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  1. Pre-match thread

    Well Luke Skywalker is an alleged Wolves fan... and I'd wager that the Starks of Winterfell are Wolves fans too...
  2. Pre-match thread

    From that perspective, I agree that our ratio of home versus away fixtures is a dubious balance just now. Sadly, while the likes of Don Goodman are allowed to be the pundit alongside a commentator, you'll always get biased remarks about Villa. We probably didn't deserve any credit against Wolves, but you can kind of feel him sticking a fork in the back of his hand whenever he has to say something positive about us.
  3. Pre-match thread

    As a season ticket holder, I can't speak for everyone of course. But I'd rather see the away games I can't get to on Sky, than the home games I am always at. It's a crooked logic, but a good way for me to see my team where otherwise I might not be able to without looking for an illicit stream.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Yes, I think he actually said it twice in a few seconds... I gasped and very nearly said the 'F' word in front of my dad...
  5. Pre-match thread

    I think he'll be reluctant to play 4-4-2 again for a while. Fulham are another one of those 'upper class' sides that are capable of fighting in and around where we want to be. This fixture isn't a gimme. I predict that Bruce will pack the midfield as his experimenting begins again. I further predict that the performance will be what we usually 'expect' from a Bruce team. I see a Forest performance coming where a moment of genius free kick delivered a result... It's most unlikely to be a Burton or Barnsley away second half performance. If we get a result, we will be huffing and puffing ourselves over the line to a draw.
  6. 'ello, 'ello, ello,' What's all this then? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-41355239
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Can anyone outline roughly what the alleged homophobic chanting towards two female Middlesbrough fans was? Seems like there has been a complaint made towards the Club by two same sex partners (of Birmingham) sitting in the away end on Tuesday night. Didn't hear anything, but they seem to be saying that the North Stand were chanting homophobic stuff for circa 30 minutes. All sounds a bit uncomfortable. Police made no arrests, and Club comment has been requested by BBC. Is this something to do with clitoris size? Lukaku?
  8. Steve Bruce

    Difficult to tell Ash to be fair. Given the pontificating narrative of the manager, nobody will be able to criticise come whatever on Saturday, because the Barnsley result 'shut people up.' Did it ****. All it has done is delayed the inevitable. What Tuesday showed was that, with different players, the mantra is the same. Must, not, lose... And we still did.
  9. Steve Bruce

    As is being pointed out Demitri, it isn't the same eleven playing in the cup. To be glad to be out of a competition is incredibly defeatist and not befitting of the stature or history of this club. I know, I know, we're small time Championship now etc etc. But come on... waving the white flag is not what we're about and should never be. I get your sentiment, I just don't agree with it. All going out has done is stopped the fringe players from having front line game time to try and impress the manager and maintain some sort of match fitness if we ever need to use them.
  10. Steve Bruce

    The problem is Jareth , we've been here before already this season. A big win at home against (what appears to have been) a dicey Norwich (shipped four again the following week) and then putting League 1 Wigan to the sword in the Cup... There then followed an unconvincing trip to Bristol, which courtesy of a deflection ended up as a score draw. Then we come to Brentford at home... nil (and with our keeper as MOTM)... Middlesbrough at home... nil... Okay, better but marginally because of the conditions and the scattergun trigger happy referee. I would offer Bruce an olive branch and declare we probably, on balance, deserved to win that game. But we didn't. Then Barnsley away on TV. Played bobbins in the first half yet bungled our way to a 2 goal lead at half time. Second half was a better showing and again I would say that on balance, we deserved to win on that second half performance. Overall, still not convinced as I'd had my fingers burned not a week or so before. So we come to Tuesday... of course I expected team changes. I didn't expect a resumption of 'nil' football. It's back to square one... the pattern is repeating. Only this time, he's antagonising the fans as though 'there's nothing to see here folks.' We've seen it for 11 months with next to no progress. I hope for all our sakes that we see Nottingham Forest put to the sword on Saturday. Personally, my entourage and myself cannot see it happening. Excluding my daughter and my friend's step daughter, there's six if you include my friend's youngest lad who is a ball boy there. Very, very disappointed right now. And there is scant evidence that things will get better from here on in. 2 transfer windows, a pre-season, and over a month of football played. 11 months. It isn't happening for him.
  11. Pre-Match Thread

    Predicting Aston Villa nil... as that's just become the September standard at home.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Myself, my daughter, my mate, his son and step-daughter... All there... all wasted money... BRUCE out.
  13. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Middlesbrough

    When the football club you support enthrals you with a third 'nil' in little over a week, it is a little worrying and frustrating. You can also then rely on the Highways Agency for rubbing your nose in the dog dirt with road closures and diversionary tactics to make you suffer even more. An early closure of the A38 at Spaghetti to M6, then M6 closed from 2 to 1 resulting in an ironically named M69 diversion to Hinckley before joining the extras of 'Convoy' hauling ass (slowly) southbound on the A5. Proper pissed off when I got home, finally. Highlights from the Upper Holte included cheering on the paper plane attempts to reach the pitch. All I can say is, the first team had better turn up against Forest this Saturday... He won't be able to hide behind 'that'll shut a few people up.' Absolutely bobbins Villa. Bobbins.
  14. Pre-match thread

    Lots of people saying they don't care about this one. Well **** me, I care. I'm taking my daughter for her first trip to Villa Park this season and I want to see a performance. I want to see a performance that proves we are developing a forward consistency of good form. Losing this because we don't care sets us up for what against Forest in a few days time? This is as crucial a week as what happened last week. Only last week was spectacular failure despite two whopping home points. No, **** this... I want to see us go for it... build on that 'shut a few people up' confidence boost at lowly Barnsley. Prove it Steve. ****ing prove it.
  15. Ratings & Reactions: Barnsley v Villa

    A match that will be remembered for Davis' first senior goal.......... And paper balls.