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  1. I cannot now comment or reply using the laptop I’ve been using (work laptop during breaks) with VillaTalk. I’m typing this on my phone. For me, and far be it for my to ride rough shod over anyone’s hard work, but the site is unusable at the moment for me I’m afraid. I don’t expect you to change it just for me, so this might be my last post. My eyesight is terrible for viewing the forum on a phone.
  2. Quick summary. Martinez looks like a great buy. I was very impressed with Cash too. I thought we looked the more likely at 11 vs 11. Definite red card for Egan, regardless of Wilder, Carragher and co trying to find fault with it. It was a foul that went on for a full 3 seconds. Egan was the last man. Had he not been fouling Watkins, it would have been a clear, goal scoring opportunity, denied. I could see the Sheffield chance coming a few seconds before Targett fouled in the box. Penalty and a yellow card. Justice served. Sheffield had their chance, and Martinez saved it. Tough
  3. Maybe... I saw on BBC Sport website this morning that the Premier League Clubs are now concerned about the prospect of no fans until at least March 2021. And that they are 'wary' (lolololol) of having all of their games shown on live TV for anyone to watch as it 'dilutes' the demand and specialness of providers who have successfully bid for 'exclusive' rights. Money....... Money........ Money...... I have to be careful not to fall into an overly cynical train of thought. All I can do is smile and wave.
  4. Thank you Jack... this is very welcome news indeed. I hope that the Club can push on now and help to make all of our dreams come true. Up the Villa kid... Keep on trucking in the claret and blue.
  5. Sky will be licking their lips for justice to be done after the blunted Blades missed out on the Ghost Goal of the century in our last meeting at Villa Park.
  6. I am sensing another very hard season. Not a hard season, a very hard season. The noises from the Club have all been about kicking on and making sure that we never face up to a relegation battle again (or similar). Pretty sure the summer of 2015, Tim Sherwood said the same sort of thing. 12 months later, we were in a lower division and getting battered at Sheffield Wednesday. I'll support you Villa... but I ain't hopeful right now.
  7. Welcome aboard the good ship Villa...
  8. A flip-flop thread given our potential business or otherwise in the transfer market. Currently, I can't see higher than 15th-17th.
  9. I can see it now... Nobody going to give the kind of money we want/hope/expect for him and it's all going to happen right at the end of the window leaving us in no position get a well thought out replacement in. I can only hope that the Club is actively tracking replacements. Be on the front-foot, show intent... and you may not actually have to sell your main asset.
  10. Been some salty opinions in the past few days indeed.
  11. I didn't really feel the nerves building until I suddenly began to feel nauseous about ten minutes past three and watching the BT Sport coverage. I felt proper ill from then on, real queasy. The match was unbearable, I hadn't actually felt like that watching a Villa match since the 1994 League Cup Final. So at the Hammers, a wonderful miss from Antonio, a wonderful goal from Jack, an Italia 1990 Paul Parkeresque deflection for their leveller and unbridled joy for the green, black and red of Aston Villa at full time... or whenever the Watford result was confirmed. Utter relief. Absolute, m
  12. I found myself questioning where the sufficient points were going to come from. I always thought we might have a chance with Palace, but I couldn't bring myself to dream that we would break the Arsenal hoo-doo at Villa Park this time. I was kind of expecting another Man United situation. The match itself, was about as good as I can recall seeing us play all season. As someone else posted, the balance between attacking endeavour and defence clicked. There were spells where we were starting drag ourselves too deep and Arsenal looked like they were going to take control - biggest example for me w
  13. Yep, it's pretty pointless if you're doing long haul for 8 hours at 40,000 feet. You can do that in the Sim of course, but there are plenty of smaller aircraft to enable you to stay nice and low to explore all the ground level eye candy. The pyramids looks really nice at Giza - just a short hop out of Cairo airport of course. You can fly nice and low over Villa Park too I guess, but keep the trailing banners out of it!! There's so much more to it than mile high stuff.
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