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  1. Still potential there. Should be offered a new contract
  2. His goal today could drag Derby into reaching distance.
  3. Aston Villa and Congo midfielder Aaron Tshibola, 24, is wanted by several clubs in Italy's Serie A. Tshibola has been on loan at Kilmarnock this season. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/aston-villa-midfielder-linked-surprise-15666215
  4. Fair play to him. Put in a great half season. Loan worked out well for us and him. Be nice if Chelsea loaned us Ampadu to make up for it
  5. If Burnley insist on picking Joe Hart then loaning Heaton should be easy
  6. He's playing really well for them and they play much better when he starts. For that reason alone I'd recall him! Is there a recall option in his loan deal?
  7. Delighted. Sensible appointment. Fingers crossed he'll be our Eddie Howe. welcome Dean
  8. I'd imagine the players would welcome Terry as manager, after his impact last season. Owners probably have different ideas. I expect we'll know either way by the wknd. Be very interesting to see who they appoint.
  9. I'd take Terry any day of the week. Now if you asked me before he arrived here I would never have said that. He was an exceptional leader here and his impact last season cannot be over stated. Of course I'd take Rodgers or Smith as quickly. And not realistic but Marco Rose would be the dream
  10. Well he, sort of. He played 90mins for them in midfield (according to match reports) in their 3-0 cup win over a D4 side. He has been on the bench for every game so is in contention.
  11. Bunn is easily the worst keeper I have ever seen at this club. Even for Bruce, this is a wtf moment.
  12. Made his debut in a 3-1 in the cup during the week. Looks like he played midfield. Be interesting to see if he gets a look in tomorrow. Any Dutch speaker in the house who can figure decipher their fans forum might be able to let us know how he played.
  13. ? I don't like the look of that Spainsh geezer managing Citeh. Everytime we're linked with him I think God no! Who wants a manager that advocates a footballing philosophy based on attacking by actually keeping possession and pressing. Oh and he's always coaching players. It's perverse. Either stick with Bruce or get Warnock
  14. Well if we really have cash and ambition then Brendan Rodgers is gettable. Not happy at Celtic. May as well dream
  15. The usual few over the top reactions. Same people write off different players ever week Tuanzebe, Nyland, Adomah, Kodjia etc. I thought he was the best of the starting 11 against Yeovil.
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