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  1. I Didn’t get to see the game yesterday. But did Bailey and Traore come on as wing backs???
  2. just wondered which tactics we played today? a few on here eating humble pie maybe
  3. I don't like the way those highlights stop every time he is going to pass or cross
  4. why do all England players want to keep passing the ball to the right side. that is where all the Hungary defenders are.
  5. I thought both had played wingbacks/ wide midfielder
  6. he has looked a championship player today. Antonio is better
  7. Leeds look poor. Bamford looks totally out of confidence.
  8. what's all this this judging Smith nonsense. He has been here for three or four years. lol
  9. wonder why Juventus don't want him.
  10. I don't think he is an upgrade on Cavani. He is past his best. Mings will have him in his pocket. But even though he is poor he will play , and get frustrated creating a bad environment. This is what I hope will happen. Cant see him sitting on the bench, and the others won't understand why he is playing.
  11. lindgard is proven, and played better than Grealish in the last 6 months of premier league. Thx for chat though bud
  12. what about Grealish Elghazi- Lingard El Ghazi. - same
  13. Mings-Zouma better Lndgard- Ramsey better Watkins Tammy better
  14. ok I think you are way over praising him. I wouldn't sell him though. I hope you are right though.
  15. wasn't an offside trap though. they were ball watching
  16. Ill replace anyone if I can find a better player, who I think in turn can improve
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