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  1. tonitottakai

    Youtube Hilarity

    Greetings from Finland!
  2. tonitottakai

    Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    I'm pretty sure we won't even get a shot, never mind four, on target tonight. Zero so far.
  3. tonitottakai

    Match Thread: Sheff Utd v Villa

    Just get Samba in as a player manager, can't be worse than this.
  4. tonitottakai

    Tammy Abraham

    Tammy > Tommy
  5. tonitottakai

    Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    Two shots on target against a League One side who have lost four of their first five matches this season. Our only substitution being a RB for a CB twenty minutes before full time. From a bench consisting of defensive midfielders and defenders. Just let that sink in for a bit.
  6. Can we even get the penalty on target?
  7. RB to the rescue! Elmo on for Elphick. Jog on, Steve.
  8. What gets to me, more than the fact we're going out, is the way how we're doing it. Just rolling over once again with a whimper against the Burtons and whatnots. Just awful.
  9. Burton have had 4 shots (2 on target) in the second half. We've had -- yep, you guessed it -- none.