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The VT Movies of the Year 2019


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So, anything with a UK 2019 release is eligible.

I've watched my usual shit tonne of movies again, but have to admit most of them have been released in other years. 

Still, it's not been too shabby a year and these are the handful that have really stood out for me:


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tbh there are probably loads I've forgotten  , which might say it all  , but these are the ones that spring to mind  , so my top 5

1st - Doctor Sleep

2nd - Joker

3rd - Ford v Ferrari

4th  - Stan & Ollie

5th - The Mule



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seen 3 of those,  booksmart, can you ever forgive me and joker and they were all pretty good, although it took me a while to decide I thought Joker was definitely good. Booksmart, was a bit slow going mind. Missed a fair few that I wanted to catch.

My list is ones I've seen in a cinema screen or a festival this year, so slightly cheating, with a couple I think but big screen showing is my criterion, and any excuse to promote the likes of One Cut of the Dead. Current top 10

image.jpeg.13bba64fd2809e938ebbac8d07de9b51.jpeg image.jpeg.62c829041264c3f5bad5628d1df2d414.jpeg image.jpeg.fc252d4eae3094bb6595b0dfacb0757a.jpegimage.jpeg.fa3b9321b43852bf4549f23701daabae.jpeg image.jpeg.fe9905d19870b83ea3a6bb822d30abf5.jpeg





with special mentions for Wild Rose, Joker, Green Book, Captain Marvel, The Farewell, and because it was ludicrously silly, Hobbs and Shaw. 

Edit - I saw Roma in late february this year. Not sure if that counts, might have been last year I suppose




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There’s plenty of current releases I’ve missed out on this year I’d loved to have watched such as Midsomer, Joker and It Chapter 2

of the current crop I’ve enjoyed though are 


Fighting With My Family

The Kid Who Would Be King

Spiderman - Far From Home (does Into the Spiderverse count too?)

The Sisters Brothers

Avengers End Game

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood




and a soft spot for the Hobbs & Shaw F&TF spin-off (so bad it was good!) 



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Been a bad year for me personally, the ones I've picked are the ones I've enjoyed the most but it doesnt mean they are fantastic by any stretch. Best of a bad bunch apart from El Camino. Tbh, hardly watched any films this year. Havent seen Joker, Endgame, Irishman etc...


Triple Frontier

Captain Marvel


Detective Pikachu

El Camino

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Not sure if my choices have changed but Jumanji 2 was as fun as the one from a couple of years ago ( i.e. plenty ). They've managed to make it as entertaining without repeating all the same gags. Two Popes was excellent though. The Irishman doesn't make it for me. Like The Joker, I completely appreciate the talent that has gone into it, but I always end up prioritising 


Being a stickler for 2019 releases unlike my above cheats I'll offer up my definite top 5 as 



Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Stan & Ollie

Knives Out


Side list: Best of the Decade I'm having - subject to frequent change:

Toni Erdmann, Your Name, Her, Amour, Blade Runner 2049, Before Midnight, Roma, Calvary, Leviathan, Only Lovers Left Alive.

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I've had a dreadful 2019 for movie watching. I'm usually fairly prolific with how many I watch (not as prolific as some of you guys) and knock out one or two a week.

2019 for some reason I watched very few. think I went to the cinema 3 times all year.


So of what I watched, Joker or Free Solo would be my shouts for films of the year. But my sample is unfortunately quite small.

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Going to cheat slightly by having a couple of films that I didn't see on the big screen until 2019, but which were first released in 2018, and one film that I think isn't out yet. Also going to cheat more majorly by picking 15. In reverse order:

#15 - Lords of Chaos

#14 - El Camino

#13 - The Irishman

#12 - Knives Out

#11 - A Dog Called Money

#10 - Return of the Hero

#9 - Official Secrets

#8 - Marriage Story

#7 - Can You Ever Forgive Me?

#6 - Widows

#5 - Free Solo

#4 - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

#3 - Uncut Gems

#2 - Burning

#1 - The Favourite


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