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Just now, sne said:

Will we actually get anymore points this season, or even score any more goals?

Starting to doubt we will. It's just pathetic all around.

I genuinely don't think we will get any more points. This is our lot.

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Hi everyone,

Went shopping with the missus when the game started... we're doing better than expected, eh?

To give a bit of an idea..

How was shopping? Buy much? Weather's pretty rubbish today eh?

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I can honestly say my sunday morning team would run rings around that team thats out their on that pitch right now.

No passion,no professionalism and no desire to be seen from villa today...sack them all.

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1 minute ago, Danishlad said:

Gaarde waiting to get sacked.

Yes. Like the Mcleish season. He'll get invited to a "meeting" the day after the last game.

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