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  1. That Hawkeye trailer does absolutely nothing for me but I will still watch it though
  2. I love solar opposites but it’s the kind of sub plot about the shrunken people in the wall that I like the best about it lol. I thought season 2 of solar opposites was better than the latest season of Rick and Morty
  3. Never really understood all the hate that the Matrix sequels get but I suppose the 1st one was that good it was always going to be difficult to improve. The 1st one my well be my favourite film of all time the 2nd one I think is great too and the 3rd is okay could be better. Not seen the trailer for the new one yet as I'm at work but I'm looking forward to it regardless
  4. I am pretty much the same although I did finish the episode. I can't even remember what happened in season one so I don't know why I even bothered trying season 2. It had the potential to be so much better than it is
  5. I wish I'd given up on the walking dead a few seasons back but I didn't and now I need to see how it ends but honestly it is a chore to get through episodes
  6. Looking forward to this and to see what team is put out. I hope we go strong myself and have us a goal-fest but as long as we win I don't really care tbh
  7. I quite enjoyed Reminiscence myself I know it is getting a lot of hate but I thought it was entertaining although it wasn't great. 6.5/10 Also watched G.I Joe Snake eyes origins or what ever that piece of shit is called - Generous 5/10
  8. I thought he was poor yesterday but hopefully it is just because it is his first game back
  9. I thought he was alright today myself
  10. Enjoyed being back and enjoyed the game. Thought McGinn and Ramsey were good I also thought Beundia was pretty good too. My only gripes with today are the fact I had to queue for 45 mins for a drink and the fact that I still can't get 4G signal in or around the ground
  11. I have the same with Kevin Bacon thanks to those **** EE adverts!
  12. Gutted about Sean Lock! That man had me in tears of laughter on many occasions
  13. Bizzzle

    Masks !

    Couldn’t pay me to wear one personally but if you want to wear one feel free
  14. I have had confirmation of the Newcastle game but not the Brentford game. I am sure this **** website gets worse every year
  15. The new suicide squad was kinda disappointing if I'm honest. It was better than the original/first one but still not great and the jokes in it were pretty shit. 6.5/10
  16. Absolutely love Dead man's shoe's!
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