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  1. Costa Benteke = compairable Hazard --- Oscar --- Willian Delph --- Cole --- Cleverly = a Joke Fabregas --- Matic Westwood --- Sanchez = Sanchez eventually Azpilicueta -- Terry -- Cahill -- Ivanovic Cissoko -- Vlaar -- Okore -- Hutton = Only Okore Cortouis Guzan = Compairable I would argue Guzan is better than Courtois, Okore has the potential to be better than Cahill and is Benteke better than Costa. Overall the gulf in quality is outstanding, Hutton, Vlaa
  2. Best prospects lol, think on that note I will go to bed
  3. He does seem like a cocky little shite tbh. Doing **** all earning 30k a week.
  4. Sigh, they can have all the beer they want.
  5. Looks like everyone has enjoyed the season then. The players' arrogance and cockiness is ridiculous after yet another wank performance.
  6. https://twitter.com/HeartOfTheHolte/status/465621405460348928/photo/1 absolutely sickening. Hopefully all in the photo (bar Delph) are sold in the summer.
  7. Have to admit he had a decent performance on Saturday, but he hasn't got a future at the club.
  8. Looks like I might of been right regarding Micky Arison (Miami Heat owner) interest in a joint-takeover bid Would love an owner who is actually bothered about his investment.
  9. You say this because? Can't wait
  10. One of the investors is Micky Arison, owner of the NBA side, Miami Heat.
  11. Jordan Bowery was ahead of him in the pecking order this season, a league two striker who has a conversion rate of 1 in 9 in the lowest English league. Lambert doesn't have any man-management skills, just look at the way CNZ has been treated.
  12. He hasn't lost the fans. I back Lambo 100% & I am not the only poster who holds that view on VT either. The reality is he has only lost the impatient fans & not the one's who believe in the Lambert Project & see that as the bigger picture. Some fans have only turned recently out of frustration at having to stick with a long term project that has been derailed mainly due to the loss of our talisman Benteke. Get over the line & many of these fans can easily be won back again. Also, there is no shame in being wrong or frustrated because it is only due to the hurt &
  13. Shocking formation (again) yesterday, to stubborn regarding substitutions, clueless for thinking we aren't in a relegation battle, deluded to think we actually matched Palace and would rather bullshit excuses than actually expect any responsibility for the state of the club, Lambert out.
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