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A win will be made all the more sweeter by seeing matt le tissier looking like his dogs just died on SkySports. Cant stand that scruffy bastard


I know. I **** hate seeing his smug face on Soccer Saturday every time Southampton score. He's awful for ignoring his own game and just bothering with the Southampton one.

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Bacuna Vlaar Baker Bertrand

Westwood Kea Delph

Albirghton Weimann Agbonlahor


hit them with pace


Good idea as they play a high pressing game there's a chance to get in behind them.  That is the team i would go for. Clark maybe for Baker but not much in it really!

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We are not going to see a lot of the ball, so we need to rely on hard-work and sheer pace to allow for quick breakaways. Hopefully Lambert watched the Copa Del Rey final as that is the exact same sort of line-up and approach needed for this. With that in mind, I'd go for:

Guzan ▪ Lowton Vlaar Clark Bertrand ▪ Bacuna El-Ahmadi Delph Graham ▪ Robinson Agbonlahor (4-4-2)

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I reckon Villa will tear them a new one in the first 15 minutes and go 2-0 up.


What happens after that is anyone's guess!

Honestly, I'd rather we play out a boring 0-0 draw for the first 80 minutes and then score the two goals near the end - I don't think my heart could take it if we had to defend a lead for the whole game.

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They're on the beach, and we absolutely need to win.


Heart says we can grind an ugly 1-0 and get this season over with.


Head says even if they are on the beach, Southampton have more quality at full back than we do in our entire team at the minute, and should and probably will win at a canter.

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