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  1. Have to agree here. He's no where near that level anymore but that doesn't change the fact that he was, at one time, a very good player.
  2. If Drinkwater starts we'll lose.
  3. How did we end up trying to sign this lad!? On recent form he's no where near good enough to be signing for a Premier League club. We've obviously have no funds available, it must have been a close call between him and Adebayor.
  4. Didn't he sign a 3.5 year contract 2 years ago?
  5. Think we'll continue to be linked with Sturridge. Not sure who's driving the story, his agent, the media or his club. I'd be very surprised if we are considering him but we did sign Drinkwater so all bets are off
  6. Hattrick of saves from Reina Well done Pepe
  7. Thought that going in from Konsa, looked well hit.
  8. Free header for Hause! Surely he must be doing better with that
  9. Final ball has been woeful so far. Can't fault the effort from most of our players. Drinkwater off the pace, Hause can't pass. No surprises. Maybe Dean missed the 6.30 deadline and got stuck with the same 11 as last week. Same thing happened me on fantasy football.
  10. Starting Drinkwater again! If this back fires DS deserves all the stick he gets. I hope he's seen something in training that hasn't been evident on the pitch!
  11. And selection is clearly the job of the manager. What in the world is Smith thinking signing and then starting a player who is miles off match fitness. And then repeating the mistake
  12. Can't seem to post the article. Style of play and strengths While he was trained to be a centre-forward, his style of play thus far indicates that the Tanzanian international is better suited to the forward’s role. Ever since he arrived in Belgium the 24-year-old striker has only further enhanced his reputation as one of the attackers to look out for owing to his abilities on and off the ball. He is very comfortable on the ball, loves to drop deep in a bid to regain possession and can drive past defenders without creating a great deal of fuss with his pace, power and low balance. Off the ball, the player is always a nuisance to the opposition defenders as he is constantly looking at opportunities to break free and often drifts into small pockets of space to create opportunities for himself as well as his teammates. His ability to accelerate rapidly only further enhances the threat he brings to the pitch. Add to that his ability to create chances for his teammates (he assisted six goals during the 2016-17 season which is a rather good return for someone playing so high up in the field) and it is easy to understand why he has been making the transfer rumours column over the last few weeks. Weaknesses While he might be a great asset going forward, there are certain aspects of his game that need fine-tuning and his passing is amongst them. While we agree that he is often passing in spaces that are often very tightly guarded, it has largely been observed that he can be careless with his passing and also has a tendency of picking the wrong pass. Another aspect that he might need to work upon would be his physical frame. Samatta has been touted to move to the English shores and given the pace and physicality of the league, the striker will need to add to his physical frame so as to cope with the demands of the league. What next? The Tanzanian has been linked with a number of teams over the last few weeks with clubs from England, Italy, Germany and Spain believed to be amongst the ones that want him. However, the player has revealed that his priority at the moment is to play consistently and he is looking to stay at Genk until the end of the 2019-20 season. The player was recently quoted as saying, “All I want to do is play. I'm at an age where I have to play. Many teams in Europe have shown interest in recruiting me, but they have to wait until 2020 when my contract with KRC Genk expires.” Bottom line His industry and ability to put his body on the line for the love of the game have made him what he is today and that is evident when you come across excerpts from interviews with his former coaches, colleagues and mentors. One of his very first admirers was the Vice President of his former club Simba SC, Geofrey Nyange who believes Samatta was destined for greatness owing to his hard working attitude and discipline. Nyange was quoted as saying, “I am not surprised that he is doing very well in the top league competition of Europe because I know Samatta very well. I am the one who signed him for Simba in 2010 and also, I am the one who sold and escorted him to TP Mazembe. He is a player with good discipline, seriousness and a determined attitude.” The Tanzanian is a star in his nation irrespective of what he achieves further in his career. However, the captain of the Tanzanian national team seems to be in no mood to stop with his development as a professional footballer and continues to work harder by the day to ensure success.
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