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    Thanks for that mate, i have read some of your posts of the time on here and see our stories are very similar. Yeah, everytime the word drink is mentioned i start to shudder inside... as i know the cravings and temptations are coming. Like i say im not a drinker these days.. but hammer it hard when i do. Its so hard for me as even just a couple of drinks at the in laws i have to turn down as i cant trust myself. Then this obviously causes issues as they think its them because i dont want to go... they dont know about my addictions. I literally cant drink without taking it.. Trying to avoi
  2. leighavfc


    Had a relapse yesterday on Cocaine after almost a year off the s**t.... i let my guard down in excitement at been able to go back to VP. My usual tactic is not to drink, and i dont even think about using. Ive not been a big drinker for a number of years now since i had the kids and kind of become a bit of a recluse due to me not wanting to tempt myself and many of my mates not wanting to do much else other than get on it most of the time. This has been hard to deal with over the years as i have kind of been left behind and forgotten about by some of these people... which in all fairness
  3. Got the email! Absolutely buzzing, my 7 year old is over the moon. He has been nagging to go back! I know the staff tickets are in upper trinity at "Standard league match prices".
  4. It turns out that them numptys down the road gave 32 year old Jukiewicz a 3.5 year contract earlier this season without announcing it!!! This was also available a few weeks ago.... they actually sold out https://centralsportsuk.com/products/lukas-jutkiewicz-50-goals-for-birmingham-city-charity-frame-mustard-seed-project
  5. Your absolutely right, it won't happen for the reasons as you say being home of UK Athletics, Birchfield Harriers etc. They would be throwing a whole lot of history and prestige away for them numptys to move in. It was just something i thought about when they sold their ground the other day, plus all the work they are going to need to do on the s***thole. Reading my post back the other day....i dont know what i was thinking advocating them ever moving into a venue such as the Alexander tbh!! It just felt that slowly things were lining up for them... as you rightly say though the ve
  6. It is interesting to see what will happen with the Alexander stadium after the commonwealth. At this stage i think it will go back to the 18000 capacity and carry on as it always has done and as planned.... saying that, the way things seem to be lining up over there you could see this happening. I wouldn't be that bothered in all honesty if they did, they are pratically on our doorstep currently anyway. North Birmingham has been and always will be Villa... when you come down the hill on Walsall road past the old clifton bingo you dont see Alexander stadium...... You see Villa park front
  7. It was the Derby 4-0 game before them wasn't it? But even so to have them in the 10 game run was just brilliant... to top it off we beat the numptys the other side of town too made it the perfect scenario as a Villa fan that season.
  8. Im sure we did something similar with Stephen Ireland when he went to Stoke
  9. Well here we are another end of year.. Been my toughest yet I would say, for many reasons. This year has been the one where I've tried to face my demons and issues but ultimately lost numerous times too! I am still trying and determined to kick addiction ASAP. On and off relationship problems, family bereavements and my mental health have all contributed. I have also noticed this past year that something has changed upstairs and I don't feel right or as I normally would so to speak. I have become lazy, moody, horrible to be around, spoiling things and just not being much fun at all.
  10. Same as I do every year... be a miserable git!! Can't stand new year at the best of times! In all seriousness had probably the worst year of my life for various reasons so at best will have a glass or two of something strong, enjoy my own company and the silence in the house and have a think about things going forward in 2021. Hope its better for us all and hopefully we get back to VP ASAP... I certainly need it!!
  11. I can barely get the football phone in on the sounds app anymore? Last one on there is 24th september. Is it still on every night?
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