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  1. Had a look, found this? Hulk, Dr Strange and Sub-Mariner? https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?SeriesID=17036191
  2. Ozark S3 was absolutely superb. Up there with some of the best TV I’ve seen. What an ending, can’t wait for S4.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53061288
  4. I don’t drink as a rule, haven’t done for a few years now, but after a cold bottle of beer following a round of Golf the other week, I’ve had a bit of a taste for it. Just had an ice cold bottle of Kingfisher lager. Not quite the same without a Tandoori mixed grill, but still hit the spot.
  5. Still doing ‘Tarantino Saturdays’ at the moment, but due to all of the words removed not having all of the movies, I’ve had to abandon the plan of watching them in order. Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained have been the most recent ones. Loved both. Brad Pitt is ace in IB, as is Jamie Foxx in DU, but one man elevates both films from really good to great and that’s Christoph Waltz.
  6. Deserves all of the likes, laughs and thanks reactions. I can’t think of a more disappointing season in any show I’ve watched. Maddeningly convoluted and the definition of style over substance.
  7. By the end you’ll be grateful you didn’t. Avoiding the hype between seasons and not being overly invested in it for years, meant I enjoyed it all the way through - including the final season that got Star Wars levels of backlash. I thought there was one rubbish episode in the whole thing, it’s in the last season and the only reason it was rubbish, was because you can’t see what the f**k is going on for 90% of it. Brilliant show.
  8. Just went to post about this myself. It’s really interesting and follows on from the ‘backdated’ cases in France a few weeks back when they tested samples from pneumonia patients that had died. The Chinese doctor ‘blew the whistle’ back in December and it was already in the community then. A Chinese newspaper reported that the first case was November 17th and I read somewhere that one of the earliest known cases had no link to Wuhan and hadn’t been abroad etc. I wonder if we’ll ever know the full truth about the origin of it tbh.
  9. Probably didn’t explain my point very well. I’m not denying people are saying it, there’s loads of clearings in the woods on Twitter saying the same, but they don’t really believe it, it’s just their attempt to weaken the BLM argument.
  10. They don’t think that. Even the thickest of the thick don’t really believe it’s because of one incident, it’s just a narrative they are trying to spin to undermine a valid and legitimate protest. The same little Englander’s slagging off BLM were quite happily going to beaches, getting bladdered and doing the conga in their streets a couple of weeks ago.
  11. @mikeyp102 Legion. The best Marvel TV show by a country mile.
  12. wazzap24

    U.S. Politics

    I think the ‘where’ is open to debate, but the ‘how’ is pretty easy to answer - badly. Can’t really see it just going away, if anything it could ramp up further. 40m unemployed people haven’t got much to do in the middle of a pandemic and BAME communities will have been amongst the hardest hit, both from the virus and the economic fall out.
  13. wazzap24

    U.S. Politics

    I’ve watched the YouTube video. It’s brilliant (brilliant in the sense of how it plays out, not brilliant in that it happened in the first place) The bit when they get his wallet out and realise what they’ve done - the FBI guy absolutely played them. ‘You guys are the dumbest motherf******s I ever met in my life’
  14. I’ve only watched the first one, but I liked it too. Some of the gags missed the mark, but I chuckled in a few places.
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