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  1. leighavfc

    Leeds United

    Christ If Leeds go up the media and fans will be Liverpool level unbearable.....
  2. leighavfc

    The NSWE Board

    Looks like the copenhagen deal could br back on? https://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKCN1P20XJ
  3. leighavfc

    Tammy Abraham

    Tammy, Tammy Tammy sacked off the wooooolves, he sacked off the Wolves, he sacked off the wooooooooolves
  4. leighavfc

    Best place to buy full Real Madrid Kit

    Surprisingly there are Real Madrid shops in Barcelona and a lot of Madrid fans living in the city. I was stunned to see the shop on Las Ramblas the first time i went.
  5. leighavfc

    Villa and FFP

    Havent a clue, i suppose it depends on how much were gonna be over by. As you say it cant be for anything ridiculous though. They are either totally gambling on going up or they know a way out or round it like this article suggests. Looks like we will be spending money again this window, cant see how this is possible without a way out..surely we will massively breach in March?
  6. leighavfc

    Villa and FFP

    Piece in the Mirror saying we may sell training ground to owners property business, and then use money to pump into club as a way round ffp. Would certainly explain why the board dont seem to fussed by it. Saying selling Jack would be another way to help (obviously).
  7. leighavfc

    Blose pre match

    Yeah me too, just have a strange feeling about this one... i dont know why.. they have really been a surprise this season with the squad they have. We should have more than enough to beat them... the 13th game since they last beat us aswell.. i dont like the number 13!! Im sure we will be fine, just hate the thought of us losing to them... its unbearable!! Huge week of fixtures for us coming up, imo we need at least 7 points from the next 3 if we are serious about getting near automatic places! 3 points against these absolute c***s will do nicely...
  8. leighavfc

    Blose pre match

    Just win...
  9. leighavfc

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Its ok... pedersen can say what he likes... he will be up against Hutton. Lets hope he doesnt get too badly hurt like several local rival players have after coming up against him ? What a tool!!
  10. leighavfc

    The Championship thread

    It amazes me after the early Villa vs Blues in the Prem on a Monday night that they allow these games to be played on week nights. Crazy, i believe our game against Tesco is on a Friday night now? Asking for trouble in my opinion, i know that the policing is arguably better now than it was but really dont see the logic behind it. Sheff derby must be as bad as our derby game.
  11. leighavfc

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Credit where credit is due..... Monk has got the best out of a quite frankly mid to lower table squad. Even got all the noses loving Gardner, so he must be doing well also. Have got a feeling Stoke will get rid of Rowett soonish and go in for him... now that would be funny! This points deduction could also turn out to be this seasons quit moment for Monk. Also just realised that between the Derby game and Blues game there is a 2 week wait... crikey those two weeks are going to be absolute torture ?
  12. leighavfc

    Dean Smith

    100 %.. "we adapt to who we are playing but ALWAYS with a an attacking mind set"
  13. leighavfc

    Dean Smith

  14. leighavfc

    Dean Smith

    I just wrote in new manager thread a massive f**k off essay on why i want him in....only for it to be locked ? Welcome Deano ?
  15. leighavfc

    New Manager Speculation

    We have learned one of two things today today: Journalism is officially dead or we are like tracey down the dog and duck on a friday night