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  1. Football Manager 2017

    I haven't done an actual Villa save yet, but I took over at Villa with us about 14th in January 2019. Of the players that were there when I took over - Amavi did well as left winger for me... Stat wise, I think I can buy better for 2020-21 season. Jordan Ayew was still there and as a complete forward, could go a long time not scoring, but then jizz himself with three goals in a game. And one time, he scored four the greedy fiddler. Elphick was pretty good as a captain and part of a trio of centrebacks I tend to play. Baker was okay. I looked to replace Chester as a first team starter though. I bought Grealish back from Burnley in the summer of 2019 for 15m. As an inside forward on the left, he is full green. His performances are inconsistent, but when he scores, he gets two. Andre Green is developing into a 'good PL player for most teams.' I play him on the right wing. Gollini still a good keeper for me. -- Players I have bought or who were already at Villa when I got there - Haris Seferovic - good strike rate, can work well with Ayew. Lewis Baker - good on right wing or attacking winger on the right. I rotate him with Green. Bruno Gama - young Portuguese from Estoril originally? Maybe Vittoria Guimarais (or however you spell it). Wow, what a player. He's on loan at me from Arsenal but really likes me. When I do a Villa save, I'm going to grab him. As prolific a scorer as I have seen so far in the game. I play him as a poacher and even works well on his own. Beast... Several times he's proved to be a super sub, grabbing two goals in the last fifteen minutes. If anyone is going to score a last kick winner, it's him. I'm hoping that Arsenal will sell him to me. Salih Ozcan - bought from Bundesliga. Good, solid centre mid. Rolando Mandragora - from Serie A, my Jedinak replacement. Very steady guy and guaranteed a start if fit. Player called Onazi (Nigerian) - another powerful centre mid. John McGinn - great box to box midfielder. Scored the winner for me in the 2019 FA Cup final. I love him. He even has a face you can love as a football fan. Yeah, I love him.
  2. I'm sure that he is a really nice guy - most people are when you get to see the real them. All I can comment on or react to is what I've seen. I can't imagine that John Terry is a nice guy though
  3. Chelsea

    I wonder if anyone had a bet on that? That's actually something pre-arranged that could have changed the stats of the game (some of those 'in game market' bets). That's actually pretty crooked. Radio 5 called it a 'nothing game.' It's not nothing if you've bet money on the number of times the ball goes out of play.
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor

    It's about time we dicked a team 85-0. Like all of the predictions being made elsewhere on this site. If we could just beat a team once, 85-0, Gabby would have a great chance of scoring twenty. Nailed on.
  5. Oh yes... that free kick. Still boils my wee to this very day. Because Mark Halsey suffered so badly with personal illness, it's kind of bad taste to try and belittle him. But for the record, I thought that when it came to officiating over Aston Villa, he was as crooked as Bo Peep's staff.
  6. General Chat

    I did wonder if it was 'the parking master' James Corden at first. Boils my pee that bloke. Then on a moment of reflection, somebody died. Apparently the arrested man 'heard voices.'
  7. Yep, as much as a clearing that Allardyce is, I'm with him on this, and support the sin bin treatment for divers in the game it actually happens in. The 4th Official can bring it to the refs attention as the game progresses if need be without stopping the game for a formal review.
  8. Nuneaton a 18th July 19:30

    I remember being at Nuneaton's old ground (Manor Park) in the 1992/93 season for the Birmingham Senior Cup game between Nuneaton (Borough as they were then) and Villa. Graham Fenton was playing for Villa. Nuneaton won 3-2 IIRC. Was strange being there in my lovely Villa shirt, but cheering on Nuneaton!! Might have to pencil this one in. Edit - no I won't... I'm at Fairford Airshow...
  9. Pre Season 2017/18

    Thanks for that - I'm getting him the Ron Saunders book for his birthday.
  10. Pre Season 2017/18

    I have a horrible feeling that my father is confusing us with Wolves. There is a two or three day tournament with Rangers, Liverpool and others (including the Dirty Coventry Vermin) around 29th and 30th July. I'll double check tonight with him when I tuck into lasagne at my folks. Dementia is prevalent in my family history - and he is 77 next month and the longest living of all his brothers. Has to watch the TV at an unfeasibly high volume and the stubborn sod won't get a hearing aid.
  11. Cats...

    I couldn't help but think of Kit from Knight Rider, or the General Lee from Dukes Of Hazzard whizzing by your new house day in, day out!
  12. Pre Season 2017/18

    My old chap is a season ticket holder at Nuneaton Town. Apparently Villa are appearing at Nuneaton on a Friday evening in July? Assume it will be some sort of academy Villa XI.
  13. The Bruce 'in' thread

    In, out, in, out? Shake it all about? Etc. It is clear that he is 'in' whether the microcosm of our fanbase on here like it or not. I'm still yet to sing his name, but having heard him speak, I am inclined to give him 'some' time next season to begin to convince me that he is the man. He doesn't have a lot of time however, RDM was afforded a period of time that ultimately seemed to be irrecoverable from - a dicey drop in form this year included. Every team has a poor run at some point. We had a couple.
  14. Graham Taylor

    Hi all, I don't normally make a habit of bumping threads, but thought that this was a good time to pass on the news that London Midland (one of your local train companies) will be naming one of their Class 350 Desiro trains after Graham Taylor in a ceremony at Watford Junction station on 2nd June 2017. No idea what time, but it is a train that will be seen most days at Birmingham New Street on various LM services. I think this is a fabulous gesture and very welcome indeed to commemorate a great servant to English football.
  15. Tony Xia

    I agree with much of that GH. Additionally, whilst I am half in bed with the notion of 'give Bruce a bit more time,' I do think it would be churlish if the Club were not looking at other potential suitors to the managerial post. We can't afford to push the button (if needed) and then scratch around for 'who is interested right now.' Easier said than done of course, but I think the Club is facing a make or break season. They can't afford to have any bases uncovered, or at least significantly thought about.