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  1. He has just come back from England duty, been watching Stirling too much....
  2. Absolute dog crap. 2 nil up now I have to put up with a Complete cock on Monday gloating at work. FFS Smith you complete cock womble
  3. No doubt it is a down to playing football for City and the managerment of Pep........
  4. I decided to put the darts on, 170 finish and a 164! Much more excitement lol!!
  5. While Chris Sutton was on the pitch they never conceded either
  6. Well if I was an insomniac I would just record this match to fall sleep. My life England are so BORING
  7. Even if he was Southgate would still pick him. Another couple of games with Kane playing deep in midfield, Stirling running around like a headless chicken and falling over looking for a foul and Mount being utter crap in an England shirt.... Think I will pass. Just find watching England boring these days!
  8. Looking for Leeds fans on the forum
  9. Can also see a stonewall penalty overturned for us, Utd to get a penalty after <insert generic word removed player for Utd> falls over his feet. Red card to follow for villa player. It will be the Mike Dean show.
  10. He is just a poor man's Bailey! This time next year we will be saying Jack who!
  11. I love him already! Just wait till he is fully fit
  12. Sky scum 6 bias strikes again, if that was the other way round they would not even be reviewing it!
  13. calcifer

    Matty Cash

    Nothing to do with him, the world does not revolve around him.... I have hated England for a long time, just can't get behind the players, it does not help when you have a bloke with a cock for a nose playing dire negative football!! Also nearly every player we have had that played for England had their heads turned. I wish Cash well if he plays for Poland, think it is a good move, never getting near that England squad, he could have 10/10 performances for 3 months but cock nose would never pick him.
  14. calcifer

    Matty Cash

    Players get their head turned and told they need to be playing CL football to get a game.. Half the squad are a bunch of words removed. I really cannot be bothered with the boring dross that Southgate churns out, Stirling is a greedy word removed. I would carry on but this is about Cash, I think he should go play for Poland, would be great for his development!
  15. Expecting the ref to rip off his shirt and the end and unveil a Chelsea shirt. What a helmet.
  16. Think a number 2 keeper is a must, will be better than the number 2 between the sticks....
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