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  1. Gonna give to the Jordan Peele 'Twilight Zone' re-boot a go this week. Hunters on Amazon Prime looks good too. Al Pacino, leading a team of Vigilante Nazi Hunters, in late 70's New York?
  2. The Docu-series is coming to sky documentaries soon apparently. Looking forward to it, the story is mental.
  3. Sky Atlantic over here mate, coming in March - no date specified yet that I can see.
  4. The only person who can beat Fury in that division now is Fury himself. If he stays on track physically and mentally, he’ll wipe the floor with AJ. Hearn making noise about getting the fight on in the summer. I’m not convinced and still think a delay will be manufactured from somewhere.
  5. AJ right now. He gets to keep his belts for as long as he can avoid Fury.
  6. I still have a feeling Newcastle will go down. They are easily the worst team I’ve seen this season and Bruce has all but admitted they aren’t even trying to win games. 6 points seems like a lot, but another couple of weeks and they’ll be right in it with us and the others. We’ll lose the final, lose to Leicester, beat Chelsea and go above Newcastle on GD with a win there on the 21st.
  7. We are pretty poor when he’s delivering masterclass performances week in week out, we’ve got no chance when he has an off day. Poor game, but when he got it on the edge of their box in injury time, I still thought he was going to pull another worldie out of the bag. Feel sorry for him having playing with that lot today.
  8. Still not in the bottom 3 and if United and Liverpool turn up, we still won’t be after Monday. We’re Dog turd at the moment, but it’s far from over yet.
  9. I used to love X-Files, but as it went on this would do my head in. When they introduced the smoking man and the wider conspiracy arc, you’d get an episode with Alien abductions and all that - then the next episode they’d be randomly in Alabama investigating a bloke with a lizard tongue and there was no mention of the fact Scully had been abducted the week before! It was mental.
  10. The thing is, it wasn’t just a couple of decent games, he was consistently good for the first third of the season. It’s the same with a lot of the players we have brought in. They have shown on multiple occasions that they have the ability to play at this level, but for various reasons the consistency as individuals and therefore as a team, just isn’t there. It’s not for this thread, but we simply have too many players ‘learning to play’ at this level at the same time.
  11. You’re probably right, but I just keep thinking back to those early games when he looked a real player next to Mings. Mings brings a bit of extra presence to our defence and the others always look a bit more comfortable when he’s there, I think Engels would be fine with Mings/Konsa either side of him.
  12. Don’t know if this is useful to anybody on here or not, but I know some people on here have tried medication (for better/worse). My oldest son has been suffering with clinical depression for around 18-24 months. I won’t go into detail, but it’s been up and down and the latest episode in the run-up to Christmas almost resulted in a suicide attempt. He was initially put on Citalopram and then Sertraline. Both of these caused some fairly major issues with fatigue and sex drive, resulting in him not taking them properly and taking himself off them. After the most recent episode we spoke to the Crisis team about the meds and he’s been put on Vortioxetine. I’ve done a bit of reading on it and although I am not clever enough to understand the science, the difference with this drug appears to be that it can help improve overall cognitive function, over and above a standard SSRI. We are only 7/8 weeks in, but things do seem to be a lot better. The depression has eased, but he hasn’t experienced the same issues with tiredness or lack of sex drive (says it’s lower than it was, but still there). There have been no other side effects as yet, other than a bit of gas early on and his appetite fluctuates a bit. The guidance in the UK is that it can only be prescribed if a patient has failed to respond to 2 other treatments, so for those of you that may have tried others without success, it might be worth talking to your GP about it and giving these a go. Go well lads.
  13. I love watching him, but talk about Jekyll and Hyde. There were times today when he made everything look easy, dinking the ball over players feet, clever reverse passes, sublime first touch. Then all of a sudden he under-hits a five yard pass or takes ages on the ball and gets caught out. He does appear to be adapting more and more to the pace of the Prem, but he still looks like he’s playing in second gear (physically and mentally) half the time. Hopefully the consistency and concentration will come with age - if it does he’s going to be an absolute baller.
  14. Games like today make me think he could still be a decent prem level player for us. Much more involved, showed some nice touches/bits of quality and was a threat - particularly in the first half. He’s got talent and he’s physically decent, not the quickest, but he’s strong and has good technique. Needs more games like this.
  15. I watched it for the first time in 1999, so it was almost a decade old then and already looked dated, but you soon get over that and involved in the story. It was the same when I watched the Sopranos for the first time about 4/5 years ago - First episode and Tony comes into shot wearing a suit with shoulder pads and MC Hammer-esque suit trousers, and I remember thinking WTF am I watching here, then it was ace and that was that.
  16. I agree it was a pen, I just don’t think it was a gift. His positioning could have been better, but he had to make the tackle at the end and he almost got the ball. I’ve seen worse. Hause is terrific in the air, but an accident waiting to happen on the deck - we just see it differently, that’s all. I didn’t think Konsa was particularly good today either and I felt like Engels at least held his position a bit better at times than the other two. He’ll be gutted after that and will probably be dropped anyway, but I don’t think he was that bad.
  17. I did say I was very much in the minority and I don’t think the penalty was a ‘gift’. I thought he was decent in both boxes and was generally solid defensively. The howler at the end made his overall performance look worse than it was IMO, but that’s the way it goes. I’d keep him in the middle and bring Mings back in for Hause TBH.
  18. I think we are vey much in the minority, but this is my view too. I thought he looked back to being somewhere near the Engels from the start of the season and had a pretty decent game overall. Gutted for him at the end, he looked a broken man.
  19. A little bit of both. It looks very dated and the acting is (deliberately) 80’s soap opera level to start with. Stick with it, it becomes something wonderful. It dips a little mid-way through season 2, when Lynch had basically given up on it, but then he comes back to direct the final couple of episodes, which are some of the finest TV you’ll ever see. This was the pioneer of ‘event TV’ - it literally paved the way for all the greats that came after it. ‘The Return’ is fundamentally different to the originals, but it’s an absolute masterpiece
  20. Birds Of Prey was ok, it was basically a decent Netflix movie. Margot Robbie was more than watchable and there was some decent supporting performances from Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Ella Jay Basco. Not much of a story to be honest, but it was a passable couple of hours.
  21. I’ll go back to to one day, I’m sure it’s still decent - it was just all about Pablo for me.
  22. On Parks and Recreation - I still have 1/2 of the final season to watch. I’ve kept those last few episodes back because I loved it so much, I didn’t want it to end! I might treat myself to an episode later
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