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  1. My Mrs has been using that coil thingy for the past decade and it was a marked improvement over the pill. You can still notice the ‘cycle’. In any 4 weeks there are 2 weeks of ‘normal’, a week of moodiness and a week where the baby making hormone must be present and she’s actually quite nice.
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    If you thought Brexit and the GE were bad, the British Public have voted for Mrs Brown’s Boys as best comedy at the NTA’s - ahead of Afterlife and Fleabag. That new Chinese virus just needs to hurry up and do it’s thing.
  3. wazzap24

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    18 years married. Me too.
  4. “I felt as if I’d been riding a horse” Outstanding stuff from Iris, what a woman!
  5. I like a polo shirt, they look better on me than T-Shirts. My issue is, the collars always go to shite within about 15 mins of wear. I don’t like doing the top button up - looks good on some people, but not me. Without doing the top one up, you end up with either a gaping neck or the collar curls up all over the show Button down collar polo’s are a bit naff, so that’s a no go. I’ve gone one decent one that holds up ok, but the rest do my head in. Same as shirts, I tend to buy oxford shirts for the same reason.
  6. Not so fussed about the compatibility part, it’s hard to explain, but I’m genuinely ok with that and I don’t do too bad. Obviously, more would be preferable, but (sweeping generalisation alert) a lot of men would probably say the same? It’s more that I generally think about it and want it too often and if anything it’s getting worse as I get older. Little things set me off (got back from footy earlier, wife walked past in her knickers - got half a glance of a butt-cheek and had to have a wank 10 mins later) Once it’s in my head, I can’t shake it (until I err, shake it ) It genuinely gets to me at times.
  7. Mary J Blige covering The Faces - Stay with me. Musically it’s ok, sounds a bit like the Black Crowes - but her voice is amazing and makes it brilliant. It’s on the deluxe version of the ‘Umbrella Academy’ soundtrack - well worth checking out.
  8. My sex drive is too high and it’s getting on my nerves. I’m at the point where I’m considering going the docs to see if I can get put on anti-depressants because I’ve heard they kill it off? I’m 40 and it’s higher than it was in my 20’s. If I have to go more than a week without, it’s constantly on my mind and as I’ve been married for nearly 18 years, that’s more of a calorie controlled diet than an all you can eat buffet these days. Surely it should be on the wane by now? It’s genuinely pissing me off.
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    How did I miss this? They sound like my kind of guys!
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    The hiccup thing is weird and really pissed me off when it started happening. It was about a decade ago and it just happens every time now. Rarely go for a curry these days, but when I do, I have to have a tandoori mixed grill or something, because I look like a right tit holding my breath and taking ‘7 sips’ On a related note, I have a sure-fire cure for other people’s hiccups. Tell them to hiccup. Look them in the eye and tell them to hiccup - “go on then, if you’ve got hiccups, hiccup right now”. They won’t be able to, the hiccups will go in a few seconds and the person will be amazed
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    You’ve got me there? If it’s a clever reference, it’ll be lost on me
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