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  1. wazzap24


    Google ‘sensi seeds’ You can order seeds that will grow in UK conditions and is supposedly pretty decent. If you have a greenhouse, you just need water and feed. Follow the instructions. Also, it isn’t illegal to buy the seeds over here, you aren’t doing anything wrong by going on the site and ordering them for UK delivery - you just aren’t allowed to grow them!
  2. wazzap24


    You throw their ass in a prison that has a proper drug treatment facility. They do the full stretch for the crime committed and get proper help for their addiction whilst in there. The current situation means throwing them in a standard prison, where they have easy access to drugs and no treatment. They do the time, addiction still in tact (or addicted to whatever else they could get in there), come out - then rinse and repeat. We have do more than just lock people up for a period of time, then send them straight back out to do the same again. Not enough is being done to break the cycle.
  3. I was expecting ‘F’ as in, “‘I’d throw ‘em on the foooookin fire”!
  4. I’ve really warmed to Fury. I used to think he was just a God Bothering, Pikey, with questionable views. I’m sure he still holds some of those views, but I find him fascinating to listen to when he talks about boxing and Mental Health issues. His honesty and insight is really interesting to listen to. He overplays the ‘I’m not bad for a fat lad’ spiel a bit, but other than that he’s easily the most interesting character in the division, especially compared to Joshua who talks like he’s swallowed a book of shite motivational quotes you see on office posters.
  5. @rjw63 What do you do with your Kanye West albums? K for Kanye, or W for west?
  6. A member of my family suffers from MH issues and this is similar to ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ - It concentrates more on the individuals behaviours/triggers etc and teaches them how to deal with things as they happen. It gives them the tools to ‘break out of the cage’ so to speak. Not necessarily related to depression/MH issues, but ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Dr Steve Peters is a great book on recognising how the mind works and what you can do to try and control it.
  7. wazzap24


    And yet here’s me, 20 years in and I smoke daily (night time only). Good job, well above national average salary, good health (admittedly I doubt my lungs look amazing from the inside) - I don’t suffer from any MH issues, no anxiety, no paranoia. I occasionally forget what I have watched on the TV the night before, but it comes back to me after a day or so! I go out of a night a bit less than I used to, but I am getting older and don’t like drunk people, it’s not a weed thing. And I dont know anybody that has gone bandy as a result of smoking weed. Anecdotes are just that. Anecdotes.
  8. wazzap24


    I’m going to withdraw from this part of the debate after this I think, mainly because i am boring myself, let alone other people reading my posts, but also because we are both really only offering anecdotal evidence, which i accept doesn’t make a decent case either way. I maintain my position on it, but there is currently no way of really knowing - we can't even get an accurate estimate of how many people use the stuff over here (I’ve seen figures from 2-5m as a starter)and as per my previous posts, I am sceptical about these comparative results (as are a lot of people in the scientific community), because they all appear to be testing apples Vs organges. I’ll defer to your experience on the control of drugs in UK, but I would say that with the rise of the internet and the availability of hydroponics - more and more people are getting into it and a lot of the weed on the streets comes from smaller ‘bedroom’ growers. My guys are commercial growers in the sense that it’s for profit, but neither of them are ‘Gala Bingo’ scale, they will have 4/5 crops on the go at any one time in different locations, growing different strains at each one. They might have 100-200 oz yields form each crop. These are not dealers linked to a wider criminal network controlled by a major city, they get cuts from other people in the game and order seeds online. Take Durham as an example of this - there is a growing ‘cannabis club’ culture, which the police have agreed to turn a ‘unofficial blind eye’ to - so if they are small time, with a few plants - they wont even be bothered with it. I could have a crop on the go within 7 days and grow any strain you like. If I was sensible and cautious the chances of me ever getting caught would be minuscule. There are no stats accounting for any of this. Drug Seizures overall are down 30%+ since the turn of the decade and forces have an open policy of going after ‘Barons’, so the larger commercial operations in abandoned warehouses and stuff are what gets seen/tested, but my argument is, it completely ignores all of the smaller operations - and nobody can estimate the scale of that with any credibility. The whole Skunk/stinking thing is a bit of a non-argument too. I could get in your car with 5 different types of weed on 5 different occasions and it would all stink. I’ve currently got 2 strains at home - Star Dawg and Grapefruit Zkittlez. They both stink, but the grapefruit one does actually smell a little bit like grapefruit, but only on top of the stinking weed smell too! ‘Cheese’ is by far the worst for this and literally smells like a lump of Stinking Bishop, but it’s not as strong as Luke Skywalker, which doesn’t smell anywhere near as strong. Again with resin - that just depends on how it’s made. You can buy resin that contains THC levels well in excess of 50%, there are coffeee shops in the ‘Dam selling resin that is over 80% THC! Resin being weaker is either a result of the THC being extracted from a weaker strain or the quality of resin ‘mixture’ itself.
  9. https://www.denofgeek.com/uk/movies/x-men-dark-phoenix/65872/dark-phoenix-scrapped-skrulls-ending Interesting and one possible reason for it being soooooooo bad?
  10. wazzap24


    Yeah possibly. I’m sceptical about any comparative results from ‘official’ testing, because there is an almost complete lack of information available on what kinds were tested and compared. There was an article recently (from a credible scientific/medical publication) which talked about cannabis testing in the USA and how All of the research and comparisons are done using an awful strain of government grown stuff originating from the 60’s. The DEA announced three years ago that federal laws would be changed for the growing of cannabis for legal research, but as of today there is still only one license in place. This means all ‘official’ research is conducted using one, potentially irrelevant strain. Here is an article about it from the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/03/13/government-marijuana-looks-nothing-like-the-real-stuff-see-for-yourself/?utm_term=.ed342c6ccb82&noredirect=on I don’t know much about the testing over here, I know we are one of the biggest exporters of cannabis in the world, but it’s all hidden, with licenses given out to companies involving T may’s husband and ‘exclusive deals’ given to the husband of......the UK’s drug minister! The problem is, the authorities are so far behind the curve in terms of what’s actually happening and testing is massively hamstrung by politics - therefore a lot of it, if not all, just isn’t credible from a scientific perspective. I appreciate I only really have anecdotal evidence involving personal experience, but if could get high quality weed on chemsley wood 15 years ago, it’s clearly been about a lot longer than these recent ‘studies’ are claiming.
  11. wazzap24


    The problem with studies like that are, there is no information on what strains of cannabis were compared. They are saying that samples of professionally grown cannabis in 2019 are close to 20% higher in THC than 1989, but there’s no info on what kind of weed that was. There’s been ‘research’ over here stating 93% of UK weed is now ‘Skunk’. Based on less than 1k samples, from only 5 different police forces and obviously only testing weed that was actually seized. So in reality, 93% from a sample size of about 0.0000001% of the market.
  12. wazzap24


    No, that isn’t what I’m saying. I’m not sure why you think it is? The argument over Jamaican Weed etc isn’t the point. They are just strains, like any other, all with differing THC levels. Bog standard Thai Weed (that horrible block stuff) that was popular from the mid 90’s comes in at between 14-24% THC, old school Yardie Weed was the same, AK47 is 13-20%.Resin is a whole different argument. It’s like Cocaine, purity depends entirely on what other crap gets mixed in. Today, the strongest strains come in at high 20%’s, with a couple claiming 30%+. It doesn’t go up much because of my previous point - the amount of THC produced cannot exceed the amount the source plant/s are capable of. Including ‘mutants’. Might be possible in future, isn’t possible now. I’m not arguing that there aren’t some stronger variants now more readily available in the UK that say, 25 years ago. But, the idea that weed itself has gotten inherently stronger over that period of time is wrong. As per previous post, a lot of today’s popular strains have been around for decades - maybe more so abroad, but high quality stuff has been pretty easy to get here for well in excess of a decade. It’s an important point to me, because it’s already being used as the next bull**t argument against decriminisation.
  13. wazzap24


    I’ve only ever had two whitey’s. Once i was pissed, so should have known better anyway and the other randomly, after half-a-J of some weed I’d been smoking for days previous. They just see a bit random to me.
  14. wazzap24


    Cannabis in itself hasn’t gotten stronger Bicks, it’s not possible. There is no evidence that any modern growing techniques have enhanced THC levels beyond which any given strain is capable of producing naturally. You’ve got Indica, Sativa and Hybrids, loads of which have been around for decades, with origins from plants 1000’s years old. Any ‘new’ weed (unless discovered in the wild) is only a hybrid of a previous source strain or a hybrid of a hybrid and so on. Weed with 25-30% THC levels has been available over here for the past 25-30 years. I accept that enhancements in growing techniques means THC levels are now at the higher end of the scale per strain (ie; an imported Purple Haze may have been 10/11% 20 years ago and 14% homegrown now), and that quality weed is more widely available, but the natural strength of the strains are the same as they ever were. Pulling a whitey doesn’t mean the weed was stronger, I’ve had a couple in my time, they are an unexplainable phenomenon
  15. wazzap24


    This is a myth imo. I’m a 20+ year ‘veteran’ and the idea that cannabis is getting stronger and stronger just isn’t true. There have been a few articles in recent times (some coming from ignorance amongst the authorities) about how everyone’s smoking super strong ‘Skunk’ and we are on the verge of a Mental Health crisis. Skunk is a strain and not a particularly popular one at that. I can’t remember the last time I smoked or was even offered Skunk, but it was years ago. The other suggestion I’ve seen is that the ‘new weed’ on the streets has THC levels of 10-14% and in the ‘olden days’ it was only 5/6%. Again this simply isn’t true. ‘Purple Haze’, one of the most famous strains that pretty much everyone has heard of has been around since the 70’s (allegedly born out of California when some righteous dude mixed a traditional haze strain with some unknown imported stuff). It has natural THC levels of around 12-14%, always has, always will. Morocco has been a ‘cannabis capital’ for centuries, with documented history dating back to the 16th century. The stuff that grows there now, is the stuff that grew there hundreds of years ago. My personal favourite of all time is ‘Luke Skywalker OG Kush’, another born out of Calfornia, but in 2003 and If grown correctly gives about 26-28% THC. I’ve been able to get the over here since about ‘05. The strongest stuff I ever smoked was some ‘white solids’ from Amsterdam. This was in 1999 when ‘solids’ over here meant about 50% resin and the other 50% was everything from tyre rubber to ratshit. The stuff was insane and I’ve never been so battered. One joint absolutely canned me. That was 20 years ago and I’ve probably smoked almost as many different strains as you’ve had lines since then! The thing is, it’s a plant. You can’t really do much to the natural THC levels. If you grow the plant correctly, you will get the natural THC level for the particular strain you are growing. If you don’t, it will be lower. You can’t do anything to increase THC levels beyond what the strain itself produces. What has changed is, the growing culture in the UK has become hugely sophisticated. There are hydroponic suppliers all over and you can set up a grow pretty easily, arguably easier than trying to grow tomatoes in your greenhouse. I know 2 growers and they take it proper serious. Not just for the cash, you can bang out any old shite and the young chavs will buy it. They have a pride in growing the best stuff, not the strongest, but the best. They are like the people that grow giant Marrows or exotic plants for flower shows. So the difference is not that weed in itself has gotten stronger, but more of the weed we get in the UK is now produced ‘correctly’ and loads more strains are now easily available, all with slightly differing strengths and effects. TL;DR: Weed isn’t getting stronger.
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