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  1. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Nice to be able to drive to work with my head nodding to Radio Mirror Park and then stroll into the office with the renewed confidence of a strutting pigeon. I had low, nervy expectations for this game because of our previous problems and the lack of time for Smith to really get to know the players sufficient to put up a considered fight. The game was nervy at times, but we showed some promise. Very pleased for Dean Smith - it was a very big occasion considering the passing of Doug. Hopefully, we can see the upward trend of results continue from here. Still think we need to be patient with Smith. We have more difficult games to come.
  2. Raver50032

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Sensible Soccer? Bring your gamepads folks and let's get it on.
  3. Raver50032

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    No, Robert De Niro's still waiting...
  4. Raver50032

    Dean Smith

    I was just trolling the board... I wanted Bruce out after last season's start and never really recovered for me apart from the occasional cock tease result and run.
  5. Raver50032

    Dean Smith

    To be fair to Bruce, didn't he deliver the best win percentage in living memory and beyond? And he still wasn't good enough. With Smith, we might not hit that level of win percentage, but we expect him to be good enough.
  6. Raver50032

    Pre-Match Thread

    Sadly not, we face a fixture rash after the international break with three games in 6 days. I guess it would be too late to dick around with the timings for Saturday now. Going to be an amazing afternoon, win, lose or draw. A farewell to Doug, and a welcome for Dean.
  7. Raver50032

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Sad to hear of your passing Doug... may you look down on a bright start to a new era at Villa Park from the Holte End in the sky... (more realistically, the Trinity with padded seats in the sky)... Claret and blue skies.
  8. Raver50032

    New Manager Speculation

    Come on, it's taken us 'there or thereabouts...'
  9. Raver50032

    New Manager Speculation

    Most seem to be getting caught up in some sort of romantic nourishment for a gamble on Henry and Terry. Some normally very sensible posters too, which is surprising given where we are at as a club. Some normally sensible posters rounding on 'One For The Road' for displaying some rightly deserved and asserted caution. It is a gamble... so Henry can talk a good game. This could all blow up in our faces. I'm not naïve enough to believe that ANY other potential appointment would be as equal, less or more of a risk. But as is no customary for Villa Talk, the 'I know better' circular debates and roundings continue to manifest. Proper popcorn time this last thirty pages. I remember the rounding that Grasshopper got for his interpretation of Steve Bruce and Steve Bruce's Aston Villa. He isn't around these parts any longer, and yet in the end, he was proven pretty much well justified and correct. I'm not saying that 'One For The Road' is fully correct, or even fully justified in his concerns about Henry/Terry. But why are so many of you engaging in a faux-circle jerk over what could end up being nothing more than a grandiloquent gamble? It's a big name with little substance, especially in the area where it matters for where we are as a club right now. I posted towards the end of MON's tenure that in the following ten years, there would be more chance of us playing in League 1, than the Champions League. And so it has panned out, much to my chagrin. The nature of the 2018-19 Championship is such that given our properly dismal start (performances and 'on paper' results considering the stature of the oppo) to the season, it's a fine line between chasing the play-offs/early league leaders and us descending into a fully blown relegation scrap. So many are now blinded by taking a significant risk, just to 'try something different' or set sail in a 'new direction.' Come on folks, this is Aston Villa (more like Aston Vanilla actually, always getting licked). If it is Henry/Terry, and it works, then fine, I'll join in the celebratory sausage joculation. But let me register my concerns here for posterity... my uncertainty... my doubt and anxiety. I don't think we can afford to take such an audacious gamble. Is this really the 'statement' that the owners would want to make? There is so much at stake here this season. The only real positive from this appointment would be that neither Sol or Dwight would need to write to the FA.
  10. Raver50032

    New Manager Speculation

    David Moyes? The bitter little Gremlin? Wow Villa... trololololol. If it's him, he'll be gone within a year. Would represent zero progress. Club might as well have made an appeal to the fans for patience and stuck with Steve.
  11. Raver50032

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    Just once... why not try and go 'full Keegan?' With you SGC. Nothing to lose really, our expectations of KMac this weekend will be less of a Big Tasty, and more of a 99p cheeseburger.
  12. Raver50032

    Steve Bruce

    Change was due, sadly for Bruce (and us) was overdue. My like for the guy diminished over time after he rallied against the fans. There were several, much more nuanced ways of riding the unrest that was bubbling than how he began to manifest himself in the media. So I went from believing him to be a 'nice guy,' to something less so. As such, I can't sit here all dewy eyed and thank him for anything really. I can still count on the fingers of one standard human hand, the number of actual 'good' and 'positive' performances his Aston Villa played. How we were 2-0 up away at Barnsley at half time last season is beyond me for example. some big wins merely papered over the cracks. The rest of it, repetitive, tedium. More than enough time and resource for a credible manager to deliver something more positive than the end game we got. Wembley was a much wasted opportunity. An expensive (for us) wasted opportunity. Enjoy your time away from the game Steve. Was very sorry to hear of the familial losses earlier in the year and for a time, respected you for coming back so quickly. But football management at this club, was sadly beyond you.
  13. Raver50032

    James Chester

    Are Blue Peter still doing an appeal?
  14. Raver50032

    Pre-Match New Dawn Patience

    I've edited the thread title to reflect recent events at Villa Park. As Dem says above, this is a kind of a 'holding pattern' dead rubber until the new incumbent is coronated to the biggest of poison chalices in the Championship.
  15. Raver50032

    Colin Calderwood

    Didn't see it... Was it like when Sturridge did his robot celebration right into a group of young Villa fans in the lower Trinity that time we got basted 6-0 at home to Liverpool? I thought that was way out of order. In the heat of the moment, look at some of the posts in the Match thread... or in the moments after a tricky game in the reactions thread. People do strange things in the 'heat of the moment.' Not sure crucifying somebody for what is alleged in this thread is really the right thing, whether the management team deserve to go or not. If he was using racist language or mocking a disabled supporter for their disability, then I am sure the haranguing would be justified. Just my two cents.