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  1. This thread has been opened and closed more then Katie Price's legs....
  2. Awful player, job of a striker is to put the ball in the back of the net, failed badly! One area we need to strengthen next season! Can see Samatta off to Turkey.. Dont want to see him in a Villa shirt again. Nice enough bloke but poor footballer.
  3. Tough one but sadly the buck stops with the manager, his ability (or lack of) to make a change when it is required. He waits until it is too late! Suso signed some garbage but I think a higher caliber manager would have picked a formation to utilise these players. I worry for next season, we will lose the core of the team and left with the crap that no one wants. Suso should be sacked that is for sure but I would be hesitant to let Smith manage the team, he struggle last season until Jack came back and single handedly pulled us up the table.
  4. Sadly I think we will be down before the last game, just can't see where the goals are coming from. Think if we played for 4hours we would still not score! Defence has improved since the return but we have no goal threat. I hope we somehow manage to keep Manure at bay and get a 0-0 a thrashing and we are gone.
  5. We need someone that can stick the ball in between the old onion bag!! I struggle to see where the goals will come from. Jack will be gone. But we hold the aces to be honest, if let's say Manure come in with a 15m take it or leave it for Jack we can say jog on. Look at the stupid prices championship teams wanted for their players last season. They want to keep their assets as well.
  6. Tactically he is a poor manager. He just does not know when to make a change at the right time. The formations are somewhat baffling at times. Yes he may have been dealt a bad hand but he is not 100% without blame for where we are. Smith would have has some input with Transfers. We said 17th at the start of the season but barring some miracle that looks just out of our grasp.
  7. I will raise you a few years, I am 40 and still play FM, mainly on the phone during lunchtime at work, or on the loo :-D! I did have it on my work computer but I.T deleted it!
  8. As soon as a highly rated player joins us we must coat them in this!
  9. Are we currently playing with a goalkeeper? :-) May as well stick some gloves on Bruce and stick him between the sticks, will be less goal for the opposition to hit.
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