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  1. Mings has been class since that early mistake, he needs to play with that intensity every game from the start.
  2. Can I get a link to where you watched it please?
  3. Lol no I don't hate him, I just think he's over rated. Way too many mistakes in his game
  4. Konsa showing mings how it's done there, breaking a gut to cover unlike mings who just strolls around...
  5. Mings should of been straight over to close him down, he's so overrated
  6. He's a weasel, fkd over Ireland and now fkd over the Villa. I knew he would leave as he showed his character when he switched to England. I hope his career falls to shit after this...
  7. Politics in football is like going into the summer transfer thread and having to read through pages of utter dribble by a certain few people who think their opinion is more important than the actual subject matter. Personally I'm sick of it all and only watch football to enjoy football...
  8. It shows his character. I'd love to see him stay at Villa and become a club icon but it's very possible that he chooses to leave for a more established team competing at the top.
  9. I thought he was more Irish than English but found that one out the hard way when he jumped ship.
  10. He already did the dirty on Ireland so he has form which leads me to believe he will jump ship but I hope I'm wrong!
  11. No idea man, just seen that it was being shown live on there so thought I'd share the info.
  12. The game can be viewed live at carabaocup.live for £10
  13. Absolute dog shite...they look like they've never played together before. So many average nothing players in that team and the formation with 3 centre backs should mean we are hard to break down but instead we've been gifting chances so he needs to change it!
  14. The midfield was woeful and I just want Mcginn back in there Davis was a beast when he came on and Samagoal was impressive. Grealish was good but overplayed it at times.
  15. We should of scored, then gave up two crap goals. We played some nice stuff at times, samagoal looks decent. Need to get a goal back and get them rattled
  16. What's the chances of an out of contract defender joining seeing as the window is closed and we didn't replace Chester.??
  17. Drinkwater is so bad, no composure and all he's good for is running around. Get him off and put vassiliev on and play grealish in midfield
  18. Big credit to him for the second half performance, we need to see more of that and in fairness bar the City game he's got us battling lately so hopefully with a bit more quality up front and a couple of changes to the line up we can improve.
  19. Once he sorts his consistency he will be a top player, hopefully he carries his form from today into the Watford game.
  20. His kicking was quality and it feels like a very long time since I said that about a Villa goalie, good debut.
  21. He's a disaster waiting to happen. Bad decisions, lack of fitness and looks mentally weak. Shouldn't be anywhere near the starting line up
  22. We stepped up big time second half which was a relief to see, we were getting to the ball quicker and being more committed and we need that for 90 minutes every game for the rest of the season. Drinkwater and Konsa aren't good enough and shouldn't be starting games. Grealish Motm
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