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Just now, TheAuthority said:

So Williams shoves GEstede in the face - no card. Cissokho mistimes a tackle gets a yellow

It was a yellow all day long for Cissokho, they had the attacking impetus and Cissokho took him out.

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Just now, OutByEaster? said:

That is some touch from Gestede - a ten yard pass for Westwood that Hutton ran thirty yards to recover.


He'll learn how to pass a ball in the Championship, apparently.

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2 minutes ago, Woodytom said:

Cissokho is Sooooooooooooooooooo bleak

Thought that said black at first glance...

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Spelling error. Irony?
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1 minute ago, TheAuthority said:

And it was a red for Williams - thats my point

It was, the ref clearly just missed the Gestede/Williams incident. It doesn't mean he shouldn't give a card for the rest of the game.

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1 minute ago, theboyangel said:

No it wasn't it was handbags - we'd be livid if one of ours were sent off for that.

Hands to the face of an opponent - usually results in a red. Can't have any arguments if it was given although it would have been a soft one.

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