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  1. Is Tuanzebe getting a game at United. He would be an improvement on Hause/ Konsa.
  2. Danishlad

    Dean Smith

    So your saying, First half we were poor cause of Smith, but second half we did well but that had nothing to do with Smith. That dont make sense. In my opinion, the players are generally not Premier league quality. But we were decent today.
  3. Me too. Would fit well in this system.
  4. Danishlad

    Dean Smith

    I think he is getting the best out of the players. Grealish doing well, Mings doing well. Etc. The problem is the players are not too good, but they might improve.
  5. Best player ive seen since Dwight Yorke.
  6. Hmmn, everyone getting excited because of one pass. He needs to play at a higher tempo with the ball and close down the opposition much quicker when defending. At the moment he is playing below Premier league quality football imo.
  7. Danishlad

    Dean Smith

    Spot on Bunski. 2-1 v Burnley, 1-1 Leicester, 1-1- Brighton. All away from home too. Fair play to Deano. The squad is very green. And in fairness so is Smith. So credit where it is due.
  8. Probably the same as Hourihane.
  9. Danishlad

    Dean Smith

    I thought defensively we were sound. But we are definitely lacking confidence on the ball. But the tactics were ok.
  10. Am i right in Brighton only had two shots? On target.
  11. We will go 433 when McGinn is back. Right now we can’t do it.
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