested but I can’t imagine it will be poor football sherwood I don’t know why he’s being mentioned, hopefully someone is taking the Piss. Ranieri no thanks Rodgers maybe although I think we’d get annoyed with him after 2 years. Terry player / manager. I’m in Sanchez Flores I’m in
  15. Fairy In Boots

    Colin Calderwood

    Blokes a word removed