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Points tally from February's fixtures


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I'm a late-comer to this thread so have the benefit of hindsight for the Everton fixture. That said;


Everton away - I thought we would be good enough to fight for a draw (1 point).


West Ham home - My heart says Villa win, but my head is telling me that, Carroll or no Carroll, we are in for a frustrating afternoon. I just don't know what to expect at home any more. (1 point).


Cardiff away - Like another has said, we have an uncanny knack of helping to end opponent's bad runs... I predict a difficult afternoon again. (1 point).


Newcastle away - I'm always nervous about going up there. I predict a smug afternoon from Pards (loss).


I would have predicted 3 points.

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Newcastle I am more confident about now they have lost Cabeye huge loss to them same as when we have Benteke or Vlaar out.


West Ham will be tough if Carroll is fit though Baker IIRC did ok last season and Baker against him is better than Baker against a nimble tricky forward.


Cardiff they beat Norwich but looked flaky at the back , goalkeeper played a blinder to give them a win 


All in all 2 wins and a draw hopefully ,not dropping points to the 2 teams below us is very important though something we failed on earlier in season against Fulham and Palace.

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With Vlaar out we could lose all three. Clark and Baker are really going to have to up their games against West Ham and Cardiff, both will be looking to get three points from us....


We really could. I am concerned.


Possibly Carroll, and then Kenwyne Jones will batter them.


Time to step up chaps.

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Well i'm delighted the FA rejected Carrolls appeal so he won't be playing but... I also fear for us with Vlaar out which he surely will be. Also looks touch and go regarding Gabby so i think it may well be one scary 90 minutes... Just hope we can somehow scrape a win but i fear another loss as we are almost guaranteed to concede 2 with Vlaar out and i really can't see us scoring 3 or even 2 against that West Ham defence.


As for Cardiff i think we have a chance down there and i'm actually glad they won their last home game as it makes it a little less likely they'll get one against us if law of averages is anything to go by.


Newcastle has hard fought draw written all over it for me 


So i'm going for 4 points from next 3

West Ham Lose 1-2

Cardiff Win 3-2

Newcastle Draw 2-2

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