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  1. Expecting the ref to rip off his shirt and the end and unveil a Chelsea shirt. What a helmet.
  2. Think a number 2 keeper is a must, will be better than the number 2 between the sticks....
  3. That is probably a cup of urine, also better know as Fosters.
  4. You know what I agree with you, nearly every player we have had that have gone on to play for England has had their head turned, once playing for England. I remember Vassell playing for England then went to City. Just seems to be a curse we have! There must be a pretty long list!
  5. Think I will stick pins in my eyes rather than watch Boreland. Can't stand half the team anyway. Greedy Stirling falling over his ego in the box, Kane been 'clever' when he falls over, Mount been complety gash, slabhead looking gormless, Pickford flapping like a T Rex list goes on.....
  6. Ditto, could not give a **** in watching that sleeping inducing tripe. Boring England. Pundits will stroking each others rocket Jack now he plays for a 'big club" When he falls over it will be clever.... Bore off.
  7. Pretty poor from villa, the board can forget Europe this season. Closest we will get is playing Southampton or Norwich....
  8. These days he looks like my 7 year old has tired to dress him
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