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  1. Never them ever again, if this happens pep will need bodyguards at Villa park
  2. We had spent millions under Xia before him, Mings proved himself on loan. You watch us through lockdown and you could hear him constantly organising in everyone’s ear cajoling, demanding etc. He’s a leader he makes mistakes but he keeps on going, I think he’s a really good player for us, not just in his on the ball ability but that character off the ball.
  3. Also I bet our possession has been less than 50% in the majority of those games he’s played. Yes he makes the odd error but this guy earns us a dozen points a season overall we’ve improved massively since he’s come here. Lukaku is a top 5 world striker no shame in it he will learn from it the whole team will
  4. He will never be back as long as NSWE are at the club no matter how hard he tries
  5. Disappointed not a lot seem to be getting minutes
  6. I think he did do a lot for kids but I just think he’s bought into his own hype plus people within the game chirped at him constantly about moving on to bigger and better things so champions league is a factor. I get that my issue is the way they’ve been with Villa over it. They did us dirty over the clause and telling city about it. You can’t have it both ways, we bought into it when he signed his deal and said my club etc. Why do that? It was dishonest, it’s as simple as that and not them, never them.
  7. I find the dismay about NFT’s fascinating can someone enlighten me as to the problem?
  8. This song fits him perfectly, surely we could tweak it for him when we play them. That reptile with a grin gets me that’s his smirk in the city unveiling
  9. Exact terms used are “bad press is yesterday’s chip paper” and “fans forgive in time” or “they’re fickle they don’t care as long as they win” these are standard lines trotted out to Players across the game, not just Jack. in my opinion and this is based purely off what I hear about him, I think Jack is delusional about how popular he is now so his arrogance is showing. His family are keen to keep the good ties with Villa and the “one of our own” as they have to live in and around the city. You can’t have it both ways though, they cashed in clauses etc inserted into contracts was to maximise their earning potential off their son, they should have just been honest about it we’d have respected it a lot more. Instead they’ve tried to have it both ways and retain the bonds with Villa, they should not played to the “one of our own” mantra as now they only themselves to blame.
  10. Jack and his team openly laugh at the Harry Kane situation I’m not surprised he’s gloating over the release clause. He told NSWE over Skype while in Croatia he was off people need to stop defending him, as a captain 2 weeks before the season it’s disgraceful behaviour. Also they plan to have him pictured watching us at a game to establish the “he’s one of our own” narrative. I was right about the clause the deal and the video coming out after.
  11. I know people don’t believer me on here re Jack but a few years back during the World Cup Southgate had told Jack he was thinking of him but needed to play in a top 6 team in the prem as he needed to be in a side that had the lions share of possession to develop and in turn he would make him an England starter.
  12. Where is your portfolio of scoops? Mate I’ve known about him wanting out since the Spurs deal, I’ve said it many time on here and been given stick on here quite a few times but ultimately proved right in the end. Nevermind Preece’s language he’s on the money I’m telling you that. Jealousy is a factor, Jack’s head will be constantly filled with talk of being as big as Beckham etc Believe it or don’t, it’s your call, from my point of view you can call him out on the style of the article fine but you’re wrong suggesting he’s made it up, he hasn’t and I have no love for the Mail. I’m on a warning for posting stuff on here that could be considered liable, it’s factual but proving it in a court is a different matter and the posts are gone now anyway. But it’s no secret Stella handle his PR as part of the deal, I’m sure a good dig online could tell you who does what. Like I said previously that video when he left was them. I think we’ve got this kind of Grealish fog over the last few years, Mings is arguably more important as he stabilised that defence and got us promoted. Jack scored neither Playoff final goal, don’t get me wrong he helped us going forward but on his own he didn’t solve all our problems
  13. He’s bang on from all I’ve seen over the last two years he’s nailed on in Jack’s thought process and his mindset and arrogance, he’s right there is contempt for Villa, he thinks he’s bigger than us. the quote about the JG10 the brand is bang on, I know this to be true I could tell you who does what and planned social media campaigns etc. Dislike the article all you want but Preece is factually on the money
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