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  1. If opinions are like arseholes, yours is a wizard’s sleeve
  2. Don’t think it’s been posted. Made me chuckle Wake Up Sheeple
  3. Ralph Lauren Sliders Y-3 socks Ralph Lauren shorts Calvin Klein Boxers CP Company Sweatshirt Hugo Boss shades I’m that guy
  4. The opposite is also true. I read an article in the Guardian the other day - ‘don’t believe the hype’ was the theme. It was as bad as the Fox News stuff, but in reverse. Some of the limited CNN coverage I’ve seen on it has been awful too. None of them are reporting on the facts (or trying to find out what the facts actually are), it’s just a political thing now. Fox = Trump good, drug must be good. CNN = Trump bad, drug must be bad. You can’t trust American media to report accurately, it’s too politically driven. Clinical trials website and government communications from various countries are far more informative and give you and idea of what is actually going on.
  5. Ignore Trump and ignore the responses to what Trump says about it too. The reporting on this (particularly in America) has been awful on all sides. There are major clinical trials and emergency use programmes underway in a number of countries (including one here in the UK starting next month). It is being trialled as both a treatment and a potential prevention. It might work, it might not, but you won’t get any sense from the media on it at the moment, I haven’t read one decent article on it from them. We should start to hear about actual results from doctors and stuff in the next few weeks.
  6. Had to do a double take, the wording under pineapple on the right looks like Stinky Fanny! Now I’m disappointed it’s not pineapple and stinky fanny flavoured.
  7. I’ve been using ‘Prime Now’ for food and it’s been ace. limited choice, but they partner with Morrisons and they pick at warehouse and not in store - so no substitutes and no ‘out of stock’ bollocks either. I have ordered things like clobber, comics and vape juice though - none of it from shops you’d consider to be essential at this time. Not sure if I’m being a bit of a word removed or not (well, more of a word removed than normal)
  8. My dad is in his 70’s, diabetic and also has COPD. His ‘essential’ list yesterday was - Gin, Tonic, Rice Pudding, Custard, Pears and a TV guide. He’s got enough food in his house to feed his entire road for a month and he’s still called me twice today to see how I’m getting on with his shopping.
  9. One item was a ride on lawnmower that runs on red diesel. I haven’t even got a lawn.
  10. I’m genuinely disappointed. They (the daily briefings) aren’t much use atm as it’s just the same sound bites and avoiding questions, but at least watching her crash and burn would’ve been entertaining.
  11. What’s the VT moral stance on ordering ‘non-essential’ items online for home delivery? Twitter seems split 50/50 between - it’s helping keep some people in work and parts of the economy going, or anybody who orders anything that isn’t food/medicine is a mass murdering scumbag? I’ve ordered quite a bit of stuff recently, majority essential, but a fair amount that isn’t.
  12. If people are looking for a bit of comedy to lighten the mood, Liz Truss is doing the briefing today! Not sure If she’s going to be giving us updates on Coronavirus or the % of cheese we currently import (disgracefully)
  13. The poor fella never made it
  14. I’d love to believe this will lead to real change, but it won’t. 10 minutes on Twitter will show you, he could stick ‘we’ll get Covid done in 12 weeks’ on the side of a bus and half the country would still believe it.
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