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  1. The bit in bold and underlined, absolutely agree with. The issue as you allude to is where things seem to be 'forced' onto you and shoe-horned in... poorly written or planned. As soon as Kathleen Kennedy put that t-shirt on with 'The Force Is Female' on it, she kind of poked a hornets nest of her own that didn't need to be. It's probably misquoted, but her whole dealings with TLJ in particular seem to focus on calling people 'man-babies' and 'Star Wars doesn't need white male fans...' I'm sure, deep down, it's all click bait misquotation, but with social media, poop spreads and sticks. What I'd really like to see, and we haven't seen it in 40 years of Star Wars live action movies, is an actual, bad ass threat FEMALE baddie. Phasma has been a golden opportunity, and yet totally misdirected and wasted by both Abrams and Johnson. And instead... we've had the technically white, toxic Snoke, and greedy boy Ren... and a very white, Nazi-esque shouter in the form of Hux. Because Kennedy was so desperate to have a positive, female lead and role model for little girls (one of her first interviews when Disney took over and they were plotting TFA), they created Rey... a perfect specimen, can do no wrong, multi-tasker, intellectually savvy, uber-capable engineer, pilot... mind reader... the list goes on. Nothing was really earned in TFA or TLJ. Not in anything we've seen, and that's where, as others have said, her journey is too quick, un-earned, and ultimately, unless corrected in 9, will be a fruitless legacy for females in this story. It doesn't suit Disney's agenda at this stage to have a flawed female lead. They need an easy win for her to put perceived wrongs of the past to bed. Quick and easy (path to the dark side of losing fans maybe). This isn't just a 'male Villa Fan' attitude either... If you watch Collider Jedi Council on YouTube, or other Star Wars fan channels that include female input, there's a lot of angst about Rey and how she and her journey have been handled. I'm the father of a wonderful daughter and I enjoy watching Star Wars with her - I want good role models for her that are well written, well acted... and actually show some trials and tribulations... not quick, easy wins to tick a box. On the point about Holdo, some of my writing is maybe harsh. I just found her character to be overly smug, confrontational and un-necessary. She would have been quite at home on the bridge of Snoke's ship instead of Adrian 'They're tooling with you sir' Edmondson... For me anyway, it felt like they were making a point with Poe that seemed to come from nowhere. I love Star Wars, and I want it to be inclusive, diverse and above all else, exciting. I thought Disney would be the safe pair of hands to take over after Mr Lucas decided to call it a day. It was either Disney, or Spielberg. What they seem to have lacked, is an actual cohesive, long term plan for the trilogy. I mentioned a few posts ago about Marvel, their plan has been over a decade in the making. Disney has used Star Wars to cash in on the captive audience who will turn out, come what may... Solo being a protest blip in my opinion, and partially timing. It should have come out in December 18 instead. And Chindie - some parts of the prequels are okay. They're not all bad. Some of the music especially is amongst the best in the saga. It's all subjective and opinions, and that's good.
  2. I liked Poe... But I didn't like what they did with him in TLJ by suddenly making him appear to be all contemporary toxic male who was perceived to have an issue with female authority. That was never how Poe's character was set up in TFA. It gave nonsense purple haired Ms Gender Studies Holdo a vehicle with which to make a societal point where it didn't need to be. Holdo then went on to steal the scene that should have been Ackbar's final moment of glory... instead he went out of the front window with barely any whimper or mention. Having not heard of Holdo before TLJ, I was actually convinced that she was a traitor. Her attitude was the one that stank. Absolutely horrid portrayal of a character that apparently featured in a comic on the build up to TLJ to introduce her as a really good friend and confidante of Leia. For me, she wasn't even needed in TLJ, and yet Disney went with the gender agenda. It all worked out in the end I guess. I like the potential of Finn, but he was badly handled in TLJ - kind of though he was still wavering as to what side to be on. He'd made his choice in TFA, and didn't need to have that questioned in TLJ, or at least not in that way. The weakest part of the Ep9 trailer was Finn's trousers... that blue really doesn't go with the beige jacket. Other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing what both Poe and Finn are going to do. The premise of the Leia Poppins moment was okay... it was the way it was shot that was poor. The foreshadowing of the 'Holdo Manoeuvre' as Leia flew through the hologram of Snoke's ship notwithstanding.
  3. Yeah, don't get me wrong, I've got the Clone Wars stuff on DVD... it's just way down my Star Wars pecking order when I'm looking for a fix!!
  4. I'm looking forward to 9, just not buying into the hype for a third time with the main saga... I couldn't wait for Rogue 1, and I wasn't disappointed there really. In general, I am with you for wanting more Star Wars... I can't get enough of it either! I don't believe I could ever get bored exploring the prosaic potential of the Galaxy it is set in. There are billions of stories... not all Force users. The possibilities are endless. I'm looking forward to more films, the two currently being produced TV serials (though I will probably wait for DVD as explained in my post) - most of all, well written characters rather than some of the filler we have been given. I'm less enthused by the Fallen Order game, which seems like an updated version of The Force Unleashed. And I struggle (as a 44 year old guy) to get invested in the Clone Wars/Rebels animations. May the Force be with you dAVe80 (just realised what you did with your screen name!! Cool!)
  5. As ever, the teaser trailer looks cinematically wonderful. They did this with TFA and TLJ though as well. Problem was, TFA was a nice welcome back to the franchise offering, with a pretty much millennial updated safe space version of Episode 4 and TLJ upset a lot of people for various reasons. That's what you get when in successive films, you vandalise and kill off two generally beloved gammon white male heroes. Both of whom, seem to have become 'toxic' (modern buzzword in gender politics) in their older age. Neither of them represented what we saw and felt at the end of ROTJ. In terms of eye candy and musical score, TFA and TLJ are more than decent. The general vandalism of the story structure, and the heroine's journey in the latter though are specious. Anyway, back to the new trailer. It's visually crisp and promising. It wasted too much time on a heavy breathing lead female character in a desert setting. For me, having been fooled by the first two sequel trilogy film trailers (even further distant, the Episode 1 trailer looked fab), I can't get excited by this one, other than the sharp uprising musical ejaculation into Leia's theme. What is almost certainly the ruins of the second death star seen in that shot near the end looks really nice and I have no idea what to expect from their adventure to that location - Endor system? Not necessarily the forest moon of Endor. But... unless it's a flash back, that Palpatine laughter... good grief... another slap in the face of the original trilogy fans if Palps survived that. Totally poops all over Anakin's legacy from ROTJ... another person dying in vain and no real victory for the Rebellion ensemble. They have to be careful with where they are going if indeed, Palpatine really is back in play. At least we know that Kylo Ren cannot be the main bad guy... Rey's already beaten him twice. Okay, he was a little injured in TFA, and in the second, he's left unconscious after their duel in TLJ, where Rey pops up moments later in the Falcon giggling that she's just shot down 3 (three) Tie-Fighters with one shot. Rey's Force Leap into the air to seemingly jump over the Tie-Fighter was neat cinematography. Some time has passed since TLJ, so I can buy into the fact that Rey is actually now capable of doing things. However, in both TFA and TLJ she was a Mary Sue, and unless this is properly explained in Episode 9, her iconographic legacy for little girls around the world will be a little hollow. I have no problem with female leads... just poorly written characters, and both JJ and Ruin Johnson need to take a share of the blame for the 'meh' value of Rey's character. Her journey has felt far too quick and un-earned, with no real peril or danger. I get that they want to promote women, and rightly so, but you can't just give out such an easy, un-earned victory every time at no personal cost. It diminishes the value of what you are trying to promote. It seems a little late in a trilogy of trilogies to have a title of 'The Rise Of Skywalker...' It's all open to interpretation I guess... Is 'Skywalker' the new name for the cult of light side Force users going forward? Is Luke coming back from the dead? Is Rey now ret-conned to be a Skywalker all along? Is Kylo Ren (semi-Skywalker) to be redeemed? Personally, I think Ren is too far gone, thought after killing children in the Jedi Temple, even Anakin was ultimately saved, despite it costing him his life. Stormtroopers with jet packs look promising... it isn't Kylo Ren fixing that helmet... that crashing/on fire A-wing seems to be flying around a Clone Wars era Star Destroyer (look at the red trim if you watch it back in slow-mo), I believe that the individual with whom Kylo Ren is tussling with in the forest is potentially one of the Knights Of Ren... and where the **** is R2? That new mini-unicycle droid 'D-0' is the new 'porg' and 'must have' toy... and it's good to see the Millennium Falcon with a circular Sky dish on the roof again - just in time for a new bit of merch flogging. Lando returning is nostalgic fan service, which is okay I guess but it didn't grab me like it seems to have with others... I bear Lando no malice, but... dude... where have you been?? Yeah, as much as I like Star Wars... I'm not buying into the hype just yet, or engaging in a Disney circle-jerk. We've been here before. Hopefully, 9 is more Rogue One than TLJ. It's criminal that the original cast didn't get one last scene together before the break up and vandalistic killings began. Not even a holo-call. And there I was, thinking that if Lucas sold to anyone, that Disney would be a proper, safe pair of hands. They're paying for the lack of planning and continuity, unlike the success we're seeing with Marvel and it's grandstand planning over more than a decade. It's stinks, because Star Wars deserves more than the cash cow it has been used as. -- I'd prefer to see films, instead of shelling out for another subscription just to see The Mandalorian TV show. I'll wait for that to come on DVD thanks. I'm not paying for BT, Now TV (for the F1 is quoted as best part of 200 notes for the season!!), Netflix, Amazon Music and Disney. Sorry... I just am not. At Star Wars Celebration over the weekend, they actually cut off the live stream service on YouTube for us paupers who didn't go to Chicago for it when they showed the 'sneak peek' at footage from the new series. Words Removed. Yeah, treat me like that, I'll wait for the DVD thanks.
  6. Is this just fantasy? Don't Stop Me Now, we're having such a good time. Whilst it may be true that Too Much Love Can Kill You, especially given how badly we have been run in the last decade or so, we're in with a decent shout now. It's A Kind Of Magic that Mr Smith has begun to unfurl across the Villa landscape, and we put a large myth to bed over the course of the game... able to win without Jack and Tyrone. When it looked like he would be back Under Pressure... He had One Vision... and that was still to win. I remember back in the era of Big Ron (the team that finished 2nd and won the league cup the following season) and the Brian Little 'Squaddies' era where team spirit seemed parallel with what we are seeing now... and These Are The Days Of Our Lives... So again, another win... Another One Bites The Dust... and The Show Must Go On. Lee Johnson meanwhile showing once more that he needs Somebody To Love. Aston Villa, the Love Of My Life. Bring on those Fat Bottomed Girls from Bolton.
  7. It'll be QPR if anyone... the lure of the London market. It also has the smallest ground of the three clubs mentioned... Spending new money to create a new big club with new history. Villa and Forest have already been there and done it. A but like why Chelsea fell on their feet... and then City fell on their feet... twice.
  8. Ooooh, a closet Billy Ocean fan eh? Everything's So Different under Smith isn't it? With Smith in charge, there is an air of positivity and our Emotions In Motion feel so Bitter Sweet. For sure, There'll Be Sad Songs along the way... as we venture along The Long And Winding Road towards renewed success. Suddenly, we've won 7 on the spin... It's magical at the moment... and hopefully the Holte End will be all Calypso Crazy come full time on Saturday.
  9. The two yellows resulting in a red card (rightly or wrongly) has put Tyrone in the naughty corner for a couple of hours... So at the moment, he's Tyrone Minge. But he'll be back soon with renewed vigour and fresh faced. Mings The Merciless will strike back with aplomb I am sure.
  10. Not sure this one is now a six pointer. It's going to be tough to recover from last night's heroics in the second half in time for full freshness on Saturday. My assumption is that Mings will be suspended for this one and leaves us with another selection headache back there, just when things had started to look nice and settled. Do we know how long Hause is out for, could he be back for this? As creditable as Jedinak was last night, could he last 90 minutes against a currently rampant Bristol City? All of a sudden, this feels like a game 'not to lose' rather than go balls in for a win and end up with a defeat. But what do I know? We're riding a wave at the moment and anything is possible I guess. That's the wonder... the wonder of football. Looks like it's going to be a crowded house on Saturday down at Villa Park... Don't Dream It's Over... It's Only Natural to be nervous... I am too. Let's hope there is some Saturday Sun shining on the Villa boys... and take the Weather With You.
  11. All the hallmarks of a Coldplay song... Last night, second half, was a Sky Full Of Stars... As we reach the end of our Parachutes payments, we have to hope we can get back to the Paradise of the Premier League. It seems that Dean Smith sent a Message to the team at half time to dust themselves down and generate a performance that could translate to a Hymn For The Weekend. John McGinn, a performance correlating to the Speed Of Sound. The sending off of Mings for two Yellows will undoubtedly make Saturday an even bigger challenge. The Hardest Part will be recovery from last night's heroics. In Dean I trust... and in Villa, a renewed faith I have... Up the Villa... A few posts back, the McGinn heat map showed global coverage, with one poster lamenting the possibility of him not being able to swim... Well, this is McGinn, super John McGinn... I'm sure he wouldn't be Swallowed By The Sea... Enjoy this result VillaTalk... rejoice at the magnificent 7. Feel free to strut around your offices, your shop floors... your supermarkets... Strut... I'm enjoying this run.
  12. Absolutely this... If ever there was a team that could conspire to disappoint at the least expected moment, it is Aston Villa and this fixture. We have to be wary as a Club (the team and the fans) that this is a tricky fixture, away from home against a team fighting for their Championship lives. We can't go there dancing around all BillyBigBollox (the team and the fans) as our fine form over the last 6 games can all be undone in one moment of unexpected football. We have to treat Rotherham with respect - they are at home and can damage us. We can't go there and expect a cake walk. If we do, we could end up like that portly Wolves fan that BT Sport focussed on wearing that topical bandana, the old gold shirt and even a pair of what looked like keeper's gloves. Nothing looks worse than an image of 'full kit rocket polisher' when your team is falling apart. Come on Villa... do us proud... But underestimate them at your peril...
  13. I always wait until the mad rush has finished, generally one of the last half a dozen off a plane... Always nice to thank the Stewardesses and if the door is open, thank the Pilots too... It's only polite after all.
  14. A weekend to feel proud to be a Villa fan. It all started on Friday night... at the Poorthorns. Local Derby... WBA versus Birming-HAM. Empty seats. WTAF? A local derby. Albion at home... 4th in the league... decent season... against local rivals. Tramps. Then we move on to Saturday... Other than a handful of seats, and a half full Blackburn allocation, we have 39.5k turn up... against mid-table Blackburn. Proper club. Proper atmosphere... a sense of something special just around the corner, whether this season or next. That opening 20 minutes was fantastic... orgasmic. Triangles of quick passing... dribbles... an early goal to settle the nerves. Crikey, we could have been 3 up at half time, easily. Not because the Blockburn Ravers were poor, but we were mint. Super John McGinn has been a revelation... tireless runner without the headless chicken act. Whelan - a man recently possessed by alien intelligence?? Where have these performances been hiding over the last season or so? He's been like a new signing himself in the last month. And what of Mings... Majestical Mings. My MOTM. Second half was a bit of a stagger, though I always got the impression that we could go full basketball and go end to end to keep the score in our favour. Fair play to Blackburn, they didn't cave in and gave us a very stern test in the final twenty minutes. I felt a little for Green. I am desperate to see him do well... On a pitch of heroes against Blackburn, I think he had the look of a 'toiler' the most. Hope he can improve - one of our own. Well done to Mr Smith... and the ref didn't have a stinker either. I enjoyed that... in the sunshine... So, later on Saturday... Middlesborough (having a decent season again under Tony Pugilist) against high fliers Naaaaaaarch. Curiously wearing their away kit? Anyway... empty seats. Borough showing that they themselves are a bit of a nothing club? Or is it the Pulis effect? If you can't fill your stadium on a Saturday afternoon against high flying oppo, when can you? Yeah... feels good to be a Villa fan right now.

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