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  1. Was having a right laugh at a nose at my son's football. He was going on about the whole Lichfield 4x4 driving nonsense that they seem to cling onto as some kind of victory for them... I turned to him and said "where do you live then?"..bearing in mind we were in Sutton... "Sutton" he says.. "Oh right ok that's not in the city centre or strictly brum is it? I thought you were all from there?" I say. "I'm originally from Solihull though... "Well that's not Brum either is it?... he really didn't know what to say before trying to argue why it was brum and not as it actually it is a town in Warwickshire. He is one of those who just can't even mention Villa without trying to get a dig in... he was very quiet after that.. They really are stupid... .
  2. Yeah i guessed i was wrong right i get it now! So its up or bye bye Jack then really... tbf we have all known this was probably the most likely scenario. I read a figure of 29 million failure somewhere.. guessing we will get 30 mil + for him and that will be that. And to be fair it would work in all parties favour. God i hope we get up now lol Certainly ramps the pressure up a notch going into these last 8 games!
  3. Kieran Maguire was on WM tonight answering callers questions about FFP. Forgive me if i have this wrong but an interesting point he made that i hadnt heard before was that for the first 2 seasons down losses are counted at premier league rate i.e 35 million a season. Our third year would then be counted at championship rate of 13mil. Overall 73 million in losses allowed for us. That would make sense as to why the club seem to think they are ok. He also said that we were 2.5 million above the line upto last accounts so it sounds like our losses for this season need to show no more than 15.5 million. I could have got this wrong though guys but if i have understood that right then ot would explain Purslows comments previously etc
  4. Lets not laugh at them lot down the road too much..... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6840541/Villa-Derby-Sheffield-Wednesday-clubs-face-sanctions.html
  5. Yeah good shout about the Lord Clifden. Il have a look at the other 2 also. Thanks !
  6. Going town Saturday with my pal for a catch up and to watch the Wolves game (hes a big dingle). Havent watched a game in town for a while so was wondering if anybody can give me some suggestions as where we could go. Id like to avoid broad street if possible but obviously there are a few places there to watch.
  7. Just win.. i dont care how.. just win
  8. I really would like to know if he is a Villa fan or not, that celebration against them tells me yes but then his social media is a lot of him in blues kit, #k*o blah blah.. does make me wonder!!
  9. The thing is the january buys dont really say anything, as we could be buying them hoping we will go up and avoid sanctions. Obviously we hope that this is not the case. It could also mean that were ok in terms of FFP and they have a plan round it etc, if this is so i would love to know how as i cant see any other conclusion other than us failing from what we know so far. There were suggestions from Purslow that FFP was reset when edens and sawiris came in. I wonder if like last summer we showed the EFL a plan going forward for them to ok on how wè will comply or fund the losses etc. I believe that our possible case is different to the Blues in a sense that their board failed to come up with a plan the EFL agrees with numerous times going forward and then signed Pedersen whilst under an embargo.
  10. As good as Whelan has been, we need McGinn here imo. His combative style will help here for sure, we need someone whos going to muck in.
  11. I thought of him the other day with that zorro mask lol
  12. Yeah true to be fair, i just hate it when they get any results close to the games with us!! And the way we have been playing recently ...Christ I hope to god im wrong, i can just about put up with tesco taking the piss but its pure wrong that these can even be ahead of us with all going on down there.
  13. Crikey, winning again at Bristol... god i really do think we are going to lose our unbeaten streak against the c@@@s in a couple of weeks time....
  14. I see where your coming from, but i would say there are not too many players in this league that need that kind of attention. I do agree though that when we come up against players of Jacks ability we should be taking them out the game. For example Barry should have been closed down from minute 1, again controlled the game as was the same against tesco away.

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