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  1. Not good enough at the back to close a game out. Remember Mings was booked for time wasting when we were 1 up. You could see the players at the back were feeling the pressure.
  2. Watched the game on TV so probably a different perspective. I didn't think we were ever cruising. We were under the cosh before our second which was against the run of play. I'd have changed the formation at 2 up.
  3. As a Villa fan when I go into every game believing we can win then I know we've a very good manager and very good team. But this time I think with these owners, this team and youngsters and Dean himself our ceiling could be higher. I'd love it so much if he can lead us to top 6. I think he can.
  4. Ah stop. We've the beating of this lot. I'll take a 2 goal win.
  5. If the right player cannot be signed we should be looking at a loan or other alternative to bridge the gap. I think we lack a bit of experience and leadership, especially with JT having moved on. I'd see the value in bringing in Thomas Delaney. He's available, not very expensive and in addition to being a very good DM he would bring a level of experience and leadership that would have to be positive.
  6. I think a 3-5-2 could suit us and is likely to be DS go to if we are chasing a goal. It's the best way to play Ings and Watkins in a 2 while making the most of our attacking options. With Hause and Axel we have good options to for the back 3.
  7. Lets put the Brazilian Olympics band back together by signing Bruno Guimaraes
  8. £50 million is silly money for for JWP. When we had the most fouled player in the league, he would have been a huge addition. Without the guarantee of those free kicks, not so much.
  9. Take away his set piece quality and you're left with a slow but hard working sideways passer.
  10. Just had a look on their forum. Let's just say they're not exactly raging about the prospect of his sale. https://www.saintsweb.co.uk/topic/58792-interest-in-jwp/#comments
  11. I've a few colleagues that support Southampton. They don't think he's worth £50 million. Compared it to Everton signing Sigurdsson. Not good
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