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  1. Football Manager 2017

    And Brexit - what is the point of sending your scouts abroad when 'work permit is unlikely?'
  2. Football Manager 2017

    Jeeeeeeeeeezus - that took some reading, and kudos to you for taking the time to share all that and type it all out! I'd buy you a beer or a J2O for that without flinching. My first game was Luton Town... got them promoted and won Checkertrade Trophy in first season (okay, my very first dib, I was sacked in October so started again). I had them on course for promotion from League 1 (which they did, but got relegated immediately back from Championship) in second season and in FA Cup 4th round when I got the Leeds job. Steered them to promotion through play offs. Joined Villa January 2019. At the start of my Luton game, I got Villa as my affiliate - so I am still sending two players a season there, amongst others. You put a lot of detail in the tweaks required in your system. My formation is largely this - GK - doing his GK stuff. Never played a sweeper keeper. DC - DC- DC (yep, three at the back) DM (currently I have a player who is full green as Regista and support) CM - box to box CM - ball winning MF support AMR (winger support) AML (winger support, but rotate with Grealish as inside forward - 15m buy back from Burnley in July 2019) AMC - support (I have two regens rotating in there with 4 stars... wonderkids) Complete Forward - Attack... rotated with a Poacher (regen wonderkid) - Attack. Depending on the strength of my oppo, I will leave the AMC out and put a third box to box CM in. And sometimes, if I expect a big win, I'll take out the DM and put the third CM in, along with my preferred front four. I have started chasing the game with ATTACK if I go a goal behind or haven't scored when I really really need to win. I have my team playing possession football. I have historically found Tottenham, Man Utd and Arsenal to be quite 'overpowered.' But I'm getting there.
  3. Pre-match Thread

    Sadly I am at work this weekend, so won't be joining the massed ranks of fancy dress manifestations up there. So good luck and safe travels to you all that are attending. In my mind, I am 'on the beach' with this fixture and really don't care. So not fussed in the slightest if we get beat, unless it's like 4-0 and beyond. I don't want a smacked arse like that!! Come on Huddersfield... and come on Bristol City... make it so...
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    Redknappy (sic) seemed to spend most of his post match comments being obsessed like their fans about us. Spoke at length about Steve Bruce still having a big job to do if that's the best we can play, talking about Gabby, talking about how we created nothing (apart from the winning goal) etc. He's fitting right in at Small Heath.
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v SHA

    What the Police actually did was, keep Villa fans back (despite being the home team) and stopped me from getting the train, the bus and walking back to my friend's car. I was held at the Witton roundabout for ages until they opened up Witton Lane. I did try and walk away from the ground 'the long way round,' but not being a local, I didn't really know where I was going. I asked a Police Officer at Tesco and she just said 'I think it's further along the road, and off to the right...' 'You think?' I replied in total disgust. Police should be briefed on all the exit routes... You can't tell a day tripper that 'you think' it's this or that way. I told her that all the police were doing was pushing any likely trouble further away from the ground. As somebody who knows one or two routes back to the car (not the way we were being pushed by the Police), to be directed so far away made me feel more at risk of something kicking off. Totally uncalled for and as John right said, could have been solved by keeping them in the ground for twenty minutes extra homage to our colourful seats. I'll be writing to the MP. If that's how they want to treat me as a HOME fan next season (if they stay up), I shall stay away and claim the refund from the Police Chief.
  6. Football Manager 2017

    Hi there - what a comprehensive and diligent post... I haven't quoted it all back to save valuable forum bytes. Some invaluable guidance in there, which upon reading through it twice is actually pretty simple if you know what you are doing. I of course, do not really know what I am doing, but I have a bit of guidance now to follow from you to improve my set up. In my next save, I can do things leaner and smarter from the off - kind of like if Villa did appoint an experienced manager instead of a fan from the Holte! Thanks for taking the time to post all that. I am grateful... May all your saves, be top notch ones.
  7. Football Manager 2017

    It's interesting that you say this - it kind of feels to me that 'everyone else' (computer controlled teams) has wonderkids, but never seem to get any when I start a new save or even come through during the course of a game. Apart from sending about 13 out on loan to get more action, I do not understand how to get your average youth/U23s to improve. I tend to let me assistant set the training and intervene once a fortnight with an occasional tweak.
  8. Ugo Ehiogu

    Rest In Peace (overlooking Villa Park) - you 'big Jurassic...' as Dwight Yorke once called him on a Villa video. Was gutted when he took the 'more ambitious club' route up to Mmmmmmmmiddlesbrough with the others. But happy days of watching him playing for us and earn that League Cup medal. My earliest memory of him, was watching him play for Albion in a Birmingham Senior Cup final at The Hawthorns against the mighty Nuneaton Borough (now Nuneaton Town after Football Association malfeasance enforced a name change). Thumbs up to you Ugo. You will be missed here.
  9. Football Manager 2017

    Grrrrrrr... fiddlesticks SBS
  10. Football Manager 2017

    I am struggling to get any real consistency out of strikers. They'll have one stellar game where they score, 1, 2 or 3 goals, then be rubbish for the next two or three games. So I put a different striker in, rinse and repeat. So I never seem to get a striker with more than 15 goals in a season (Luton, Leeds, Villa). Some interesting players - German player - Salih Ozcan (27m buy from Bundesliga). Nigerian - surname Onazi... box to box support. John McGinn - plays really well in CM as box to box... Scored a winner for me in FA Cup Final 2019. Rolando Mandragora - plays nicely as a Regista DM in support. Got a regen (I think) striker on loan from Arsenal - 18 year old Bruno Gama as a poacher. He scores quite regular. Already Portuguese senior team. Got a regen (I think) AM on loan from Man Utd - 18 year old Rodrigues... Portuguese U21. Purchased an 18 year old Portuguese U21 AM from Estoril - named Lopes Sousa. May be a regen. Good rotation with him above from United. Oliver Burke - AMR or MR as support - gives a good account of himself, and I rotate with Andre Green at Villa. Timo Letschert is a capable CB who delivers more often than not for me... good with goalscoring free kicks too. Haris Sefarovic is a reasonable striker who doesn't break the bank. But like I said at the top, I struggle to get consistent performances out of strikers, wherever I am.
  11. Pre Match Thread

    If things carry on like this, the old 'Aston Villa, Why Bother' club badge will be out on show.
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    Well for me, the two Easter results have been coming for a while - and the Kodjia red card seems to have been the boiling point moment where everything (including that 'remarkable' winning run') caught up with us. Still yet to see a convincing performance. Bruce has started with the excuses now - like playing twice in 48 hours. We are big enough to deal with that. Everyone is. It was actually the Club's decision to play Saturday was it not? So why is Bruce moaning about it? Plenty of time to prepare for those two games and manage HIS squad accordingly. I voted Grealish, just for the goal, and even then, only because it sounded good on WM! Not quite in the 'Bruce Out' camp, but having still yet to sing his name (such is my worry that he isn't convincing) this season, I am beginning to wonder if this is a Club too far for him. He said before yesterday's game that he is still assessing the squad. I take it from that, it is possible that some of our existing 'new buys' could be bombed out and replaced. I'm on the fence whether he deserves a full pre-season and a stab at hitting the ground running next term. I'm in that place in my mind where I don't know what to do or hope for. I want him to succeed, but I'm finding it hard to believe right now that it is going to happen with him. May the Force be with us... always.
  13. Nathan Baker

    Yeah, I'm in... Baker for England
  14. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v QPR

    That last 45 minutes felt like three days. My poor ring is very tired from all the clenching. Super goal from super Kodg, and nice assist from Leandro the Champions League-meister. He's probably just about forgiven now isn't he? Nice sunset over the North stand last night as the game opened. 27k in the ground for a cheesy late season midweek affair. I thought the subs started being made (by us) a little late in the game considering the pressure we were courting. Johnstone showing that he has a fetish for fisting still The three points are crucial - and I was thrilled with the win. I can't help feeling that, for all the toothless endeavour from the 'super hoops,' that we kind of got away with one last night. The form is great... the defence appears solid. I just wonder how it would have turned out against Newcastle last night. Still work to be done, but I'm wallowing in pride at our string of recent results. Long may those results continue. We need better music to come out to at the start of the game.
  15. Ron Saunders

    Great article reminding me of fond times of early childhood, learning about the 'great Aston Villa' from my older brother in the late 70s. My brother took a great amount of time telling me who all the players were on the team poster, and who the manager was. I didn't always get the players' names right, but I always knew who Ron Saunders was. I kind of got the impression that you would have been in for a 'spanking' from him if you were naughty... Sir Ron of Saunders... really should have a stand named after him. Maybe a revitalised North Stand.