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  1. Not sure if many of you have noticed, but the stream also works on TV's built-in web browser if you have one, so then there's no need for HDMI cables etc. At least it works on my LG.
  2. Feels like one of those games where we fail to have a single shot on target. Appalling stuff, this.
  3. Alex Zhang Hungtai: Divine Weight Autechre: NTS Sessions Carola Baer: The Story of Valerie CV & JAB: Thoughts of a Dot as It Travels a Surface Dual Action: Babe Beer Bar Car Eli Keszler: Stadium Gábor Lázár: Unfold Lucy Railton: Paradise 94 Maria W Horn: Kontrapoetik Meyers: Struggle Artist Puce Mary: The Drought Rezzett: Rezzett LP Sarah Davachi: Let Night Come on Bells End the Day Shinichi Atobe: Heat Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton: Music and Poetry of The Kesh
  4. Imagine someone doing this sort of analysis on Bruce. Boxes filled with ”HOOF!” and ”Boots on/off”.
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