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  1. I can barely get the football phone in on the sounds app anymore? Last one on there is 24th september. Is it still on every night?
  2. The press have got us hook, line and sinker here if this dont happen now...
  3. Well known brum DJ, good mates with Jack too
  4. Too many coincidence's for us not to be at least in for him. This is some signing if we get it done!
  5. Shocking mate, they are another team like the noses who seem to have a high majority of chavs who watch them! I remember at the time just laughing at them, although i was concerned they were going to do something the way they were acting. Thankfully a few Leeds fans had been watching and ushered them away. Mind boggling considering we were actually taking interest in one of their legends!
  6. Cant stand the club, the media wankfest is irritating. I remember one of my first few away games was in 2003 to Elland road, me and my mate first time going on our own away on the coach. Arrived at the coach park over the road, and saw the Billy Bremner statue so walked over to have a look and have a pic... as we standing there waiting for a woman to take the pic a couple of blokes walk past and start giving it absolute loads. They were going mental!! It was only for a couple of Leeds fans who stepped in and told them to calm down and we were only kids. i couldnt believe it... we were onl
  7. Yes the boy has talent and yes potentially he could go on to be a fantastic player.... but any player can get a career ending injury at any time (im not for one minute suggesting that's what i wish). Yet these lot are going on like he has won everything in the game and just been named the ballon d'or winner. Its just incredible how tinpot they are, and every time they open there mouths it gets worse and worse to the point where you cannot believe how low they stoop! They are the laughing stock of world football at the minute and even their fans who will put up any old reason as an excuse
  8. All im gonna say is Dong and the chinese owners IN... and stay as long as you f*****g like
  9. I wonder what proper club legends like the Gardz bro's, paul robinson or Zigic think of this....
  10. Its so laughable how they call us lucky, spawny etc. They have just about avoided relegation over the last 4 years finishing 19,19,17 and 20th. There was that last minute goal at Bolton to save them, points deduction after it was known they were safe and wouldnt get relegated by it, the debacle this season of being found guilty without punishment, the late goal against Charlton the other week. And hogan who couldnt hit a barn door for us pratically saves them... they really are the lucky ones here... I also wish we would stop loaning them players, it f**s me off no end that we help t
  11. WAIT there is more!!!!! Somebody has painted a murial of their boy wonder Bellingham who has played 1 season for them in a relegation battle...
  12. Well well well they are completely embarrasing themselves once again tonight..... I hope they go down.. then the owners call in their loans... all 90 million + of them
  13. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11694/12006955/nigel-clough-has-held-preliminary-talks-about-birmingham-job Nigel Clough has held preliminary talks with Birmingham about replacing Pep Clotet as head coach. Clotet reached agreement with the club a week ago to step down at the end of this season, with a statement saying he had been allowed to leave "to explore other coaching opportunities".
  14. Thank you @trekka and @avfcDJ for your support, it really helps. Thank you @NurembergVillan too, your post gives me hope. Good to hear about the fellow Villatalk member recovering well, i have heard a similar story from a family friend about a frail lady going to ICU and surviving too. Theres certianly faith, hope and belief there still, she has worked in the NHS most her life so is being looked after by friends and colleagues from over the years so is getting the best care possible. Its a matter of time and waiting now, absolutely frightening whats going on with her... never in a million
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