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  1. My lad got sent home early last week after ‘contact’ with a case. Was told he could return for the last two days of school, if he tested negative 24 hours before. Routinely tested him on Friday - negative. Tested him this morning - positive. Now we’ve all got to isolate. F**k off.
  2. I'm 2 episodes in and really enjoying it.
  3. Another one for Banshee here. It’s brilliant.
  4. Not caught the new episode yet, but season one was absolutely brilliant. Has a chance of being up there with the best, if they can keep the quality up.
  5. I watched ‘The Comeback Trail’ on Sky the other night. I wasn’t expecting much, but I thought with De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones, it might be passable at least. It wasn’t. It’s utter shite.
  6. wazzap24


    If you’ve got a tablet and a phone, there’s a few apps that work well. I used one with a previous rescue dog we had who didn’t like being left. I set my iPad up at home and it links to your phone while you are out. It comes on if they bark and sends you a notification or you can open the app whenever you want and it switches the camera on the iPad so I could see what he was up to. ‘Dog Monitor Pet Watch Cam’ was the one I think.
  7. wazzap24

    Soft drinks

    Grapefruit Fanta for the win. Honorary mention for glass bottled Coca-Cola as the runner-up.
  8. I was hesitant about this, but I’m hooked after the first two episodes. It’s got a real charm to it and is very well made.
  9. Not even 10% for meme stocks, high risk trades and Crypto? Boringhell.
  10. @choffer This may sound a bit daft, but my wife booked a ‘rage room’ for me at some place in Brum. They give you a metal baseball bat and 15/20 mins to smash up a load of old phones/computers/office equipment in a big empty room. I cannot tell you what a release it was. The anger kind of drained out of me there and then.
  11. I lost mine to cancer a few years back and feel your pain. You go through a range of emotions. I was very angry for a while, mainly because of how she was treated by the NHS in her last few weeks. Then came the sadness/feeling of loss, which hung around for a while. It does get easier and you’ll get through it, it just takes time. Take care of yourself.
  12. There no denying that something is going to happen with GAME, it’s just a question of when and how big.
  13. I can’t wait for all the AMC profits to pile into GameStop. That’s the big one.
  14. 92% up today!!! God bless the meme stocks!!!
  15. wazzap24


    He’s only 16 months. It stands a chance it was that, but it’s really weird. Yesterday he went mental at a dog he’s met, more than a dozen times before. I’m gutted. Firm believer in ‘no bad dogs, only bad owners’, but I can’t work out what’s happened or if we’ve done something wrong. Socialising was probably the thing we concentrated on most. I’ve got someone from Sutton coming over on Saturday to take a look. I booked him before I saw @Stevo985 post. It’s going to cost me a fortune, so I hope it works.
  16. wazzap24


    Has anyone in the Solihull/North Warwickshire area ever used a dog behaviourist and could recommend someone? I’m having some issues with my Cavapoo, who has suddenly started being massively aggressive towards other dogs. Started with a couple of larger male dogs and I put it down to a bit of fear, but it’s getting worse and he’s having a go at every dog he sees now, even one’s he’s met loads of times before. He was absolutely fine for the first 12 months and he was well socialised, having met well over 100+ dogs out and about. No other signs of aggression at all, he’s soft as anything in the house and just wants fuss all the time. Fine with other humans too, just going mental at other dogs for no apparent reason. A little french bulldog had a nip at him a couple of months ago and I can’t tell if it’s come from that, but it’s becoming a major issue.
  17. It looks like it’s a short squeeze, so i will just ride it. I took some profit last night, then got back in and am already up again. It could go sky high, so I’ll just see where it goes.
  18. AMC going mental now, 32% and climbing. I only put a few quid on it yesterday morning and I’m 50% up!
  19. GameStop up over 40% this week again. AMC flying as you say. I hope it all comes off, I’m not even bothered about the ££, I can afford to lose what I’ve got riding on Meme stocks. I just want it to be a massive FU to the professionals and institutions that called it so wrong. I’m still not 100% sure on it all myself, hence me only risking a relatively small amount of money, but if anyone thinks the likes of WSB are just a bunch of idiots that don’t know what they are doing, well they couldn’t be more wrong.
  20. I did recognise the irony of my post, but knew someone would comment on it, so I let it ride!
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