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  1. It all started with Mings not getting back into position. So that Konsa could get across
  2. We have played hoof ball today. Long balls to Watkins way too much
  3. You are right. Way too slow getting back into position.
  4. United look so much better team without Maguire. Lindeloff and Tuanzebe looking solid
  5. OK which one of you was on the bcc podcast saying we would win the Europa league in 2028 and champions league in 2030. That made me laugh.
  6. Mostly because of Trez. Have a look at the highlights from yesterday. He was always in the way, coming inside to help the centre mids. and not letting his full back get space too. Doing like two defensive jobs.
  7. Everyone should watch those videos.
  8. Had his shorts pulled down today.
  9. Who thinks we were bad? Leicester were good the first ten minutes- apart from that we were better.
  10. Awesome today. Good on the ball, worked hard. looked very tired at the end.
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