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  1. It's about perspective for me rather than 'arrogance.' I would imagine that prior to the start of the season, the team and manager would have looked at the fixtures and given some sort of indication as to where points are more likely to be picked up. Pretty sure I heard Brian Little discussing this during his tenure of management - I think he even specifically mentioned Dave Bassett, the then manager of Sheffield United. I would expect that the Club are targeting this fixture to return a positive result and have some confidence going into it. If we are 'knicker wetting' over it, what would we be doing when Manchester City and Liverpool come to town. I agree, it's wrong to dismiss Bournemouth and the other teams we will be scrapping against. I'm not suggesting walking onto the pitch before kick off dressed like 'The Mask' and singing 'Cuban Pete...' At some point, we have to be brave and let a team worry about us instead. I think our first chance is against Bournemouth... at Villa Park... riding a current wave of some positivity. If the wheels come off, so be it. It will be disappointing and the team goes back to the training ground and considers something different for Everton. Whether we like it or not, there are games where we have to believe that we stand a better chance of getting something than others. There will be disappointments, things that don't go to plan, and sometimes, things that result in an unexpected bonus (Old Trafford in December 2009 for example). If you thought I was being arrogant, it's lost in textspeak. I'm just more hopeful here rather than fearful. There are plenty more times this season to be fearful. As I've said before in this very thread, in Dean I trust, come what may, short of an 89-0 reversal. For what it's worth, one of the clubs I was hoping to finish above was Brighton... and look what they did to Watford last weekend in the Hornets nest!!
  2. That bit in bold is key... I'll be disappointed if we don't win... of course I will. But a long, long way from pitchfork territory if we lose, especially if we've put up some sort of fight. I wouldn't expect us to just roll over to defeat, that's not the Club narrative for well over 12 months now, so I'm sure we will give a good account of ourselves.
  3. And, he used a selfie stick to film some of our play off winning trophy grab... Hope he does well... disappointed that he has received racial nastiness, especially from his own club's fans. Glad he has been part of our resurgence.
  4. I have to hope that we win this match. If we are knicker wetting over this fixture going into it, the list of possible teams (and we need three of them) that we need to better in order to survive becomes more clouded and difficult.
  5. Absolutely. On deadline day, when many of us were 'begging' for another forward of some sort, there were plenty of finger waggers saying we didn't need anybody, and that Kodjia was 'the man' and that we would be okay. I jumped on board that train (had no option really given no signing!), especially after Smith himself said that the Premier League suited Kodjia better... We're virtually united in our support of Smith, so Kodjia must be the man (!). Would be bonkers to sell him now, and I would be surprised if this progressed any further until January at the earliest.
  6. Wow, I know Villalad has come in for some rightful criticism over the last twelve months, but picking on him for 'obsessing over men in suits' is not what I have come to expect from posters involved. Does it matter if he did indeed have a fetish for men in suits? For what it's worth, I agree with him. I'd prefer him to wear a suit... but it's Dean's choice and won't think anything less of him as a man or a coach if he went down the tracksuit and training top routine. Got to advertise the training wear somehow I guess.
  7. Another thread seems to have lost its way into contrite farce. What on earth is happening to everyone? It's turning into the BBC News Facebook comments section on here.
  8. There are no guarantees in football, no real nailed on 'certs' other than Man City scoring more than 4 at the London Stadium every time (joke, for the statisticians on the board). However, we need a confidence boosting reaction after Spurs... we're at home... not against a Top 6 troubling side... Anyone can kind of beat anyone, but we have a chance here. We shouldn't treat Bournemouth like mugs, and I'm sure we won't, but we have to go into this game with a belief that we can win this. If we can't generate that right sort of confidence, we might as well not have bothered getting promotion. UTV, and in Dean I will trust, win, lose or draw.
  9. Quite a torrid opening week for Fulham last season... Lost their opener at home to Palace 0-2 and then went away to Spurs for a 3-1 defeat. Hopefully we can beat Bournemouth on Saturday and start a more positive points curve earlier than Fulham did. Their first points came in Match Day 3 with a 4-2 home win against Burnley.
  10. Heaton was my MOTM. I won't comment much about the game, because whichever side of the fence I am on, I'm going to fall foul of the 'give your head a wobble' finger wagging that is so prevalent on both sides and I don't really want to fall into the trap. I can't be arsed to argue the toss with any of you. You don't have to quote me... you don't have to hash-tag me... just shake your head, disagree if you want to and move along. You won't change my mind, and I don't intend to try and change yours with an endless exchange of wasted keyboard minutes. All I feel that I need to say is, I always looked at this game as a 'free hit.' Never expected a win, and for the 'first day nerves' that I hoped Spurs would suffer (they did suffer some sort of lack of sharpness) and the 'plucky newcomer surprise package' that I hoped Villa would be, I thought a draw was the best I could hope for prior to the game. I prayed that we wouldn't get spanked too hard. I guess we could have lost 4-1 like Norwich did, or even 4-0 like Chelsea. But yay, we're only down to 15th on goal difference... I don't expect instant results - especially not against Clubs like Spurs, United or Liverpool, but I don't expect it to take months to gel the team either. I would be quite disheartened if we didn't see ANY points at all in August. The narrative from the Club this summer is that this is a 'great bunch of lads' who are all friends and everything will be fine and we can't wait to get cracking... So I'm not having any of the 'it will take time' stuff I'm seeing either. These are all players that Smith seemed to want at the Club... and looking at the transfer threads, we as supporters wanted/accepted too. It was the 'PERFECT' transfer window, no? I enjoyed it, though felt we should have pressed home with another striker... but Kodjia seems to be the egg in the basket. As it happens, I can't feel 'proud' of a set of players that lose three goals in seventeen minutes. That second half... really was disappointing whether as a hopeful supporter, a blind-faith deluded supporter or even just a humble realist supporter. Unless I'm expected to be 'proud' that they kept the score down? Could easily have been 6. You're all quite within your rights to disagree of course, but I feel it's akin to lying to oneself if that can't be seen. There was some positive counter attacking that led to our goal, and to another pretty decent chance... There was some fine goalkeeping (the rush of blood outside the area Heaton Header not withstanding). There were particular moments of defensive excellence, and I have every faith in Mings and Engels. But, it is possible to acknowledge that the team defended resolutely (and rode their luck a fair bit) without being 'proud.' It's possible to feel disappointed with something, even when it was always possible/likely that we would taste defeat. I was disappointed with what actually happened, as I am sure Smith will be. He even said that the plan for the second half wasn't followed (or words to that effect on Villa's YouTube channel post match). I'm hopeful for the season, but I'm realistic. I'm not in a panic, but I'm not going to frivolously blow smoke up the team's arse either. If our support is 'proud' of the team for that overall performance, what will they be when we finally earn a draw or a even a win against a team like Spurs? Where is the wriggle room? I'm not losing any poop over it... just an observation. There were concerning things about the match, as were there a number of positives. If Villa can wake up and learn the many lessons they were taught by Tottenham Hotspur, then I have every faith that our own Club will be fine. In Smith I trust... UTV. -- Good to hear the travelling Villa fans in decent voice.
  11. Raver50032

    Living wage

    Bang on the money (pun almost intended). This isn't about closing any pay gap, but rather arresting the notion that people are effectively held in some sort of economic slavery. Everyone in this country who seeks employment should be earning a living wage. Unless you are contracted as a volunteer, semi-volunteer (whatever that even is - maybe a person of normalised retirement age who stewards at VP partly for the love of it, and partly to make some pocket money etc) then you should earn the living wage. I'd like to think the Club would treat all of it's staff that way.

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