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  1. Villastine

    Joe Bryan

    Fulham have made a bid for Valencia full back Martin Montoya.
  2. Villastine

    André Moreira

    He's 22!!
  3. Villastine

    Tony Xia

    I really hope the club say absolutely nothing until they either (a) have a new manager in place, or (b) announce Bruce is staying on. If the Board are competent they must be currently looking at potential managers. They can operate in the background, sound out (tap up) potential targets and get a deal done (or decide Bruce is the best candidate) without the need to do so in the glare of the media/fan base/other clubs. Should take no more than 2 weeks
  4. Villastine

    January transfer window 2018

    Oliver Burke is not even making the bench at West Brom. He'd be a great loan signing for us (with an option to buy).
  5. Villastine

    André Green

    What do you mean by this? Steven was Player of year before O'Neill arrived and got rid of him. We should have handled O'Neill better and not let him ship out Davis and Cahill and spend a fortune replacing them with Knight and Reo Coker.
  6. Villastine

    Aaron Tshibola

    Don't think he's as bad as some people are making out. We have to be fair and acknowledge that of late (4-5 years?) not many players have improved since joining our senior squad (even some of our own youth players have regressed). Unfortunately we don't have the time now to be cajoling performances out of players that are outside of Bruce's plans so a loan move fro him is the only logical option. This is probably also the reason Bruce won't be recalling McCormack. A move to the lower end of the Dutch league would suit this lad and a few more of our younger players. Its a pity we don't have deal with a Juplier Leageu side for this purpose. We would also do with upgrading our sports psychology department. As a last word, I have yet to meet a professional athlete that could be described as lazy. I don't know what folsk mean by bad attitude but most of these guys live like monks and train at a level most people can't comprehend. (just as an aside)
  7. Villastine

    Steve Bruce

    It getting harder and harder to defend him. Our from has not improved at all and we are looking at midtable at best. Its no beyond the realms of possibility that Bruce could turn things around. The return of Kodija should result in goals and a few wins could provide the platform for a run at the playoffs. However he has to be close to running out of time. While I don't normally advocate early season sackings, I do hope the club have at least begun lining up possible replacements.
  8. Villastine

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Cheers forgot it was an 18 mnth loan deal.
  9. Villastine

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    What's the story with Gollini??? Is he in Portugal with the squad?
  10. Villastine

    Jordan Veretout

    Dr. Ts' tweet woke me up at stupid o'clock just to tell me that JV had a good training session. FFS, Dr. T, I'm turning your notifications off
  11. Villastine

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    They actually gave Ireland a new 6 month deal.
  12. Villastine

    John Terry

    Nah its JT, Welcome John
  13. Villastine

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Has to be Terry
  14. Villastine

    John Terry

    Dr T has just tweeted that we signed a player