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  1. Pre-match thread

    Nope - I'm now dreading going. It's going to turn nasty. After twenty minutes of toil and frustration, the crowd (if not already) are going to get all antsy. I predict flapping seats on 70 minutes. Not my ideal Saturday afternoon at Villa Park I'm afraid.
  2. Pre-match thread

    It's a must not lose game for Steve Bruce. I can see almost instant replay of the Hull game here... Positive (ish) start, create a few early chances, one might go in, until we're gradually turned over to cling on second half and at the death. It's possible we will go one up, and the 'Brucie, give us a wave' will ring out... Then it all goes sour after the break... seats flapping and boos to follow. Sorry times for our club again... The poo that just keeps pooing.
  3. Steve Bruce

    'Bruce came in and made us hard to beat...' The thing for me now is, we're not even hard to beat any more. After Hull, I said he had nine games to save his job. I just can't see past Norwich, and its going to be a miserable afternoon for him, and us in the stands. The poison chalice of Aston Villa strikes again. I really worry who will be the next to put their neck on the block. We're either deluded, and think we're better than what we actually are, or something is still very wrong here. If all of the pre and early season enthusiasm has been drained from us as fans - with our 'ridiculously' high expectations (it was Terry that came here to WIN promotion...), then imagine what being bummed by five goals to one in four days will have done to our players... Change is needed.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Reading v Villa

    Sometimes, when you can't be nice, it's better to say nothing at all. So I won't...
  5. Pre-match thread

    Difficult for me to put Luton out of my mind for this one. David and Goliath live and exclusive on Sky Sports... with Aston Villa fielding a sensibly changed side to level the playing field somewhat. Locals relishing their early season Cup Final waving their half and half scarves etc etc. As has been said... what could possibly go wrong?
  6. Pre-match thread

    Try saying that after six beers...
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Hull

    I have faith in Bruce, but that faith was stretched somewhat Saturday and I gulped (actually gulped) when the team sheet popped up on Facebook. Gabby, I kind of understand, but hope we see more of Green. Bacuna... sheesh. Above all the others? Anyway, it was what it was and as many have already stated, we made a great start... Two chances before we 'finally' netted within the opening 10 minutes. We were away and running, positivity all around and nothing to fear. Several chances later and you just thought, this is going to click at some point... We should be okay. Half Time... Second half... jeemeny cripps... Lions against Tigers... only the lions had some sort of crisis of confidence over the half time oranges... and did nothing but cower in the corner for much of the second half. I have faith in Bruce, but if he couldn't see that Hull goal coming five minutes before they scored and failed to react to their uprising, then that knocks my faith in him somewhat. Changes came too late for me... I don't think Samba as an emergency target man is actually a Plan B given our injuries and players to come back into the side. But if it is, it's as embarrassing as when Lambert played 3 or 4 (?) strikers in the D against Bradford in the Cup Semi 2nd leg. It was obvious intent to hoof the ball to Samba for some sort of lucky run on to a runner. Did we actually pump a ball to him? It was about as effective as me trying to draw the Mona Lisa with my right hand. I really want Green to do well... shame for the lad about the miss, but I'll give him early season slack for it, and of course, he was quite fresh on. For me, the positive thing for me is that he was in the position to get the opportunity. He'll be fine. Felt a little for Bacuna, whether we rate him or not, the ironic jeering was a little out of kilter. Still, I guess you got your wish as he now seems to want to move. Well done. 6/10 overall for me. A positive start, but tailed off badly in ways that reminded me of seasons gone by. Must do better. I have some faith in Bruce... but for me, he has 9 games to save his job. It's that big a season for us.
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Did he score that unfeasibly cheeky volley goal at VP for Wigan against us one year? When they were playing in a kind of grey and yellow kit of some sort?
  9. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    There's a website for that somewhere if you're brave enough. Not SFW though...
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    And knowing 'Aston Villa luck,' you just know that first example is likely to be us because we're the biggest fish in the division. Good for EFL for us to stay down.
  11. Pre-Match Thread

    Any indication of what the 'walk on music' will be?
  12. Season Ticket Renewal

    Crikey - sounds like a phone call needed there to double check they haven't taken your money and re-sold your seat at the same time...
  13. Season Ticket Renewal

    Mine was waiting for me when I got back from work yesterday. Will be synching the fixtures with my diary in due course. I slept well last night and no more hand-wringing for me. But crikey, they have left it late this season. Nearly touching cloth 'ay it?
  14. Season Ticket Renewal

    Yes, my mistake. Objection withdrawn. Badge looks good, will make a fine addition to my collection.
  15. Season Ticket Renewal

    Tismyk - I won't quote the post because it's quite big and boisterous!! Jeeezus... all I want is my season card to get me into the ground. I don't want it or need it to have any linkage with my bank account. Who even ever voted for that? Honestly, posting the 'remainder' late (ish) bookers from Wednesday is asking for trouble that could so easily have been avoided if they weren't seeking to be so twee and nose-pokerinish with their approach. Tut-tut...