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  1. I am ao looking forward to this
  2. Im with you mate, im working the be happy bit out in my head at the moment. This lockdown might inadvertently just push me a little more towards being happy and into making a decsion of been brewing on for a while now!
  3. This is why il be moving to work with the machines if i have another day like today!!!!! Enjoy your lounge time, only time i get in mine is when im on the sofa for the night... that will be tonight
  4. Mate i think ive had enough tbh, ive had a lot of demons to deal with recently and without blowing my own trumpet ive done remarkably well. Ive proved to myself i can do it too which ive never believed in. Its been tough and ive had no support, no recognition nothing from her indoors.. and even when i have said oh its been x amount todays today i just get some half arsed answer whilst she is watching some brain dead reality tv boll*cks on the tv. Spending more time with her like i have had too past 3 weeks is absolutely driving me mental. Im not allowed to have feelings etc im a bloke.... Ive been with her just over 10 years now and tbh if things carry on the way they are then im gone as soon as this virus lockdown etc is over. I dont want to go but i have the same issues with her that ive had for years, she never listens to and adjusts just the same old bull which is all my fault apparently. Sorry for the rant!
  5. I completely see where your coming from mate and i agree, yes it does sound f****d up but it will be more f****d if the virus has killed someone so young all by itself.
  6. Anyone else literally had enough of spending so much time with their partners inside 4 walls yet? F**k me i think im going take all my stuff to work and live there from tomorrow onwards! The machines buzzing and whirring all day are 10 fold much easier to listen to and be around!
  7. Absolutely tragic mate, really messed my head up reading. Poor kid.. you just cant even begin to imagine how his family feel.
  8. Apologies if posted earlier in thread. 13 year old boys dies in London.. no underlying issues. Dies alone in hospital F**k that is so sad
  9. leighavfc

    General Chat

    It was James Mclean in the bathroom with the garden file tw*terry chisel hammer thing..
  10. Absolutely , we are going to see so many things like this over the coming weeks and months!
  11. There is more to this im certain of it..
  12. He doesnt look great either does he lol
  13. Half a video just posted to instagram from jack
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