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  1. Raver50032

    Pre Match Thread

    My birthday on the 14th (Friday) and I'm spending it in Chernobyl. No joke... Fly back on Saturday so will be listening to Radio 5 in the car on the way back home from Heathrow with score updates. UTV... sword them... finally, sword them.
  2. You found a pair of knockers... That home mauling by Liverpool was a tough watch... The culmination of the decline... The inevitable squelch of sliding into the plughole after several years circling it. Less than twelve months after our best Wembley showing in this century... and our worst.
  3. In the bleak mid-winter... 'Twas the night before Christmas... Stop the cavalry... Darn it... couldn't find a festive song/reference with the word 'lock' in it. Didn't have time to search Dickens.
  4. Raver50032

    Players that never lived up to the promise

    Ivo Stas Gary Penrice Guy Whittingham Habib Beye Makoun Djemba-Djemba Tonev McCormack
  5. Raver50032

    Alan Hutton

    After that mesmeric run and goal, I am awaiting the inevitable links with Manchester United. They seem to like poaching our stars.
  6. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v sha

    I could watch that Hutton run and goal many, many times and just be so absolutely thrilled for him, and the Holte End each time. So nice to see some good goals flying in at the Holte End again (nod to McGinn against Wednesday). Nervy opening that Dean Smith will no doubt look to work on before we play Forest. Once we got into our stride, we did look comfortable. MOTM - Adomah (two assists), a purple patch for him. Smith - good Ref - average. He really should have brandished the yellow card in the first minute after that on Grealish. Finally - lol... just lolololololol at Craig 'wordyMcwordyremovedface' Gardner. TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL <spinning around in my office chair at work this morning with a nice big grin on my face, and a lovely pink glow to my cheeks>
  7. Raver50032

    The Game's Gone

    As Alex once said... 'real horror show' this thread.
  8. Raver50032

    EFL TV deal and League Splits

    I really cannot see the BBC (not a commercial station) stumping up anywhere near the amount of cash that even Sky have offered the EFL in this deal. BBC barely clings on to the last vestiges of crown jewels now and is a spent force for marketable professional sport beyond Wimbledon. Even ladies football seems to be only on the red button and any exposure for ladies football is good exposure. ITV... meh... more interested in Jungle Highlights and wannabe pop stars than lowly EFL matches. I can't see them biffing off the current prime time TV slots midweek for EFL dross. Sure, they show some World Cup and Euros games every two years... But if they can't afford to compete with Sky/BT over Champions League, they won't stump up even what Sky have offered the EFL. You can forget mainstream broadcasters in this country. It just isn't marketable apart from maybe 8 clubs from 24. You (the royal you, because it wasn't just 'you' that quoted my initial tease response) can quote all the other international channels you like, including any combination of subscription channels that try to muscle in on the Sky/BT duo. Who will actually pay anywhere near what Sky have bid... and will actually tempt subscribers for EFL coverage? For example, I don't pay both Sky and BT... I pay for one or the other, and pick up the highlights off the other channel when available elsewhere. For Villa games I can't go to, if they're on Sky, I go to my folks to watch. No way, whilst I have a hole in my arse, am I paying two different subscription services for a football fix. I would imagine that unless you're moneybags rich and don't really care either way, then I am not the only one who pays once, and bugger the rest off as greedy noise makers. It's a fickle market. Football isn't my only interest, and I'd like to think that other supporters, Villa and non-Villa that they actually have other interests too to spend their time and money on. It's borderline delusional to think that there's a bigger deal out there... especially in this country. A foreign operator might pay more money, and if they did, good luck to them and the clubs benefitting from it. But I won't pay a second subscriber out of principle. There's more to life than TV.
  9. Raver50032

    EFL TV deal and League Splits

    Who would screen the breakaway league? Sky and BT specialise in the PL. If the Championship malcontents decide to form a breakaway league, who will screen it and pay bigger money than what Sky have already bid? Setanta? Quest? Be careful what you wish for. Don't get me wrong, the deal isn't great, but what realistic alternative is there?
  10. Raver50032

    January (we need a keeper) transfer window 2019

    I still read all of your posts with the voice of Alan Partridge in my head as I read. PMSL... Fantastic.
  11. Raver50032

    Villa Park name/sponsor deal

    Well, only them, Lestoh and the Coventry Vermin are the only Midlands PL/FL teams to win trophies this decade... We're in the longest run in our history now without winning a 'major.' On topic, it'll always be Villa Park to me. If it gets us out of a funding fudge hole, then I'm on board.
  12. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Derby v Villa

    Fantastic performance that bodes well for our on-going development as a team and our aspirations for the season. All that was missing was 'Petrov from the halfway line...' 9 points from 15 is a decent return where three of the five games have been away from home. Hopefully, Smith can continue this upward and positive trend in the team. If he does, our own positivity as fans will grow as well - a cycle of positivity for a change. Magic. MOTM - Qui Gon McGinn using the Force. Manager - Very Good (yay... super yay) Ref - Good. Bring on the SHA.
  13. Raver50032

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    Good initial ideal from BfHaV. But S-Platt, you are quite correct about the current status of mobile coverage around the ground. I'm with O2, and as soon as I pass the turnstile to get in, I can forget about sending or receiving anything at the ground. Part of me thinks it is the emergency services dialling down the available public bandwidth; they have the power to control the mobile network when dealing with major incidents (or at least that was what I was told in emergency exercises with them). Surely not every Villa game is a major incident! Anyway, O2 is bobbins at Villa Park on match day.
  14. Raver50032

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    What about the droid attack on the Wookiees?
  15. Raver50032

    Villa and FFP

    Bump... I don't think we can take our eye off the ball on this one as far as Villa goes. We seemed to be about to fall into a large vat of FFP related poop in the summer. Then some new benefactors step in, wave a magic wand, and Purslow sits there to unveil Smith and seems to be all 'we're carrying on as normal' with a hint at spend where needed without concerns. Are we financially in the cack, or have we been financially doped? I've asked the question in the fans consultancy meeting thread as well. Are we still at the 'shit or bust' stage in our relegation cycle?