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  1. Well, I made it to page 5... couldn't read any more. Honestly, a lot of you are far too toxic and antsy. It wouldn't surprise me if some of you were responsible for the online abuse that players get on social media.
  2. It's possible... but becoming quite remote now to be fair. We've got Liverpool away, Man United at home, Chelsea at home, Everton (TWICE still), Palace away, and Man City at home. It's a big ask for us I think to do much with all of those fixtures to come. Some of those historically are dead rubbers for us. But, we always have the ability to 'shit-house' a result from somewhere, like on Sunday. Whilst I think he is inconsistent and not really good enough for where we are looking to 'go' as a Club, Trezeguet was a great provider of positive outcomes on Sunday. Fair play to him. And
  3. It's up to Jack really. But as a fanbase, we have to accept that our Club won't ever achieve anything other than 'also ran' status (better than canon fodder) if we never get to keep our best players for a sustained period. Jack has been a star for us for a sustained period now, but only recently have we started to build that squad 'for the Premier League' stage of the plan.
  4. Let them hate... Watkins is there on merit... attitude, ability and sportsmanship. Bamford on the other hand, is a proven cheating crybaby on multiple occasions. Not what England need.
  5. I'm super proud Ollie and pleased for him in equal measure. Comes over really well, speaks well, not a 'billy big balls' at all. And he's handsome too. Just the kind of player we want at our club - a potential role model. And to cap it all, my estate agent is mates with him. Keep on going young man... Can't wait to cheer you on from the Holte one day.
  6. Hmmmm... been bang out of actual form (a couple of shithouse wins notwithstanding) for getting on for 2 months now, even before Jack got injured. I kind of think that we are done for this season. Nothing to play for... other than pride I guess. Really struggled with a lack of quality across the front three last night, and we failed, abjectly FAILED to capitalise on Spurs' iffy start and our possession monopoly. Once Spurs began to show their better quality (yes) across the pitch, it was just a matter of time before we conceded. Yep, I love the club, most of the players and the manager. B
  7. Could Rotherham actually be 'false reporting' to give their players the best chance to recover before assaulting their fixture pile-up? Could be a smart move... or not.
  8. Of course Manschesthair are interested. Best keeper in the league just now. Question is, can they afford him? And why would he leave a club on the up?
  9. Our next game, Will all be about Son and Kane... And it would be a shame, To capitulate yet again... They also have Bale, Who, fingers crossed I hope will fail.
  10. We've been playing 'poorly' for a good couple of months now. We're either still not fully over the Covid problems at all; we are actually a one man team after all (kind of disproven with poor performances before he was injured, and the win at Mighty Leeds) or, (conspiracy theory alert) the club have deliberately set out not to overachieve. "Rein it in lads... You've shown your potential now, but we're not quite ready to go full balls in for a European assault just yet..." I don't know... Something isn't right about all of this just now. The team will need a big blue pill each so th
  11. A decent first half where we could rightly feel a little unfortunate/aggrieved (choose your agenda to suit) not to be leading at half time. Felt like a different team came out in the second half and the tail off smacked of tiredness. In the end, on the balance of glaring chances, we might feel fortunate/aggrieved (choose your agenda to suit) to actually get a draw. Could have been 3-3 in my opinion, but I am me, and only I am I. I gave Watkins MOTM, really like the guy and his work rate. His results will come. Honourable mention for Martinez, delivering a performance most weeks now.
  12. Yes, a miss is as bad as a mile, but in a striker's sense a) he's in the right place when the chance is there (some aren't) and b) hitting the woodwork is better than doing a Geoff Thomas (England... shot went out for a throw). But yeah, you can twist statistics all you like, the BBC website are pulling all sorts of guff stats out of their arse ahead of the Wolves game including about how VIlla Park is the only stadium in the Premier League this season where the team who scores first ALWAYS goes on to win. What a load of nonsense, even if true. The statistics of millenials. Love yo
  13. It's a winnable game... but on our current form, it's anybody's game and could easily be a dud that ends up last on Match of the Day.
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