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  1. Watchmen continues to get better and better. ‘A God Walks Into Abar’ was an almost perfect episode, from the opening to the post credit scene. Gutted it’s coming to an end next week. I need to see the finale before I rank it in my all time list, but if it wasn’t for Chernobyl, it would easily be the best show of this year.
  2. Ask @Rugeley Villa nicely and I’m sure he’ll PM you a nude
  3. Mine have to be on even numbers except 4 and 6, which has to be rounded up/down to a 5. No 1’s, 3’s, 4’s, 6’s 7’s or 9’s I also have a massive fear of hamstring cramp and almost walked out of Hamilton because of it.
  4. Preacher American Gods Carnival Row Parks and Rec Good Omens Movie-wise: Vice, Green Book and You Were Never really Here are all pretty good.
  5. I like the look of the trailer, I reckon the movie is going to be better than expected.
  6. 1. Avengers Endgame 2. The Irishman 3. Joker 4. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  7. It’s an absolute masterpiece IMO. All the performances were unreal, but I thought Pacino was especially amazing as Jimmy Hoffa. I watched it in two sittings, but could have happily sat and watched it in one hit, despite the crazy runtime. An absolute triumph of a film and right up there with Scorsese’s best. Shoutout to the technology as well - that digital ageing thing was remarkable.
  8. I’d not really paid much attention to the poll, but only 17.36% are going for the Etonian Spunk Spaffers? Imagine if the VT poll was the most accurate of all the polls and this was the result?
  9. He’s going to be world class. Can’t see anything stopping him now, apart from injury. If he carries on like this and gets in the Eng team for the Euro’s, we’ll be talking Coutinho money if someone wants him in the summer.
  10. My god, he’s magnificent isn’t he?
  11. Anybody else noticed that headlights seem to be getting ridiculously bright on newer cars? Had to drive back on the M5 Last night with my rear view mirror dipped for pretty much the whole journey. Audi and Land Rover seem to be the worst - it's like they constantly have main beam on?
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