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  1. Hopefully he stays like Le Tisser, because he’s on a good wage now and has lost a lot of time this season. He wasn’t being touted for a summer move, I think if he continues as he’s doing sharks will circle
  2. I think he needs time based off the form and style we saw for his first dozen games. He’s had bad injuries as and should have adapted the style to suit the player since but I’m keen to see what he does when he builds a side because that was good football and I believe that will get us to the PL once it’s the norm. He does deserve criticism for the slump, but sacking is premature imo
  3. Yeah it’s twitter do you have to question it’s authenticity and he was a big Bruce fan. Hes since been on saying senior players question his tactics and training methods. Independantly rumours I’d heard at the time are that Bolasie was one of these voicing displeasure, hence his removal. Kodjia was another hence his almost move to France. Basically their opinion is that they train to hard and should focus more on tactics, Smith is believer in intensity on the training pitch.
  4. Jack adds ball retention & creative passing with are “smith ball” what’s happened since Jack and Axel have gone is Smiths not adapted accordingly and it’s increasing the pressure on him. He needs time but we don’t have time and that’s the problem. Interestingly Thatcherlover on Twitter who claims to be ITK reckons there’s a split camp over JT effectively being sidelined by DS. I certainly think there’s something wrong for us to have gone backwards so quickly.
  5. I personally think it’s too early to call for his head, the initial start was good and the football was a breath of fresh air. I want to get back to that and Grealish & Axel hopefully help us turn a corner. Hes has 2 key injuries and we lost momentum after dropping points late against the baggies & Leeds. Where I think you can question Smith is, he’s not managed that loss of momentum well, rumours of him falling out with senior players in January over required work rate in training suggests there’s problems again. He’s got to manage that situation, if true to get the best out of them and he’s not doing that correctly at present.
  6. Nope, just a reality. The infrastructure and scope is huge. Although granted we’ve fallen back a bit in the last ten years. We should never settle for mediocrity because if we do mediocrity will become acceptable. It should be the ambition of owners & managers to take us to the top of the English game, anything else is a waste of time.
  7. We are a big club, don’t start accepting less. Our standards as a fan base maybe unrealistic currently but that’s what makes every person that walks through the door in a professional capacity at VP know that you must perform. I’ve seen a lot of self loathing on twitter about getting on at Hourihane from out fans. There’s 34k attendance and sold out away allocation weekly despite a decade of utter shite. Two best managers in the English football in my life time are Fergue and Pep, both fiercely demanding. Do you think Fergie looked at The unbeatable Wenger side and said “oh best off aiming for second next year” or Pep talks to his City side about emulating United, I bet you the goal is to surpas”. High ambitions & incentives plus a rocket is needed by fans & managers It’s not pretty and it may make a few delicate souls might fall away from a battering from it the strong survive and thrive. If Conor is that mentally weak that fans voicing displeasure at his performance causes him to play even worse then we’re best of rid because he’s not up to it.
  8. Think there’s probably issues behind the scenes yet again at the club, it’s just disgraceful.
  9. Started brightly but we’ve regressed as the season has gone on. I don’t care about style I care about results I’m seeing regression here. January business was piss poor to
  10. Depends how bad the acne is tbh
  11. The problem is frankly if we don’t go up this year we lose Jack and you can see where we are without him
  12. Yeah he’s got to take criticsm now, ok they’re not his players but he’s the coach and they appear to be regressing.
  13. All had 10 year careers, all knackers
  14. chester isn’t a captain and Smith persisting with him as captain is poor
  15. Tbh his running and work rate was more impressive than Kodjia but finishing could be a bit suspect. Dont begrudge him going as not our player but to not just turn is poor

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