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  1. Ooooooooh, I could crush a grape. I'm actually smiling... on a rainy day... woot-woot.
  2. Seems so far away into the future this game, but not actually that far away. Will be an interesting curtain raiser - hope we don't get spanked too hard. But then, 'To Dare Is To Do...' Dare we go there and get a result? Here's hoping...
  3. Would be a Super Mare if it didn't happen
  4. Raver50032


    Yeah, I'm fooked really, but hey ho. Other priorities got in the way this season. I gave up my ST this season due to time demands of other interests I have. Found I was missing too many games as a ST holder in the regular season and couldn't be arsed with the faff of trying to re-sell tickets. Gave my spare ST to mates/family etc. Only managed one game this season, so I have the mad house carousel to join on Tuesday afternoon. My own fault... it's the result that matters more though. UTV... and peace be with you all.
  5. Raver50032


    Dressing up as Batman and climbing onto the roof in some sort of 'Fathers For Justice' dirty protest has a slight chance of working... Might help #DevonVillan... Me, I'm going for an invisibility cloak from Hogwarts.
  6. Yes - 92 against Blackburn... 93 against Swindon (a cracking game that actually), and then they won in 94 against Derby.
  7. Where's that Kenneth Williams meme??
  8. Well, hooray for us... That was hard work wasn't it? Here's my take on the evening... Would never have gone away to this, even if I could get a ticket and Tuesday night is when I have my daughter come down to mine for dinner. Nicely arranged with my ex-wife for my daughter to go home just before 8pm so I could get to the local pub and watch the game. Walked my daughter home, and walked up to my local pub (10 min walk). Ordered a Guinness... paid my £4.25 and took the pint in hand. I asked the bar man when the footy was coming on (they had BBC1 on at the time - wtf?) and he asked me if the football was on BT or Sky... It appears that this pub only has BT. Words removed... Hasty drink up of my pint... 10 minute walk to my residence... drive into town in search of a pub showing the game. £3.60 later in parking charges and four pubs later - none of which are showing the football (despite 'watch sport here' hoardings outside). How far we have fallen... Sheesh. So... radio on... not even Radio 5 is giving constant commentary... it was all about who Liverpool and Spuds might buy in the summer... FFS, let's get into the summer first before you worry about all that! Oh... then a quick update from Connah McNamara who informed me that it was 1-0 to Baggies, Dawson the scorer and some incident involving McGinn. Made it back home for half time... put Radio WM on... and it's Bomber Brown saying how amazing West Brom are doing. Laying on the bed of my spare room, no lights... radio on... cuddling my daughter's soft toy Chewbacca... commentary resumes on FM with Villa oriented pundits... Albion on DAB. Albion were in the ascendancy at the start of the second half... but Villa came back into it... Time was marching on... looking like extra time... A red card for Brunt... and after that... all the way through extra time, I hardly heard a WBA player name mentioned except for saves and deflections from Johnstone and occasionally reminding us that Brunt had been dismissed. It was all Villa... we did have a go... but it proved too much at the time for us to break them down. Penalties... what a lottery that is... So much better to be watching them/listening to them as a neutral. Anything could have happened. Steer... not one... but two saves... Magical... Jedi scoring his... the power of the beard... then Adomah missed. But Colonel Abrahams scored... rejoice... punch the air... even text my mother with the word 'sex.' What a rebel... Watched the quick Sky interviews with Steer and Abrahams on my phone and a replay of Tammy's penalty. Brushed my teeth... climbed into my own bed and told Alexa to turn my lights out. Slept well... On to the final then folks. Up the Villa.
  9. Don't fall into that trap. For us, tonight is about attitude, and continuing to set the tempo and mind-set of the tie. Let them worry about us as we do what we do best. The thing with the Champions League games last week was, Barcelona were on the beach thinking that the job was done. They never really looked like scoring again and somehow, their cavalier attitude to the game at Anfield cost them - attitude. I think Ajax, after having a peaky blinder in the first leg at Spurs may have fallen into the same crack - they didn't perform nearly as well at home in the second leg. Again, I put that down to attitude. For us... we didn't start great this time, but now we know what we're up against, and have the added bonus of being a goal up. Keep our feet on their throat, and we will prevail. It's ours to lose now. We have the aptitude, in spades. We just need the attitude to dictate the pace of the game, and ultimately the tie. It won't be easy... but we're not coming into this 3-0 down against Barcelona, Leeds or Sheffield United.
  10. Nope - not having that Gayle was harshly sent off. I thought a couple of the yellow cards Albion were given were harsh, but Gayle, yellow carded for actual time wasting, and getting a second yellow for actually sliding into the keeper despite there being no way whilst I have a hole in my arse that he would ever have gotten to first. That, despite a challenge/block/throw of Grealish that could have easily merited a yellow card all of it's own. Not having any of this nonsense that Gayle has been harshly treated. Baggies had more of the better chances in the first half, having set their stall out to play on the counter and it worked for them. Second half, we made a better fist of it and on balance, I felt we were more than worthy of turning the game round, which we did. Honourable mention to Steer for that save onto the bar. I do believe that it would have been offside had the Baggies player to Steer's left gone for the rebound tap in. I think the linesman did actually flag as though that was going to happen.
  11. Tempo... that's what I hope for. I hope we set the tempo for the match, and ultimately for the tie. We're at home, and it's a chance to set the stall out and make the most of the 41k crowd. I don't mean go gung-ho... but I expect us to be on the front foot. Let them worry about us. Not felt this nervy about Villa since the teams walked out onto the pitch at Wembley for the 1994 League Cup Final. It's going to be a bumpy ride this folks... let's please keep our positivity and faith in the team, even if they go a goal up. This won't be the time to barrack... Let's show our class on and off the pitch. UTV...
  12. Referencing back to traumas of the recent past posted by myself and Stevo... I see the Oral B advert has now the dropped the crucially excruciating 'I didn't even know Oral B made a toothpaste' moment from their advert. That mad, hyperactive clearing in the woods bint is still mouthing off about bums and hips and shite, but much less grinding of the mental gears now follows. I'm less pissed off about Oral B than I was before, and I feel I can move on with my life
  13. Nothing else to add to what has already been cycled through the post match mixer... However, I've brought a large packet of sweet popcorn to savour as I spend most of this morning looking through the Match Thread for this game! Really looking forward to some fine entertainment. Mings MOTM
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