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  1. But that is down to style of play , the fact they have defensive midfielders. Not Cahill. He is a liability.
  2. Is this the Cahill that let Richarlison just run past him the other day. I hope he plays when Palace come to villa park. Samatta will score a few.
  3. 4231 with Conor , Nakamba and McGinn , who are the two?
  4. If we play a 4231 ohare would be great as one of the three. Doesn’t really fit in with Smiths systems though. Seems he prefers wingers. Shame cause I like him.
  5. He seems to play well when he gets oceans of space.
  6. Was truly awful. How can you play a match without doing anything. No tackling, no passing, no dribbling. Getting caught the wrong side of the ball time after time. Very poor today.
  7. Thought Mings looked like a pub player. and how can Guilbert play sooo badly. I’m not sure he has the mentality for premier league. Douglas luiz isn’t better than Drinkwater either. El Ghazi has been rubbish for weeks. Kienan Davis looked quality to me.
  8. Danishlad

    Keinan Davis

    Kienan is going to keep us up.
  9. Remember, villa are always good in the last minutes
  10. Does Bowen play the same position as Snodgrass?
  11. Danishlad

    Dean Smith

    I think DC got a point here.
  12. Ive seen him a couple of times on the telly. Looks like a Big talent.
  13. Im not making a judgement about his quality. But i am judging the performance yesterday. It was poor. But with decent movement.
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