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  1. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11694/12006955/nigel-clough-has-held-preliminary-talks-about-birmingham-job Nigel Clough has held preliminary talks with Birmingham about replacing Pep Clotet as head coach. Clotet reached agreement with the club a week ago to step down at the end of this season, with a statement saying he had been allowed to leave "to explore other coaching opportunities".
  2. Thank you @trekka and @avfcDJ for your support, it really helps. Thank you @NurembergVillan too, your post gives me hope. Good to hear about the fellow Villatalk member recovering well, i have heard a similar story from a family friend about a frail lady going to ICU and surviving too. Theres certianly faith, hope and belief there still, she has worked in the NHS most her life so is being looked after by friends and colleagues from over the years so is getting the best care possible. Its a matter of time and waiting now, absolutely frightening whats going on with her... never in a million years did i think back around the time of the cup final we would be facing the virus like this just a couple of months later. Mother in law has had another bad day and is now on a ventilator, a long wait now to see how she responds to this, its literally 50/50 now where we go from here. She is also part of a trial into a new treatment of some sort which she agreed to at the very start of her testing positive. Im awaiting to hear more off my partner about what that is all about when i speak to her. Understandably, missus, sister and their dad are in bits and are coming to terms with the different ways this can end up. This will change our lives one way or the other. I know its cliche to say it but genuinely stay safe people, and keeps those more vunerable even more safe.
  3. Thank you, she is fighter and has overcome a lot crap in her lifetime so far. Just praying that this is not the end....
  4. Well my mother in law is now on ICU with Covid.... been in and out of hospital over past 2 weeks. Has got worse day by day this week. Her and my brother were the two people i worried about when this all became real early March.. Shes battled cancer recently...im just praying she pulls through this one Currently on CPAP before the next stage being Ventilator... trying to stay positive as much as possible but genuinely worried where this is leading.
  5. For me there are 2 options that are as fair as it can be to everybody in the league. Option 1: when "safe" to do so let the teams who have games in hand play those games ( Villa Vs Sheffield utd and Arsenal vs Man City). All teams are equal and then finish on ppg if they so wish to finish the league now. League given to Liverpool and bottom 3 go down. The safe to do so conditions will be judged by experts, the goverment etc. EFL have a playoff between the teams in the spots now (Fulham, Brentford, Forest, Preston as all teams have played equal games) winner goes up along with WBA and Leeds. Also means an absoulte minimum of games played and minmising the risk for players and staff. Option 2: we wait until it is safe to finish the final 10 games, finish them and then plan when to have a new fresh season to start whether that means a 20/21 season or not. Of course there are so many side issues involved in my options and im sure people will pick holes in my opinion. Of all the others being talked about, for me these suggestions are about as fair and morally correct as i can see it at this stage with whats going on outside the football bubble.
  6. Anyone heard the voice message from the Bristol Rovers manager to their whatsapp group? https://s.amsu.ng/1tFmRfPweajN
  7. Anyone into electronic music i suggest watch the Avicii/ Tim Bergling documentary on the Iplayer. He wasnt my cup of tea music wise but a great documentary about him touring and his on and off illness and a load more!
  8. Hi mate, hope your well? Thanks, im surprised at how well i have done tbh! Longest attempt in many years so far so thats another milestone for me. Although i have just posted in the drugs thread about craving for sniff the past few days which has been driving me absolutely crazy.... very nearly gave in earlier but didnt in the end thank god. Feeling a bit depressed that i didnt and kicking myself for not getting it whilst i could... of course im just being frigging stupid about it and have started to calm down a little. Dont know where its come from as i dont do much of the stuff really although had short periods of higher usage over the years but normally just a few times a year on big day or nights out. I think maybe the boredem of the lockdown is kicking in big time and im starting to struggle with the same continuous routines etc. The weather being so good too is just fuelling my urge i think too! Yeah as soon as i can see a specialist im going too as so many signs or symptoms i can relate too. Will have a much better idea of whether of whats going on!
  9. leighavfc


    Been clean for 56 days now off the weed, which i smoked every day for about 15 years pretty much. Ive got past the craving and thinking about it stage now which is a massive step for me. Ive smelt quite a lot of it being smoked in recent days and its not bothered me one bit, it smells nice.. probably always will but ive not even considered getting any. But over the last few days i have been craving a high of some sort.. not weed but sniff... I have had small issues with this over the years but mainly before i met the missus 10 years ago when i got bad on it for a short period of time. Now il only do it a few times a year when im out having a big day/night out. I can deal with that as i barely go out these days tbh, i am trying to teach myself to drink without the needing/wanting the stuff... years in Ibiza hasnt helped me here I literally havent thought about anything else past 3 days.... its really getting to me, i never crave it unless ive had a drink! The next day i hate myself for it too normally. I had even wrote a msg out to my mate ready to get one earlier but didnt send it thankfully... now im sitting here depressed thinking i should have and beating my self up about why i didnt... Addiction is an absolute b***h
  10. This is exactly what i thought, i think they are completely forgetting that this is not going to be the same as when Man City splashed out money left right and centre. The FFP rules wernt in then! Although their potential new owners do have the clout to splash that kind of money it simply is not allowed these days!
  11. Yeah i thought this was naughty too, the government should hold back the same amount as the transfer fee in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how many other clubs on furlough are pulling stunts like this behind the scenes. The only thing i can think of is maybe this deal was done before and has only been announced now for some reason? Terribly bad timing if this is the case.
  12. No i do agree totally, i wasnt trying to diagnose myself (although i see your point from my original post) i kind of just stumbled across the similarities of me and the signs of bipolar after a neighbour talking about a relative having been diagnosed recently. I will be 100% seeing somebody as soon as its possible to do so. From what i have read from various sources this evening, the signs/symptoms just absolutely ring true to me in so many ways.i read the articles as if they were talking about me it was that close to me and my life... Like you say thats for a professional to give me that answer about what it actually is... if it is anything of course! hopefully they will answer a few questions i have had about myself for years and years... ive always just put it down to me just being a word removed in some shape or form tbh. Its time for me to get to the bottom of it whatever that is and i can do something about it going forward.
  13. Well after another topsy turvy day at home with the missus and kids, i think i have stumbled across my problem/issue.... im fairly certain i am Bipolar... now i havent had any medical professional confirm this at this stage but after reading a fair bit about it tonight, i would say i have about 90% of the signs/symptoms. Ive stated in a couple of threads on VT that me and my partner havent been great in recent months, over the past few weeks its worse.... a lpt of it for no reason at all tbh. The lockdown obviously has a bearing on this as we are under each others feet all the time at the minute, a lot more so than ever before. Today i havent been in a bad mood but ive just been really irritable and unnecessarily been an arse most of the day without anything to put it down too or anything triggering it. Im up and down like a yoyo, im extremely amgry and frustrated at the stupidest things, ive had massive substance issues over the years, been batshit mental with money as far as i can remember. For me there are just so many signs that point in the bipolar direction. Again i would say being on lockdown is probably bringing these issues out more than normal but generally i am like this pretty regularly. I think i need to see a professional and get myself sorted. Ive been clean from substances for 41 days now, without any help other than willpower! I have also quit the fags too. Both of these are truely massive for me and my life.. i cant stress that enough. Dont get me wrong though i have been so tempted to go back to the them still, the past few days have been mega tough for some reason... probably to do with the lockdown and boredem. Anyone else here been diagnosed or experienced similar?
  14. Was is it every year Sky Sports seem to have some national day of celebration of the Macheda game against us???? I know not much to talk about at the moment but its 11 years on and another article about it.... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11969791/federico-macheda-eleven-years-on-from-italians-famous-impact-at-man-utd "Machedaaaa!" - Martin Tyler's screech said it all. Eleven years on, we take a look back at Federico Macheda's famous impact at Manchester United.
  15. Unless the deduction starts from the next season?
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