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  1. What happened to that Jeff Cobb fella? He looked like he was going to come into AEW and be a star or was it only a one time deal?
  2. Is this the line in the sand for the new era of wrestling? Feels like a massive event like Nash/Hall/Hogan and Stone Cold 3:16 to me. Bray Wyatt to debut next? I look at the WWE roster and it looks very poor considering they had the most stacked roster for a long time only a couple of years ago. Now all the big stars are on Smackdown and Raw is Lashley, RK Bro and New Day. AEW looks completely re-vamped. Cody and Hangman still missing as well.
  3. Him and Evans knew about the story that morning. I believe the plan was to break it that evening but Villa went ahead and did it for them!
  4. Such a blanket statement without looking at the games in context. Watford - first home game for fans, newly promoted team, buzzing to be back. Worst time to play a promoted side. We were missing Bailey, Traore, Watkins plus our pre-season really impacted us. Even then the game goes on another 5 minutes and we draw it. Brentford - we were literally missing 5/6 first teamers. You do that to any team and you will struggle against any PL side. Regardless if they are promoted or not. Let’s take West Ham as an example. Take out Ogbonna, Rice, Fornals, Benrahma, Antonio. What are you left with? A team that would struggle against any side. Do the same to Everton? Keane, Allan, Doucure, Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin - again they would struggle.
  5. I see him like an Ian Taylor type player. Box to box who likes to arrive late in the box.
  6. Like JPB and Chuk he looks a step above to me. Oozes class.
  7. I won’t judge the window until the end of the season. We’ve seen how players improve over a season before. On the face of it our big problem was our creativity without Jack. Well we have no **** choice now do we?! Ings should, should make up the goals and assists Grealish had last season. Our midfield is essentially the same but now with an improved Ramsey and Chuk to supplement. Sanson as well. McGinn and Luiz look much fitter to me but we will see how consistent they are. Bailey is a top 6 signing and Buendia > Barkley for me. However, I feel we can finish anywhere between 7th and 14th with this squad depending on how the luck/form/injuries go for us. UTV either way
  8. Ings Buendia Bailey Tuanzebe and Sanson (sort of) is a great window but not 10/10. Issue is that no one ever has a 10/10 window.
  9. According to the Twitter post he will only play one game against Panama
  10. I don’t think he will miss any games and should be back for Chelsea.
  11. Been called up to the Jamaica squad and apparently will play for them against Panama on the 5th September.
  12. My go to Villa YouTube channel. I just enjoy the style and the way it’s presented. Refreshing and enjoyable.
  13. Tried again to send an email asking for my refund for the cancelled games and got an email back to say sorry you are leaving us - ffs
  14. Juve: Hey Spurs we want £25m Levy: Here’s £30m, keep the change
  15. It looks a bit better in the kit launch graphics but not that much better. Meh
  16. To be honest two all action players as our middle two could work
  17. I think Traore can become one with his first season under his belt. My point stands re Luiz and McGinn - consistency is key. If they can find it this season then they can be at that level. If they can’t this season then both will fall into the ‘need improving’ category for me.
  18. Way I see it is we have one of the best back 5’s and forward players outside the top 4/5 teams. Our issue is still quality in depth and the midfield. McGinn on his day can be up there and likewise Luiz - issue is consistency. We are probably a top midfielder away from being on that level. If I was to categorise them Top 6 to 8 players Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Targett Young McGinn Luiz Bailey Buendia Ings Watkins Traore Unknown Sanson Tuanzebe Need improving on Steer Guilbert Hause Hourihane Nakamba El Ghazi Trezeguet Wesley Davis Prospects Ramsey Chuk JPB
  19. It’s been a very busy and exciting window already tbh. We’ve just done our business in good time and reacted well to the Grealish transfer. We only really need a CM and a GK. CM can only come in if Hourihane goes really as we are already stacked. Not sure what other business we could’ve done. No point spending money for the sake of it. We’ve got competition in every position and a much better squad.
  20. They will be back from time to time mate. Both busy with work at the moment.
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