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  1. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    Absolutely... Nemanja Vidic should have been sent off in the 2010 final, but he wasn't. Sometimes, it doesn't matter what the oppo manager thinks, it's what actually happens that is all the more important. Certainly not a classic... and we are yet to play a 'good' performance this season, but it's another win. Hopefully the run continues this Saturday at Portman Road. The keeper gave me a few scares to be honest, but was thrilled for him, and our travelling fans that he saved the penalty. Good to see some positive input from Tuanzebe at CB. Highlight of the match for me, was the celebration of the Yeovil player, having the brazen temerity to perform the 'loser's jig' dance from the Fortnite game right into the crowd of Villa supporters... only then to have his effort ruled out. PMSL... after clearly trying to incite a riot, he succeeded only in mugging himself off. Trollolololololol. Actually... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! LOL. And LOL again. And for all of our wonderful travelling support, how on earth could you give them the chance to sing 'Sing when you're winning...' etc... ??
  2. Raver50032

    Pre Match Thread

    They've changed the rules this season... I understand that there is no extra time period. After 90 minutes (plus Bjarnason* time of course), if the game is a draw, it goes straight to the joyload of penalty kicks. *spelling disclaimer Personally, I am in the 'winning breeds winning' and confidence camp. None of this 'I don't care if we lose' nonsense. We may not get to Wembley in this competition, but wouldn't it be great to get one of the big boys at Villa Park under the lights and make some money?? Imagine plucky little Aston Villa against one of the Sky 6... Sky always have a circle jerk over underdogs...
  3. Raver50032

    John McGinn

    Don't really know much about him... But hoping he has the ability to become a good Jedi midfield Master... Qui Gon McGinn...
  4. Raver50032

    Jack Grealish

    I bought John McGinn in FM2016 for us... Made him captain... Lifted the FA Cup for us in 2019 That summer, I bought Jack Grealish back from Burnley for £50m.
  5. Raver50032

    Pre-Match Thread

    A first chance this season to win two on the spin... Newly promoted Wigan Athletic from pieville come to Aston. Will the Scottish Cafu continue his purple patch? Will Jack Grealish still be a Villa player? All wonderful things to ponder as the week progresses and we look forward to our first match on the new pitch. Come on Villa... CTFO...
  6. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Hull v Villa

    A great result after a tumultuous summer of malcontent. Villa can only beat what is put in front of them, and after last night's match, I think the result says more about Hull's fortunes this season than ours. Good to see the team spirit still there after the goals from our defenders. Kodjia, a slovenly performance... he needs a kick up the backside, or gtfo. Not having that kind of performance from a goal getter. Our defence bothers me as well... not sure my sphincter will take that kind of regular clenching pressure against better opposition. Shame to see Hull's support so mixed. The stay away fans in protest at the owner, the ones in the stadium not knowing whether to clap, cheer or flap the seats. Hope things improve for them. Heart-warming to see the visiting support honour the applause for Hull's young fan who lost their life during the summer. Sometimes, our support can show class.
  7. Raver50032

    Villa and FFP

    It is a restriction on trade. Technically, it should be illegal in 2018.
  8. Raver50032

    Pre-match thread

    An early opportunity for us to throw caution to the wind and look to avoid defeat. No idea what to expect from this season, so a dismal 0-0 will be most satisfactory I would think.
  9. Raver50032

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Did you get very far?
  10. Raver50032

    Steve Bruce

    Personally, I have no expectations for the coming season. Given all the hassle that's gone on, I'm not sure what to expect and will cut my 'expectations cloth' accordingly as the first couple of months pan out. As of right now, it is churlish to expect promotion either via auto or play off spot. There hasn't been enough positive change to effect that towards fruition. On balance, I don't think we get relegated. It's more likely to be a stabilisation season in my opinion than a stab at promotion. But we'll see. That's not to say Bruce gets a free pass. He needs to up his game in some ways, or as you say, he will get a tough ride from those more vocal.
  11. Raver50032

    Villa and FFP

    We all have to comply with FFP rules, which may or may not stink, depending on how much you want to comply with the rules, can operate within the rules because you have no ambition to finish higher than tenth in the Championship, have a stadium capacity of less than 15k, or whinge about how the rules are not fair. I would be interested to understand how 'legal' these rules are when they clearly seem to be a restriction on trade, which I would have thought would be illegal under European or even British business law? It's pretty pointless to us in the most minimalist of senses to even have an owner worth more than 500m pounds, if none of that money can actually be spent on moving forward. We seem to be hamstrung right now of even standing still. What is the point of having investors/owners who would technically be the 3rd richest in the whole football pyramid of England and Wales? What gives?
  12. Raver50032

    Time for a takeover

    Not really... they cease to be a boy if they are self-identifying as female I would have thought. And I really don't want to get into the whole '67 genders' versus Heinz 57 varieties thing. Life is too short... If I had a son who was an actual boy, but wanted to be a brownie... apart from all the hysterical jocularity pointed at him by mainstream society, social media warriors etc... would he actually be welcome? Says a lot to me about brownies/rainbows etc that so many girls want to be in the boy/cub scouts instead. Anyway, are we in administration yet?
  13. Raver50032

    Time for a takeover

    Horribly off topic, but that is far from sexist. Actually it is... but not in the way many think traditionally. You get girls in the scouts now (there have been girl scouts for years... but now, girls are in the boy scouts too), but demonstrate to me any boy in the brownies? Sexism - all one way. Carry on
  14. Raver50032

    Steve Bruce

    Hoping that Brucey can turn it around... That's what it's all about... Oi!
  15. Raver50032

    Tony Xia

    But do what Dem? What actually can we, as fans do to make him sell up? No amount of Twitter and Facebook jibber-jabber is going to do that, he can just block all that shit out. It's close-season, so there's not even a meaningful home game at which to get the banners and flyer sheets distributed. Nowhere or no event at which to sing the same old anti-establishment hand wringing propaganda chants. I would imagine, all he would listen to is money. But 20k of us has already spunked 500+ quid each into the coffers on season ticket renewals. All he sees are eager fans coming back for more... even if the product is going to be looking like instant gash. I'm quite emotionally dead after the play off final. I just can't be arsed. Whatever happens, happens. Precious little I can do other than ask for my money back. Edit - or just get behind the team. Whatever it looks like, and who is in it. Exception of Joey Barton. No... effing way.