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The most frustrating thing is we looked much better, some player actually putting in good performances. One complete balls up by one of the shit ones, and the entire team is going to get a slating.

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Just now, foreveryoung said:

Were defo gonna need a keeper


And defence, and forwards, and a midfield.

If the team bus crashed on the way back to Birmingham, our club would probably benefit.

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Just now, briny_ear said:

I have no stats on this bit my strong perception is that we concede an AWFUL LOT of goals in the 1st 15 minutes of the 2nd half?

What are Remi's team talks like??!

Don't get me started, Remi is **** useless, he's as much use to this club as a chocolate tea cup. He needs to be sacked and we need someone like Gary Rowett in. There's no future under this tepid, tactically conservative sap of a football manager. 

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