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  1. Blimey that's close. It's gonna go right down to the wire isn't it!? @NurembergVillan with the fast fingers again.
  2. wazzap24

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Early reviews for True Detective are pretty positive. The consensus seems to be, it's a lot more season 1 than 2.
  3. wazzap24

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Double entry
  4. wazzap24

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    There's a handful of reviews knocking about and it's kind of what I feared, that it would end up being 'ok/decent' This one in particular kinds of makes it out to be everything I hoped it wouldn't; https://www.vulture.com/2019/01/the-passage-tv-review.html Reviews seem to be based on the first 3 episodes and they all say it gets better as it goes along, so here's hoping that trend continues from episode 4 onwards too.
  5. wazzap24

    Documentaries you have to watch

    I watched the first one of these the other night. I thought it was really well shot and looked great, but I didn't think it was that good overall It seemed to be padded out quite a bit and I don't think I'll get through 6 episodes. I appreciate the first one was probably doing quite a bit of scene setting, so I'll persist for now.
  6. wazzap24


    I've heard that one somewhere before....
  7. wazzap24

    What you eatin' there then?

    We've tried one of those 'Gousto' recipe boxes this week. Looks pretty good and it's a good introduction for people who want to start cooking from scratch. Each meal comes with everything portioned out and the recipes are easy to follow. Decent quality ingredients too from what I've seen so far. It was a one off for us as the ongoing costs are a bit high and both me and the wife are half decent cooks anyway. Bit too much packaging as well, but if you're looking to get into cooking, it's a decent place to start
  8. wazzap24


    Not personally, but a mate of mine was taking Clenbuterol tablets whilst training/dieting and the effects were pretty amazing TBF. I was tempted at the time, but don't like stuff that has the potential to make you 'jittery'.
  9. I see Neil Warnock has had his say on Brexit today and in news that will surprise absolutely no one, he's a mad Gammon.
  10. I dunno dude. I'm just totally sick of the delusion on all sides and I've had enough of Corbyn (and Labour in general) being about as much opposition to the Tories as Burton were to Man City last night. It's just my opinion and I'm becoming more and more frustrated with it all, so I'm probably not being particularly rational about it. I'm not as knowledgable as most of you guys that post in here and my position is very simplistic, but I just want an opposition I can believe in and one that supports the majority of its voter's views, not just the majority of it's membership.
  11. wazzap24

    The Film Thread

    I enjoyed the original because it looked amazing, the soundtrack was brilliant and the whole atmosphere and tension in the film was great. You're absolutely right though, the new one is a superior film overall. It retains the great look/feel and atmosphere, but has a much better narrative.
  12. wazzap24

    The Film Thread

    Bit late to the party, but watched Bladerunner 2049 the other day. What a great film. Although I enjoyed the original, I thought this was a better film overall to be honest. Cracking stuff.
  13. Corbyn is getting on my tits more than the Tories at the moment. Just F-off with this 'negotiate a better non-existent unicorn deal' crap. Back Remain or get back in the sea, we don't need two parties peddling the same fantasist twaddle.
  14. wazzap24

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Hard to choose a fave for me. From a pure enjoyment perspective, I'd go with Thor Ragnorak and The first Guardians film. I thought they were both brilliantly funny, but good films as well. Infinity War was the most impressive overall imo. Looking forward to the end of this phase and I'm really excited to see what comes from all the new characters Marvel will have to play with when the merger is finalised.