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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Hefele... I wasted a lot of time watching the play off games with Huddersfield trying to pronounce his name correctly. All I could think of was 'Heffalump' over and over. The games totally passed me by.
  2. Tony Xia

    Matt Scott is a bully. A bully to a Chinese man. He's a racist.
  3. Football Manager 2017

    Thanks Bobzy... sounds good. Does that apply to any national team too? I quite fancy having a pop with somewhere like Jamaica or Ivory Coast.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Brucie In, Brucie Out... in, out, in, out, shake it all about...
  5. Football Manager 2017

    Farlz - how does the England position work out? Are you the England manager and Lincoln at the same time like in some iterations of FM in the past? Or do you have to be full time England manager? For a game, I would find that quite tiresome.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Imagine how rich Villa Talk would be if they stumped up £20 each...
  7. John Terry

    I'm struggling to think of anything that he could possibly do that would make me want to sing his name. And it all might blow up in my face... I'd have to accept it if he became captain and led the championship winning side/trophy around the ground, or if he lifted the play off final trophy. I'd be overjoyed as a fan and supporter of the team. Martyr, hippocrite... whatever, I won't sing his name. And if you see me singing for him, fifty pounds to Villa Talk and I'll happily take a beasting on here
  8. John Terry

    Terry (TRO and Vive_La_Villa that liked your post) - it's one thing to 'think' something, it's different to actually do. When somebody fails to indicate at a junction and wastes my time when I could have moved off, or cuts into my lane at a roundabout making me take avoiding action, I often 'think' (to quote John Gregory) 'if I had a gun...' But then I have never shot a gun at a person before. Now, if I chased those drivers, forced them to stop (or even do a Vettel and ram them) and then took a fist to them, that would be a lot different. It would be a lot different still if I fired a gun at them and killed them. Very different indeed. It's one thing to think something, completely different to do. If he signs, I'll back the club and cheer them on. I just won't be patting him on the back or singing his name. It's my choice.
  9. John Terry

    Terry, that's not quite true. If you get pulled over for doing 35 in a 30, you get points on your license, not a criminal record. Yes, there are more 'socially acceptable' crimes. Speeding becomes a 'socially intolerable' crime the higher the speed over the limit you go, and if you end up colliding with another vehicle and injuring/killing people. You must know this?
  10. John Terry

    Well, I do 80 down the motorway Terry. Had a speeding ticket before (for 85 on the M1) and paid the fine. And I've had a parking ticket and paid the fine. But then I'm just Joe Public, not a footballer. I don't expect anyone to sing my name. Never use my mobile in the car, absolutely never. I'm no angel and it's apples and pears you are comparing. I'll take all the 'rounding' on me from anyone in this forum about this matter - it's my choice to sing or not to sing. I'll get behind the club, but I cannot sing for Mr Terry.
  11. John Terry

    I can assure you, I won't. I'll join in a Villa song, but nothing to do with that man.
  12. John Terry

    Because I don't like what he considers to be a fine moral compass. I'm no angel myself, and I wouldn't expect people to sing my name on account of things I've done in my life either. It's my choice who I sing and don't sing for. I'm still just about in the 'Bruce In' camp, but I'm yet to sing his name either. At 36, for 60k PER WEEK, I don't see Mr Terry as good value. I certainly can't get behind a player with such a tawdry moral record sufficient to sing his name. I'll go one further for you that if we had ever signed Joey Barton, I would actually return my ST. Ched Evans - if we signed him, I'd probably not sing his name, but I could get behind him. He served what the CPS determined was enough of his sentence, was released and went through a re-trial where he was 'proven' innocent. Yeah, he cheated on his partner, which another stink of his case. But he deserved another crack at his substantive job. I would support him, but not sing his name. If we signed Terry, I wouldn't sing his name. I wouldn't boo him either. I might flick him the V if he has the temerity to kiss the badge however.
  13. John Terry

    Well, by the fact he wouldn't be John Terry, there's a good chance that I would sing his name if appropriate
  14. John Terry

    Sign him, or not sign him. I don't care now. I will NEVER sing his name though.
  15. Star Wars: Disney Era

    Hmmmm, interesting that. Star Wars has a ribbon of humour running through it in places. But I agree, Solo isn't a comedy character. He is though a character who has smart alec lines and occasional quips. Overplaying the comedy is bad for the Star Wars mantra. It's a soap opera set in space, not a comedy. Leave comedy to the awful Spaceballs crowd. There is room for some comedy in place in Star Wars, but it should never dominate. Part of the reason why I despise the Family Guy Star Wars stuff, and the Keith Lemon/Paddy McGuiness stuff parodying Star Wars. To me, it's a serious thing. That said, I love the Robot Chicken parodies. I guess I live as a contradictory paradox...