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  1. Got an extra large bag of toffee popcorn in for the big show tomorrow (can't get to VP as I'm on call with work)...
  2. I love the guy. He is so positive and confident and speaks so well. Yes, he's had his problems at other clubs, and that Reading player is convinced that Tyrone stamped on him, but the way he goes about his business, he is one of my favourite Villa players right now. I haven't really felt a connection to any Villa players really since the days of McGrath, Ehiogu, Taylor, Townsend and Yorke. But with Mings and McGinn, we seem to have potential legends again. He put up with a lot of negativity around him last night, appalling behaviour from home fans. He stood up to it, and he battled through it with a fantastic performance. It might not be Brazil or Belgium he was up against, but he still had to perform. Proud of you Tyrone... you're welcome round my home for a chat, and some nice food any time. God bless you son... Love you xx
  3. Raver50032


    You know what, I'm actually old enough to remember going to watch that film at the cinema when I was at Uni... and I believe I had the same issues as you guys report with the sound in the cinema, so it could actually be how the original film was cobbled together rather than modern tech. Of course, if you have a recurring theme/problem with the modern tech you are playing the sound through then I'm chatting crap. But I do recall issues with hearing exactly what was going on in Se7en. Personally, I'm looking for a modest sound bar or pair of speakers for use with a laptop. Occasionally, I give performances of audio-visual photography work I've done for my local camera club. Any recommendations out there? EDIT - Ooops, just seen that these posts were from 2018... My bad... feel free to wave the hand of dismissal at my retort. Good day.
  4. Despite the malfeasant frustration of an International break, the Norwich result will hopefully instil a bit of confidence now and prove to be a platform upon which to build a little momentum. If so, and we can beat Brighton, we might just be able to stop repetitive bummings in the following 'hard' fixtures. To use the cliché, every game is hard and there are no real 'gimmes' in the top flight. You've still got to produce the beans whoever you play - or, as Norwich found, you'll ship 5 against a 'team like Villa.' I've seen enough to believe that we have a great chance against Brighton... Assuming no injuries or jet-laggery, I'd go with the same team that started against Norwich and see how they fly. May the Force be with Villa once again.
  5. Thanks Bickster... VFA-22 (squadron) are the 'Fighting Redcocks...' what a name!! I spent quite a bit of time at the show talking to the crew of various squadrons and purchasing squadron patches for my collection. Other notable squadrons based at Lemoore include - 'The Top Hatters,' 'The Rough Raiders,' 'The Argonauts,' 'The Black Aces,' 'The Black Knights,' and my personal favourite for Star Wars reasons... 'The Bounty Hunters.' Interesting fact (interesting-ish) - there are more F-18 Hornets based at Lemoore, California than the RAF have actual number of aeroplanes in their entire fleet. Make of that what you will.
  6. Okay... Here are some of my very recent edits following my attendance at the US Navy airshow at NAS Lemoore last month... Feel free to go all 'Top Gun' for a few moments.
  7. He's made a claim now for the LB position... He'll be able to make a song and dance about it and he can tell us how he's feeling...
  8. Very pleased for him at the weekend. His goals were relatively easy in terms of overall difficulty, but you've still got to be in the right position and still got to put them away if you get a chance. He did that, and I can't ask more of him. The penalty wasn't a disaster, though I always prefer a nice, confident run up rather than a stutter or even (is it that Charlton player?) just walking up to the ball. I think he showed that there is more to his game than just tapping the ball in too, so fair play to him. Keep going son... We want you to do well, because if you're doing well, the whole team benefits. I'll raise a J2O to you, young man. Keep it up.
  9. The match stats on BBC suggest this was played in the style of a basketball game... Up and down, turnovers and points. The big difference was, we scored the majority of our big chances. A cracking result and I'm very pleased for the team and for the supporters that went. We don't score for fun away from home all that often, particularly in this league. We haven't done it in the Prem since that Petrov moment at Derby 11 years ago. I was there for that... but sadly had to contend with Chris Sutton sitting on the fence in the BT Score studio. This win comes at a good time for us... thrilled to bits Onwards and upwards hopefully... Let's see if we can do it against Brighton and Hove. Smith and Wes in. Son of Wiz... where are you? WHERE ARE YOU?
  10. Given how the season has started, that bit in bold I would toss Vicarage Road into the hat to be honest.
  11. Established Premier League te... oh wait... Newly promoted side against play off winners Aston Villa. Yay... so there's a chance?? Hoping for a win... would settle for a point... would be disappointed (not embarrassed) by a defeat.
  12. An established Premier League side Could have... would have... should have... all over the pitch and off it. As others have alluded to, it's all becoming a bit too familiar and repetitive. Must improve, must learn, or we're going down, simple.
  13. Arsenal... another established Premier League side for us to come up against - bit of a running theme this season isn't it? Apart from us, Naaaaaaaaarch and Sheffield Blades, they're all established by now. No expectations for this game. The occasional point or three at the Emirates in the past notwithstanding, can't see anything other than a defeat here. So not losing any sleep over this one. Look further ahead to a 'winnable' home tie against Burnley.
  14. I don't agree with all of this post, but trophy given for the big green bold bit
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