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  1. We're linked with David Brooks in some papers but they're quoting shout sport so may as well ignore it.
  2. Can we actually spend money if we have it for Transfers? Are we restricted by FFP or does that even apply during the pandemic?
  3. We should try to get Todd Cantwell from Norwich. Fantastic player and might actually be getable with a significant bid.
  4. Bertrand MOTM for me, but could have went with Anwar. Excellent performance
  5. We were playing brilliantly. Just need to keep the head's and we'll win this
  6. I didn't want to think of the list in front of him for that prize. (It's extensive) Have to admit, every time he played I raged. But he was merely a symptom not the diseases. I honestly think he tried so good luck to him
  7. Could try to get Gbamin on loan with an option to buy from Everton.
  8. Think Newcastle have had a relatively successfull transfer window. Wilson and Frazer should be ready to go and with Saint Maxim and Almiron, Newcastle have enough to create a pretty dangerous front line. I think they'll be safe, whether Bruce survives the season or not.
  9. We're favorites to sign Trippier on Paddy Power. Obviously means nothing just very surprised to learn that (1) there's a betting market on Trippier next club , and (2) we're the favourites!!!
  10. Not sure why people are overly concerned with the fee. He looks like a great player
  11. Would be a very decent signing especially at that money. Looks an incredible player at times, hence the United links etc. Would be a good addition for us even though he can be inconsistent.
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