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  1. Preacher's back. First two episodes are much more entertaining than the first series. Pretty much any scene with Cass or the Saint in is great.
  2. More like a Jordan Bowery, or a Bokso Balaban?
  3. jon_c

    John Terry

    Do you remember what a great player and leader Stuart Pearce was on the pitch? He's a terrible manager though, there is no correlation between the two roles.
  4. I fairness if they stopped hiding the existing of that magic money tree, and gave the public access. Inflation would go absolutely crazy, and no-one would be able to buy anything with grown money, or earned.
  5. You're both off if Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran are headlining I'd say it's either teenage kids or middle class moms.
  6. jon_c

    Persona 5

    I'm in a similar situation not going to get maxed out, because I didn't get my stats up quick enough to carry on their stories. Also seemed to have completely missed unlocking the fishing. Will probably do NG+ though. Bona-fide Mona-fied.
  7. I would've picked Delon Armitage for the wind up.
  8. I've never understood the fire regulations, they can be insanely strict in some instances and completely lacking in others. I've known an inspector make someone move a door two centimeters away from the top of a staircase. Yet if it's a listed building that circumvents any fire regulations completely. It's bonkers.
  9. jon_c

    U.S. Politics

    This should be an impeachable event.
  10. Wyness, Round and Bruce have years of experience in the game. Not sure that's a valid excuse.
  11. You know Sky are doing a report in 12 months time on the ridiculous amount we paid him per minute played.
  12. So in the last year we've bought Jedinek, Tishbola, Admomah, Landsbury, Hourihane, and Bjarnasson. Now we're being linked with two more midfielders, and I still couldn't hazard a guess how Bruce would set them up in a balanced midfield.
  13. Samba only managed to play 6 games last season.
  14. Sorry Vale's Chris Eagles? What are we Shady Acres retirement community?
  15. If he goes to a Championship club you can bet your life that club will draw Chelsea in the cup.
  16. If I had to pick two people to judge a players ability to still perform, I don't think one of them would be Harry Redknapp. That clapped out expensive QPR team he assembled being one of many cases to look at. I'm fairly sure, both teams are interested because the owners want someone who is seen as a "name" over in China.
  17. That Imam showed an extraordinary calm head and good heart, that puts many of us to shame. I only wish that I could be of such a kind and courageous nature if put in those circumstances.
  18. Slower response time has to do with location too. Near Westminster there are probably armed units waiting to go. If a terrorist attack happened near me, I'd imagine the nearest armed response team being an hour to an hour and a half away. At best.
  19. I have just genuinely never rated him. Coupled with his appalling personality. I've always felt, he's been bigged up on Sky coverage beyond his talent, because he was a great "English hero" story for them. On the second point, I just felt people were saying he's great, everyone wants him. I was just pointing out that they don't. But no I think he'll be rubbish where ever he ends up.
  20. OK I was sweeping the statement because the thought of Terry makes me, I'm not sure if it's angry of just completely despondent. I don't buy this, everyone would want him. One, I have never rated him, he was lucky to be the token local at a club if expensive multinational talent, and was long the average player in the strong Chelsea defensive step up. And secondly, if he was so "in demand" he would absolutely be in the Premier League next year.
  21. Putting aside an personal feelings anyone might have about signings like John Terry or Glen Whelan. How can anybody look at this current round of speculation and not worry that we still haven't sorted our scouting system and transfer policy. John Terry is the sort of signing I'd expect a 12 year old that's only ever watched Sky Sports to make (or Harry Redknapp).
  22. Yeah, because that transfer policy has gone incredibly well for us.
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