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  1. I’m more interested in the April one, as and when she gets voted down again. Surely she has to go then, because the only options left are a Gen Elec/Ref? Assuming we all still believe nobody will actually allow no deal and Corbyn’s unicorn brexit is still a Corbyn unicorn brexit.
  2. “But, don’t despair. For an additional donation of just £79.99 you can join the ‘support regiment’ and receive a ‘leave means leave pack’ ahead of our triumphant arrival in London The pack includes: A bright pissy yellow vest leave means leave car bumper/mobility scooter sticker Signed A5 photos of Nigel Farage, James Goddard and Yaxley-little-legs £5 Wetherspoons voucher* (£5 off bill if a total spend exceeds £100) A ‘We Are Nigel’s Knights’ (W.A.N.K) pin badge Union Jack poncho Access to exclusive Paul Joseph Watson video content and 20% off your first order of ‘Brain Force Plus’”
  3. I loved it from the start and I think a couple of others on here really enjoyed it too. I’d stick with it, but I never found it boring at all, so it might just not be for you?
  4. James Gunn has been re-hired to direct Guardians 3. Brilliant news.
  5. Me too, I thought it was pretty funny. Bit emotional too with the laptop and the old boy with the birthday cards at the end His character is like the anti-Derek, but it’s got a similar funny/sad tone.
  6. @Chindie Your post on Captain Marvel is spot on. A solid 7/10 and pretty much exactly as per your summary. The cat is indeed the standout, some of the ‘jokes’ miss the mark (by quite a bit at times) and nothing particularly stands out about it. It’s by no means ‘bad’ though. Decent performances from Larsen, Jackson and Law, decent effects, decent story, bit of a twist and a good lead in to End Game. It’s no Guardians or Thor 3 in terms of humour and it’s no Avengers IW in terms of drama, but it was still watchable. @mikeyp102
  7. It’s been ace hasn’t it!? Great last episode as well to top it off nicely. Definitely one of my fave new shows of recent times, can’t wait for season 2!
  8. First visit to ‘Digbeth Dining Club’ yesterday. Its cracking. Food was brilliant, friendly atmosphere and a real good mix of people. Will definitely be going back soon.
  9. I reckon choking your chicken might be quicker?
  10. Wasps! Two of the feckers have flown in my bedroom this afternoon, both the size of a light aircraft. It’s bloody February lads, give it a rest.
  11. We’ve been fortunate enough to go a few times (God bless you credit card providers) and it’s impossible to predict how busy it will be on any given day. Last time we went, we had a couple of days at Universal. The first day was insane, with 60min+ queues for most of the good stuff. Went back a couple of days later and we were literally walking straight on to every ride. It was totally bizarre. The food can be expensive, but the last time we went we had an absolute touch with the Disney dining plan. Paid £1350 for 5 nights accommodation (in a massive room at old key west) including the upgraded dining plan. I counted up the receipts at the end of it and we’d done £1100 worth of food/drink! Can’t wait to go back next year.
  12. I thought Skyfall was brilliant. The best of the DC bond movies imo.
  13. I bloody love Ricky Gervais. This looks like yet another brilliant piece of work.
  14. I think it’s ace! It’s funny, intriguing, Looks brilliant, great soundtrack and yeah Sheehan is ace. Aidan Gallagher and Mary J Blige are great as well. Top stuff.
  15. Ah ok, thanks. I’d seen the comment from Bob Arum and misunderstood.
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