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  2. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bristol City

    Victorious fans in baiting the oppo fans at the game shocker. Happens every week at every ground. **** me, the never ending 'walks of shame' I've endured walking back along Witton Lane from the Holte towards Witton station, right next to the away fans 'giving it large' to us. 2015-16 - so many, many, walks of shame. Johnson - thought you had more about you than that...
  3. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Bristol City

    An amazing result, and a very good overall team performance once we had scored. The first 20 minutes were very even, like two dogs meeting in the park and wondering if one of them was once a proper male and still able to 'play.' Bristol had a couple of deep forays into our final third in the opening three minutes and I thought we might be in for a bumpy ride. On 22 minutes, I turned to my mate and said, 'wow... 22 minutes in and we've created nothing... at home...' Ten seconds later, Hogan does that looping header and we're off... Boom. And it never really stopped after that. Baker - deserving of the pantomime boos after he went all '617 Squadron' on Grealish. Grealish MOTM... and well done Mr Bruce. Where has this performance been? Middlesbrough away might be the moment our season changed... or maybe Agnew. Let's hope the lost points at home to Millwall and Sheffield United aren't the reason we don't take 2nd, or don't manage to squirm into the play offs. Like somebody else said, it was very nice to come away from a Villa Park Villa win feeling as though we actually won. Please... keep it up. You can perform like that with all the injuries you have. No excuses.
  4. Raver50032

    Pre-Match Thread

    Hopefully will be 2 wins from 2, which sounds very positive again... Or we could slump to a defeat or draw, that realistically will show 1 win in 7. Promotion? Nah...
  5. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Middlesbrough v Villa

    Liked for the Darth reference in your name... and quoted for the +1 thoughts I had about Tommy... Yay...
  6. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Middlesbrough v Villa

    Darkness rises... with light to meet it... And there'll be an additional 30 pages of Bruce supporters finger wagging, counter-moaning and cyclical eyebrow raising until the next game too. VillaTalk innit? Big win... but for me, he's still under a lot of pressure.
  7. Raver50032

    Pre match thread

    The manager might be gone by 9pm on Monday night.
  8. Raver50032

    Pre match chat

    Will spend all day worrying about this game on TV... Then the full 90 minutes with hope through gritted teeth. No expectations from this game, other than disappointment.
  9. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    That's why we're staying down... etc Now Christmas Day is out of the way and I've had chance to put Saturday in context, I'm looking forward to reading the Bruce thread.
  10. Raver50032

    Pre-Match Chit-Chat

    No wins in three... Playing garbage... generally having played largely garbage now for over 12 months. I'd say people have a real right to get antsy again about now. This is shaping up into the run of form we were kind of expecting would happen at some point, but that we can't really afford given where the Club expects us to be. And of course, where us fans expect us to be. But sure, if you want positivity - United are in crappy form too. They are there for the taking. We have to TAKE them...
  11. Raver50032

    Pre-Match Chit-Chat

    What do you think will happen if we don't? What do you think it will mean? Answer those, and you've answered your own question.
  12. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Derby v Villa

    A proper dispiriting afternoon - credit to those that attended the stadium for that latest edition of naff. It happens far too often, regardless of players being fit/injured or not. It's not good enough, and we are not good enough.
  13. Raver50032

    Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    This kind of display happens far too often, regardless of whether the squad is fit or not.