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  1. This is a test post to see what icon I get on my avatar following the recent changes. I have chosen to make this post here as I am also keen to stay on topic and understand if there is any more news on the new kit... We now have new (and newish) players to showcase our new uniforms and some of us are anxious to UNLOAD some wad and coin in the marketplace for us to wear the said uniform. Edit - Meh, a silver waving thing...
  2. This is probably expert 'revenge trolling' from Arsenal.
  3. Absolutely with you on that bit in bold. In my case, I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't gamble (except 50p on the boat race/grand national as a bet within the family). I'm not directly affected by either the products or their advertising so don't really have any strong opinion either way. But elsewhere across this forum others have shared their concern and I felt that they should have their concerns aired in the FCG arena... Will be interested to see what comes back from the meeting and shared here in this thread. It's a good time to be a Villa fan.
  4. It's not coming from me, I am quite relaxed about it considering the market out there. But there is some concern that we are associating ourselves with gambling companies and the various social issues that surround that type of thing... addiction for example. And in the case of the company we are now associated with, there are further concerns about the ethics of 'white label' businesses and all that goes with that type of jazz. As I said, I personally am not concerned, but a vocal minority in a different thread may wish to have their concerns raised at this meeting as it's an ideal time to raise it for future sponsor deals.
  5. Bumping this so that the sleeve sponsor can be added to the potential list of items for discussion as a concern for some of our supporters.
  6. There is a fan consultation meeting coming up tomorrow isn't there? Maybe the nay sayers can ask the Mod to raise this at the meeting if there is ongoing malcontent about it?
  7. It seems mad to me that Copenhagen looked to have effectively a full capacity yesterday, and Budapest a few days ago. For a nation with a 'world leading' vaccination program and the numbers so far treated in the UK being confirmed hour by hour on leading News platforms, then why we're still delaying the return of everything is nuts. I would fully commend UEFA by moving the final. Give our Government a kicking over the never-ending hand-wringing considering where we are as a nation.
  8. My eggs are firmly in the 'Buendia wouldn't come here if Jack was leaving camp...' So there.
  9. That opening three game run could set our stall out for the kind of season we 'want' as fans. Need to hit the ground running.
  10. Are they also having a pop at Foden for his Icelandic antics?
  11. Bringing up the careless driving on the eve of the tournament is very much agenda led. Let's not forget the 'dentists chair' 1996 faux pas by Gascoigne and co. The papers were out to sack most of the players involved in that picture. One game... one moment of magic, and everyone licked Gazza's arse again. Same with Beckham after the 1998 World Cup red. All Jack has to do is remember his more foolish moments, and focus on being better in the future. Let his football create the headlines and he will take the world with him. Except maybe hard-nut blousers. After all, getting up on the world pedestal and becoming iconic, we get into 'child idolisation' and example setting. He needs to be a good boy on and off the pitch.
  12. Well, I'm not going to turn into a gatekeeper over it. People may well be permitted to meet up in groups of six... but the last I heard about it all, we're still expected to observe the distancing. Especially in bars and shops. Absolutely no distancing there. Might as well have been inside Edgbaston cricket stadium. Good luck to him, and glad to have him on board though. (And there's lots worse things to be experienced on Tatooine... falling into the Mighty Sarlacc for one... and a distinct lack of factor 50 sun-cream).
  13. Yeah, I can't wait for things to be better right around the world for everyone. Here, it's still very much frowned upon to even consider hugging people outside your bubble. And even in my own bubble, my mother won't hug me. Not because I smell (!!), but she's just being ultra-careful, being elderly etc. There are people that have taken it very seriously indeed, and I'm not suggesting that the image posted includes people who 'don't give a toss...' but it's not a great example to be plastering everywhere. It doesn't look good.
  14. Pandemic anyone? Bubble? 1m plus? I guess they got the rule of 6 just about correct? Sorry to be a killjoy but **** me.
  15. Is this to do with their sponsorship brand of choice that didn't age well?
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