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  1. No problem with that TBH better than saying we are flush and then clubs rip us off for players ...
  2. Just pay the money !! Pay 28 mil for Watkins FFS thats too much can't win
  3. BBC Sport Reporter https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/correspondents/philmcnulty
  4. Phil McNulty @philmcnulty · 1m Aston Villa close to deal for Brentford striker Ollie Watkins. Fee is an initial £28m which could rise to £33m with add-ons.
  5. So they have spent £10 on Toney so they need to sell Watkins now , they have a price that's fair enough but think this one might drag on for a while we both sides sticking to their valuation.
  6. Possibly but they have got 60 mil for 2 players so far ( Ake /Ramsdale ) and looks like a decent return on Wilson and Brooks so with TV cash and rest of that league struggling with no fan income they might do ok.Alot will depend on the manager being any good , hard to know as it's his first job and many number 2's have gone on to be managers and not done that well.
  7. If he goes we get about 10 mil profit so its bad but these things happen.
  8. Alot of that was down to his positioning , he doesn't make what you would call hard tackles but he has knack of being in the right place at right time to intercept balls and get blocks in.He is also good at standing tackles where a player tries to go past him and he gets a toe in to get the ball away without giving away a foul .Can only get better
  9. Season starts 12th Sept ,Window open untill 31st Oct ..seems far too long to me ..
  10. Liverpool built their Champs League team and PL winning team from Selling Suarez and Coutinho for example I expect that the idea with Lange is identify players from lower leagues than can make step up and remove the Copenhagen stepping stone.I can also see us buying players with potential and loaning them out like Chelsea have done.Then they come back good enough for us or they are sold for profit.
  11. Sounds about right given the season starts 12th Sept .I would imagine there will be no oversea's pre -season friendlies.
  12. I read it as Suso and Smith have taken blame for issues that are down to Purslow
  13. Obvious answer is Purslow over ruled him and got Drinkwater...
  14. Trez and Engels cost about the same , one's goals got us 6 points that kept us up and is 2nd highest goal scorer the other made at least 4 individual errors ( Spurs at home ,Arsenal away ) yet one is a flop and the other is solid ? Solid is no where near the words I would use to describe Engels this season
  15. Nabby

    Dean Smith

    Him and Souness utter shit at the top level management and yet both employed to act like moany **** on Sky Sports
  16. Not this crap again ...one's retired after no club would take him the other failed at Hearts and ended up at Fleetwood. They would have been awful in the PL .Lansbury you realize is on a big contract thanks to Xia and Wyness and no one is the championship which is his level is taking him. Elphick struggled at times in the championship he wouldn't of been any good in the PL Adomah again Championship player Finally mercenaries define what makes the players we brought Mercenaries ?
  17. So Arsenal finishing a place higher is worth 5.4 mil or about 50% of Aubameyang yearly wage ... Interesting to note how much the new distribution has changed as per the moaning of the top 4 to make the league more like Spain etc where the top clubs suck so much more cash up its harder for the rest to get close.
  18. Agent Scott our fall back option , kept them up so if we go down we have a guaranteed 6 points ..mission complete
  19. Mustafi out of Arsenal last games , big miss for them in defence
  20. Konsa was at RB as I assume Smith was concerned with Elmo's lack of pace and Freddie was nursing a knee injury and they didn't want to rush him back.
  21. They can still move up a place in the league which is worth money to them which they need with no CL football and players on huge wages there.The higher then finish /better then perform the more Arteta can argue for reinforcements He is not going to play a weakened side as they are team still adapting to his ways and more game them they get the better prepared for the cup final.He may rest some but its not going to be a bunch of kids out.
  22. Wilson cost Bournmouth £2.5mil to loan https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/liverpool/liverpool-fc-harry-wilson-joins-bournemouth-on-loan-reds-bank-2m-fee-a4207101.html Plus wages , plus likely conditions to how many games he played. Whilst I don't agree with no loans at all this was the type of Loan Purslow was against , paying clubs to loan young players with no purchase agreed.As for miles better than Trez/AEG he was awful for Bournmouth when he came on against Soton inc giving a way a pen.
  23. Well Engles has cost us at least 4 goals due to bad play ..Engles worth is based on how many goals he has stopped as a CB.Trez is an attacker so goals and assists are how you are going to justify him. His last 3 goals have won us 2 games and given us 6 points ..you think his worth has gone down ....not a chance he is sold for something like £3mil
  24. Trez has 6 goals and cost 8 mil thats not a bad return Konsa ,so now he is playing well a Smith Signing but Targett also from the UK market is a Suso signing ? Engles wanted by Brentford under Smith so who takes credit for his signing ?On Targett poor delivery ...really ? I''ll except his defending can be poor but delivery wise only the 2 full backs at Liverpool have created more chances. Guilbert has been solid most of the season he has more good performance's then poor ones Luiz showed he had talent before the lockdown , he just needed more fitness. Who every was responsible
  25. Oh come on we need another 2 hour media wankfest about Liverpool winning the league with Jamie Carragher jizzing his pants over the commentary 30 years of hurt you know ....
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