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  1. Archer running over and taking that inflatable off the steward and chucking it back to the crowd I know the serious people might not like it, especially given the situation we’re in, but I’m considering cheating on Grealish with him.
  2. Peaky Blinders Watchmen Carnival Row Dark Crystal The Witcher Final season of The Good Place Walking Dead (yeah I know, VT pretty much hates this now) Bake Off! Wu-Tang: An American Saga The Spy His Dark Materials The Mandalorian Autumn/Winter is going to be ace - I love not leaving the house. Just bring me food and Drugs and I’m living my best life
  3. I don’t know how Film/TV rights work, but the book is now in the ‘public domain’ as the copyright expired a couple of years ago.
  4. Money talks and you’d expect them to get it sorted. The worry is for me is Sony thinking they can somehow create their own universe with (yet another) version of Spider-Man. Hopefully money trumps some numpty studio exec’s ego.
  5. There’s 13 episodes in this season I’ve just watched episode 11. It was a bit better and hopefully leading up to a half decent finale
  6. wazzap24

    General Chat

    I’ll be glad when the kids are back at school and the day trippers/holiday-makers are off the bleeding motorways again. Shocking standard of driving on the M5. There needs to be a Motorway test for all drivers. Speed cameras everywhere, but who’s doing something about the cars packed with pillows blocking their rear view and doing 60mph in the outside lane?
  7. @Chindie @Designer1 i’m Interested to hear what you both think when you’ve seen it. I’m also slightly concerned about how knowledgable you both seem to be about the Manson Murders. Do either of you listen to Huey Lewis And The News?
  8. It’s hard to say too much without giving it away. It’s kind of both (about and background) You need to know about the first murders. Edit: You can go and watch it without knowing anything and it would still be enjoyable (imo), but with a bit of knowledge it makes a lot more sense and you’ll appreciate the cleverness of it all.
  9. It’s absolutely fundamental that you have at least a basic knowledge of the Manson Family murders, if you know nothing about it, it will definitely effect how you see the film. It’s brilliant.
  10. If you don’t know any of the details around the Manson Family murders, have a bit of a read up on it before you go (if you get chance) I didn’t and still really enjoyed it, but if I’d known a bit more it would have been even better! I got what he (Tarantino) was doing with the story and I had a basic knowledge of Manson, but it’s definitely worth reading up on.
  11. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Cracking film, DiCaprio and Pitt are absolutely joyous together. Looks great, sounds great and the dialogue is typically Tarantino. Not a lot happens to be honest and it’ a long-ass film, but I never felt bored. Awesome ending.

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