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  1. So what's the sketch with Henry and Franksy? They both left?
  2. Killed me watching my lad watch it earlier... a 33 year old man almost in tears over a fecking football player moving clubs
  3. Hi @Peckham Wanderer First of all apologies I havent replied to you! Life has been a million miles an hour recently as per usual! Thank you for reaching out, it means a lot for people to listen and react to the feelings I expressed in here. I like you dont need fixing but just need someone to listen to me most of the time to let it all out. I do struggle with it most of the times but in the right situation I can. Those situations being my best mate who I dont get to see too often due to commitments etc and then on here believe or not. I find it much easier to communicate with strangers over tough subjects like this. Things at much calmer at home after my post the other week. After initially taking my see a doctor comment the wrong way a couple of weeks back, my partner is now having regular counselling sessions with a professional which is a positive. She has commented how much its helping her, seems to me like she is in a better place at the moment also. We both had a long chat about things the day after the bust up and have tried to implement things to help along the way in our day to day life. We try and check in once a week when kids are in bed to keep on top of what's going on in each others heads. Been tough for me to open up, I feel stupid for some reason at times??? I am getting a little better at it though! Importantly though everything at the moment is at least ok so for once we are feeling in a good place in our minds. I used Samaritans the night of my OP, that helped me soooooo much and opened up an avenue for help which I had never used before. Huge amount of love and respect for them, I'm absolutely going to raise/donate money to them at some point as they are a vital service, especially nowadays. Sounds like you have been through some rough times too mate, and I'm glad that you didn't do it either.. the coat thing made me smile as that is exactly the kind of absolute minute thing in this world that would stop me too!! Thanks for your post, nothing arsey about it. Straight talking which is what I like. I will certainly DM you! Offer is there to you also mate if i can help at all
  4. Cheers mate, I am in a much better place at the moment thank you.... things have settled down at home and in general which is good and definitely helping me through....well apart from a certain footballer leaving today but that's a minor issue to deal with in life !! Thanks for reaching out
  5. Listened for the first time today guys, great pod and looking forward to listening going forward
  6. First of all Welcome Danny!! I said earlier this summer to mates if we were looking for a striker we should be in for Ings with his contract situation.... plus my missus family are all Saints fans Very happy with him signing and I think he will do well here. Just playing devils advocate here, with all the reports of it being done in a day pretty much, Do we think Villa panicked and just slapped the money down on him or do we think he has been a target for a while? I would like to think that isnt the case of course and that we have been negotiating for him but have just decided to accelerate the deal due to the Grealish deal being a goer.
  7. This is the type of pettiness I can get on board with
  8. This is how I feel.... it's his birthday today too
  9. Yeah it's literally a few quid either way changes the odds. Wouldn't even bother looking at them tbh
  10. This thread ain't making the 2nd of august before 3000 pages
  11. He is the lad who did the benteke agent prank call
  12. No Jack your not going to swing for the cameraman.... this way
  13. My lad is going to be in bits over this. He loves Jack.. like we all do of course. I told him about the bid friday and he turned around and said he was mad... he then text me off his moms phone to say I'm so mad I want to swear Genuinely though this will really upset him, in his little world Jack is Villa...he has been lucky enough to meet him and speak to him briefly which he loved and I'm sure will cherish for a long time. He has a painting of him on his wall, his shirt signed by him and him only depiste the rest of players being there.. gutted for him tbh. I'm sure there are many of us on here who will have to explain it to their kids too I've said all along he will go this summer even though I absolutely never want him to go. I'm kind of over it and want it to be confirmed one way or the other. I still hold a glimmer of hope but is rapidly fading by the hour. Its incredibly sad to see him go and will hurt like no other star player leaving but ultimately we will be back at VP in a few weeks cheering the rest of the boys and hopefully some new signings to soften the blow. Will be so weird Jack not being there though and I think it will actually slightly dampen the mood for that first home game back a little. Regardless of how it pans out... Up the f*****g Villa! Edit: it's his birthday Wednesday too
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