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  1. You can tell how bad things are, even that banking TV advert with the Villa fan all kitted up and joining a call with other Villa fans and Dion Dublin can't even rustle up more than a 'groan' when there's a near miss. Not even an actual goal to celebrate, just a near miss for us. We am poo.
  2. There was similar fawning over David Wagner when he lifted Huddersfield out of the Championship. Didn't end up too well for him there in the end, and has been incredibly sketchy at Schalke once the Bundesliga resumed.
  3. I see what you did there. I approve of this. UTV
  4. With FFP being dispensed with this year (is it?) we may not actually have to sell anybody. Of course, some of our 'big' names like Grealish, Luiz and Mings could actually go on loan to see how things pan out. I can't see many teams spunking mega bucks this summer, so loaning out may be better for us (to see if we can get back up and see if this virus goes away) and better for the club that might be interested in our players... Try before you actually buy... Grealish could be crap for United. He could end up on the bench all season, no good for him. We don't know. United won't be paying top dollar for him at all. Mings - he won't want to play in the Championship again now that he's an England international. But at the same time, as nice enough as a guy he is, I can't see mega bucks being spent on him as he's been part of a defence that has been collectively shite for over 9 months. I can see him going on loan to one of the promoted teams. Heaton - as with Mings. Whichever way you look at it, we won't be getting mega bucks for our players, and I'm sure I've seen it reported somewhere that the parachute payments for relegated teams will be reduced too. Going to be an interesting summer if you like white knuckle rides and pouring paraffin onto Aston Villa. Pretty confident that Smith will be our manager going into the new season - didn't Purslow say as much? We'd be sticking with Dean for the long term, even if we get relegated. You don't have to quote any of this with a sneer or a snipe if you don't like my post. It's just an internet forum and what I've typed may or may not actually be what I really think. Peace be with you all, fellow Villans, come what may.
  5. Indeed, our last league win at Villa Park (against Mans Chest Hair United) was 1995/96, the first game of the season. Our record against them is absolutely dire. A real stain for us we cannot shift. Game finished 3-1.
  6. Well, the club is in free fall currently. And I would be mortified if the club had not even begun the countenance the prospect of us being relegated and at least started making some plan for when the inevitable happens. But feel free to be embarrassed. Where are the points coming from?
  7. Mings will bust a nut to get out of Villa Park when we get relegated. Southgate has nailed his colours to the cross that players seeking to turn out for England must be playing in the Premier League. Mings will want to be in the squad for the postponed European Football championships, in 2021. I could see him going on loan to one of the promoted sides. Out of interest, Purslow said after promotion last year that we were 1 year ahead of the plan. I assume that by being relegated this season that we would then end up a year BEHIND the plan??
  8. I'm sure there are league regulations about playing a much weakened team as well, so your hopeful thoughts are wasted I'm afraid. It's all about United and Palace at home, and managing a draw at Goodison. We need to do enough to make sure that Hammers away means something to us. Nyland - never wear the shirt again please, a walking calamity waiting to happen.
  9. It really has gone full unfiltered Football Manager re-gen players names in the academy!
  10. Love in at Wembley Stadium... Living it up when we're going down... <aerosmith>
  11. I'm not anti-Smith, but I'm looking over my shoulder and wondering what might have been if the board had got itchy feet. Can't do anything about it now mind you... But his statement after the City game at home is making him look a little daft it is true. That one game wasn't the one that defined our season... it's Spurs at home... Bournemouth at home, Bournemouth away, Wolves away, Watford away, doubled handsomely by the Saints, Palace away... although the latter was a VAR outrage. Those are the games that will define our destiny, we came up short in every single one of them. With 11 games to go, there are not too many more opportunities to be plucky in defeat with the prospect of a game the following week to try and put it all right. We have hardly ever gone on to 'put it right' in the following match. We've just not been good enough. Taking it all on the chin... It's only football. UTV... Make it happen Villa...
  12. 11 games to go... this has to be in the bracket of remaining opportunities where we 'can' win. A point here, considering who else we have to play at home or away says that in truth, this is becoming a must win game... especially if we truly are 5 points adrift come start of play on Monday night. It's all very well being proud of the team yesterday in the Cup Final, but ultimately all we did was spare our blushes. We need even more against Leicester, simple as that. Defeat is a disaster, a draw is the absolute bare minimum as the relegation finger of suspicion wends it's way closer to pointing at us. Recent history of 'plucky' performances being an indicator that 'if we play like we did in Game A despite defeat, then we'll be winning Game B or C' suggests that is a false narrative. It's what we do next that really matters... I fear a Bournemouth capitulation... but hoping for a Burnley type showing.
  13. Realist. Back on topic... 2-0 Leicester.
  14. Regulation Leicester win after the lord mayor's show. It's what Villa do. Scorers Iheanacho and Maddison (unlucky not to net a couple in the LC Semi). Hoping for a draw, but with 11 games to go, we need to start grabbing a win or two given the ground we've lost. I wouldn't back us for survival with a game in hand... Those above us have the points in the bag, and looking like more of a stomach to fight when the chips are down. I mean, look at all those who thought the Hammers would fall away after their Anfield experience... And who would have predicted Watford... the same Watford that was besmirched on this forum for being poo going to grab three goals against Liverpool and winning to nil?? It's anybodys... All of us down here can survive, but three must go. We have no momentum and just lost a draining cup final. Just can't see it happening for us. I'll cheer the team on come what may however... I am not a total negative nancy
  15. What a load of semen... I mean, semantics. Some very seasoned and generally reasoned posters piling into TRO and seemingly (seemingly, note the word seemingly here... as I have no idea what your true intentions are) with intent to bully him off the forum. It's not like he's murdered anyone. He's not even done 32 in 30 zone. There's nothing wrong with having different opinions, but crikey, when someone has even backtracked, you still pile on. That's bullying folks. And, ignore. And where is the Mod to bring this all back on topic? All TRO has really done is used the word 'plethora' twice in a few days, for which he has my eternal respect, and accidentally rubbed a few of you up the wrong way. He's already said that he never set out to cause such offence, but the besmirching continues. Give it a rest. Never has a thread seemingly reached such millennial triggering as I have seen here.
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