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  1. 10 years old today. An absolute masterpiece from start to finish. A 21st century great.
  2. Ordered and paid for my Walter Smith Butcher’s Xmas meat hamper yesterday. I’m set.
  3. I’m hoping it gets picked up elsewhere. Viewing figures are good and reviews are excellent, it’s not been cancelled as such (as in, because it’s crap/nobody is watching it), it’s just that Cinemax has shut down, so they aren’t making anymore of anything.
  4. I didn’t think it was that bad to be honest, but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘funny’ and seems to be trapped in between being a semi-serious paranormal drama and a comedy. It’s watchable though and the 30min runtime means it doesn’t drag on from episode to episode.
  5. It’s really good and follows on nicely from S1. It isn’t as good as Banshee overall, but it has that same vibe and they’ve fleshed the story out a bit more this series, which is good. As @theboyangelsaid, it’s “good junk TV”. I love it and it’s fits nicely with all the other stuff I’m watching, it’s a good one for not having to concentrate too much and you can just enjoy the action/fighting.
  6. Yeah, he seems like a proper dude in real life, would love to go for a beer with him.
  7. Clone Wars is canon, so yeah it falls in line
  8. Parks and Rec is probably my favourite ever comedy and Ron Swanson is without doubt my favourite comedy character.
  9. I kind of saw it coming a little bit, but I still lost my absolute s**t at that final scene!!!
  10. Agreed. The book is amazing, the film is just above average.
  11. I thought Borat 2 was quality, with plenty of laugh out loud moments and clever touches. It doesn’t have the shock value of the first and there are only so many times you can go ‘wow, some of these Americans really are bat-s**t crazy’, but it’s still well worth a watch and Maria Bakalova is superb in it.
  12. The official Kazakhstan twitter account is worth a look too!
  13. Tomorrow. I’ve tried to avoid spoilers, but apparently, the bit with Rudy Giuliani is not to be missed.
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