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  1. wazzap24

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Westworld is doing my head in. Unnecessarily complicated.
  2. wazzap24


    Not someone I'd normally find myself agreeing with, but he's talking sense here....
  3. wazzap24

    New Music 2018

    The Nas album is good. Production remarkable again. That's 3/4 top quality albums he's made this month and only his own was a let down. I want to hear the album he scrapped two weeks before release.
  4. wazzap24

    The Film Thread

    The new Jurassic park film is alright.
  5. wazzap24


    Oh it gets even better....... Tory minister in charge of keeping weed illegal and not allowing medical use in UK, also gave a license to her husband, so he can grow here and export for medical use Maybot's husband is an investor too!
  6. wazzap24


    Unfortunately the article is behind a paywall, but the tweet and the first paragraph or two are enough. The worlds largest exporter, yet we can't treat people with it here so a kid has to suffer..... It's a load of Betty Swallocks.
  7. wazzap24

    New Music 2018

    I love it. It's brilliant and different. You're right, it's the best of the 3 so far. That Louis Prima sample is amazing. How do you come up with something like that? Building a beat around an 80 year old Christmas song 'If I get locked up, I won't finish the sen..'
  8. wazzap24

    What's your tipple this evening then?

    Bloody lovely!
  9. wazzap24


    @chrisp65 fair do's mate, that all sounds pretty horrific.
  10. wazzap24

    Things you often Wonder

    Is there a stairwell in a U.K. Car Park that doesn't smell of piss?
  11. wazzap24


    I think some of that is fair. I do however believe that you are underestimating the positive impact that change could have and you haven't acknowledged my point around the places that already have implemented things and seen the benefits of doing so. There is no magic bullet, I totally agree there, but there are ways to improve things. If a combination of decriminalisation, regulation and legalisation cut the 'illegal trade' and associated criminality by even 40/50% would that not been a good thing? Have you seen the opioid addiction stats in America where weed has been decriminalised? is it not a good thing that it's reducing the number of people addicted to seriously bad shit? Yes they are swapping one for another, but there is no comparison harm wise. I know you're only countering, but you seem to take the angle that it isn't worth trying unless it solves the whole problem, which nothing will. So are you advocating for the status quo? Disagree on the crutch thing too. Again, yes for some, but are you including everyone who likes a drink in that too? Do you have to be one of those things to enjoy a beer, cos that's drug too. I take drugs because I like them. I'm not vulnerable or weak, I get bored occasionally, but that's normally at work and I don't think I'm mentally ill. Stupid yes, but not ill.
  12. wazzap24


    We've been here before a few months ago. Nobody is saying it will. Counter point; If we made them illegal, would that help? Would you say that on average far more of the booze and fags sold in this country are the legal 'regulated' kind? Is that not a better solution that just a completely unregulated and illegal black market? Also, same question to you, please tell me where in the world 'relaxed' drug laws have made things worse?
  13. wazzap24

    What you eatin' there then?

    Just had a burger in Five Guys. Man that place is the Dog's Danglies.
  14. wazzap24


    You make valid point there around MH issues, but the last bit misses the mark by a mile. It's not glossing over it. Whilst you don't have regulation, people with MH issues will continue to take these drugs. You can't measure strength/purity/dosage or anything like that and invariably that's where a lot of the issues lie. As somebody else ha said, there's is growing evidence that MDMA can actually help people with MH issues, with the right dose, of the right stuff, at the right time. Without regulation things will never improve, they are only going to get worse. I've said this before on here, but I'll repeat it because it's a fact. Demand for drugs has never been higher and the Supply is at an all time high too. Prohibition never has and never will work. Ever. Never Ever Ever. Education, decriminalisation and regulation are the only solutions to improve things. Dont believe me? Go and do some research on all the countries that have implemented 'softer' drug laws and/or decriminalisation/legalisation. Look at the stats for opioid addiction in the US states that have legalised weed. Go look at the programmes in Sweden, Portugal, Holland etc etc. Come back to me when you've found a situation where it made thing worse . I'll wait.
  15. wazzap24

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Just 'cos I like disrupting the music threads with stuff nobody likes This