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  1. leighavfc


    yeah that's it mate, will be plenty of people knocking around in same situation mate, fingers crossed you get hold of something... and it be real !!! It should still be a good atmos around in the pubs, does anyone know if danny brown putting on one of his party things ?
  2. leighavfc


    yeah i know people who have done this in the past for world cup and villa and been some who got on ok and others who got ripped the f off, may just be worth knocking around anyway and make a decision as something appears ?
  3. leighavfc


    Me personally i wouldn't bother but i suppose its a question of how much you can afford to lose if its not a genuine ticket etc
  4. leighavfc


    i had the last ticket on the site about an hour ago!! Buzzing !
  5. leighavfc


    My brother works with a Fulham fan and apparently they can buy 5 tickets per season ticket. Just noticed the numerous posts on here about the 5 per reference..
  6. leighavfc

    The Royal Wedding

    I like many others cannot stand all this wedding b******s. I just looked out the window and noticed the neighbourhood watch alliance have their flags and bunting out ffs. Dont mind harry and will as they seem a bit more down to earth than the rest of them. For me i just cant understand how we spend millions on this lot when there are people starving etc. Its just well ott imo, the amount of properties is just ridiculous. I just do not understand what they offer or what they actually do for this country.. maybe somebody could educate me, but 30 years on planet earth and im non the wiser!
  7. leighavfc

    1st leg pre match

  8. leighavfc


    Well the lfc fans were their top arrogant selves again on radio last night... "We deserve to win the CL" ... Why ? "Ronaldo would not get in this Liverpool team" "All british football fans will be routing for us." Hahahaha honestly the self entitlement these lot have is sickening... i hope Roma or Madrid do them... we will not hear the last of King Salah.. we are european royalty blah blah f*****g blah
  9. leighavfc

    General Chat

    There is something up with all this, why the hell have they spent all this time making these missiles.... now they are just going to denuclearize like that?!?
  10. leighavfc

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Very small chance for us to go up auto, but i fancy us against any of the play off placed teams right now. We have a great chance of getting up.... please please dont F**k this one up Villa
  11. leighavfc


    Looks like i will be avoiding all media outlets tomorrow Credit where credit is due though, they have been outstanding in the CL this year....
  12. leighavfc

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Got lucky with other results tonight!! Cant see Blues beating the Wolves next up. fingers crossed for a Barnsley win saturday also... will really open it back up again. Sunderland winning tonight would have been good to add a lil more pressure. I think they will just about have enough sadly... fingers crossed though!
  13. leighavfc


    Totally agree, they have the most hypocritical fans on planet earth. When they went close to the title under Brendan, all i kept hearing was "we should all want Liverpool to win" etc..... NO, i dont want that club winning another thing in my lifetime. The club ooooozes slime. You watch when Citeh return the favor next week much worse. it will be its a disgrace... how can anyone do this to lfc.. blah blah blah. In fact Citeh fans have got far more class than the bin dippers so i wouldnt be surprised if they didnt stoop to the scousers class.. The broadcasters dont help either with all the ex LFC pundits on tv and radio I dont like them at all as you may have gathered
  14. leighavfc

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    What a career he has had, will be missed when he retires. Won stuff pretty much everywhere. Yesterday was just written in the script for him to do that!!
  15. leighavfc

    Please tell me when to stop laughing at SHA

    Hopefully mad Mick has his boys fired up for this one. Next up for blose 2 massive games; Bolton away and Burton at home. If they could possibly lose all three, that would be fantastic with Bristol C, Wolves, Sheff Utd, QPR and Fulham to go.... i reckon if they dont get 2 wins out the next 3 they could be in trouble especially if blunderland start going on a little run after last night. This is about to start getting veeery interesting!!