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  1. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Generally agree with the questions you ask. The 'fact' in bold simply cannot be proven as fact. It's like saying that Britain is leaving the EU on March 29th... fact. When actually, Maybot could still pull the plug on it if we head into no deal being likely. But that, is for another thread.
  2. Raver50032

    Dean Smith

    Brian Little and Ian Taylor most probably... though Little probably wasn't a Holte Ender considering he's from the north east. But he was here from a very young age and seems to have Villa most closely at his heart. For all the 'what aboutism' of others you list, the fact remains, Smith has been here less than five months and people are already wetting their nappies. It isn't perfect right now, far from it. I'm not happy... and I don't know what the answer is. Pretty sure it isn't throwing Smith under a bus in less than 5 months though. We can't run a football club like that. Not with any aspiration of sustainment and ambition. There's already been mention elsewhere of 'cabbages.' Come on, VT is better than this surely? It's not often we have somebody that has the club so dearly at his heart managing us. Smith might make it, he might not. Not aimed at you, but I'm done with the discussion in this thread as it's pretty clear it is going right down the same road as the Bruce thread... already. Bonkers. On the subject of Joe Lolley, I have seen loose paper talk that we will be in for him in the summer. That's nice... but if MON rates him, I can't see Lolley coming here unless he's out of contract or he kicks up a stink - and, stink kickers aren't what we want here.
  3. Raver50032

    Dean Smith

    Me again, sorry... You state that 3/4 of our players are off in the summer for various reasons (debatable as to which ones are trying, and which aren't). The 'rest' are 'shite.' You don't trust Smith with a rebuild. Just out of interest, why is that? If 3/4 of the players are off (some out of contract, some not trying because they're off and don't care?) and the others are 'shite,' what exactly were you expecting Smith to do? Just asking as you've nailed your colours to the mast and seem to have lost all faith in Smith very quickly indeed. There was never a magic wand to wave given the summer turmoil and state that the previous incumbent left the team and the squad. I'll admit that there is precious little about the last couple of months to be really excited about and results haven't been what I was hoping for considering how well we dealt with the 'difficult' run of fixtures before Christmas. But I can't get my head round why there are people who can be 'Smith out' so quickly when the journey has barely even begun. For people criticising him for never having won anything, Bruce (FOUR - 4 promotions)... Warnock... Allardyce and Pardew all had won nothing as managers before winning their first managerial honour. Chicken and egg again. As Director Orson Krennic once said... 'you have to start somewhere...' Given how this thread is degenerating, it won't be long before the personal insults start on Smith. That itself will be shameful given that in actuality, he is one of us. It doesn't make him a charity case, or beyond criticism... But you might just as well shit on the Holte End steps.
  4. Raver50032

    Pre-match thread

    Set up not to lose. Simples.
  5. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    A deflating night really from start to finish. The stats confirm a bit of a harrowing horror show of incompetence and disbelief in the latest instalment of the 'Brentford Bummings.' For me, that's it for the season now - pooooooof... Like most of the players, very little interest in the remaining fixtures now. Time for Smith to experiment with systems and young players he might want to consider (or be forced to consider for FFP reasons) playing next season. Play 'try not to lose' football on Saturday and away at the Sty, and nothing else really matters now other than looking ahead to future challenges. Grealish isn't going to resolve this... and I think the summer cannot come soon enough now for Smith. He really starts to earn his money for me from the final whistle at Carrow Road.
  6. Raver50032

    Pre match thread

    Your optimism is as rampant as the lion on our badge... Let's hope it prevails this time
  7. Raver50032

    Pre match thread

    It's now or never for this season.
  8. Raver50032

    Dean Smith

    That's football though isn't it? Surely this is all a bit 'chicken and egg,' no? What comes first, building a team, or getting promotion? Smith inherited an imbalanced squad, and must surely have been limited to what he could actually achieve in the January Sales. There's the 'injury circus' that some acknowledge and some besmirch amidst rampant societal noobery. Either we miss those players because our squad wasn't as good as we thought it was when we were noncing Derby and Boro... or we don't. Personally, I am in the camp that we shouldn't be a one player team. We need to find a way to win without Jack... like we would need to win without Colonel Abraham. The loss of 'Axel,' was bad at the time because of how threadbare our defence was in the middle. Smith has endeavoured to solve that in January. Whether it works or not, we'll see. But this millennial fetish of 'I want results NOW,' is of limited sense. And people like that will be disappointed, more often than not. So... how can Smith get promoted without constructing and effectively managing some sort of team of his own? Not having a pop at you, I like you (!!)... I just can't get beyond the fact that he's been here all of less months than the number of fingers on a standard human hand. The last twenty pages all seem to be some sort of self appointed in depth analysis on someone we know nothing about. For all of the 'I'll give him a chance' rhetoric, from certain posters, it's all bullshit. And the less said about the guy who seems to be looking forward to Smith failing so he can hold his own circle jerk and wag the finger on VillaTalk, the better. Sheesh...
  9. Raver50032

    Dean Smith

    Jaxel Tuanzealish? Like the sound of that.
  10. Raver50032

    Pre Match Thread

    After nearly getting properly mauled by the Tigers, we risk getting ploughed by the Tractors. Seriously need to win this game to keep the season's embers aglow. Once more, we failed to really capitalise on other 'play-off/promotion hopefuls' suffering negative results. It is quite feasible that we could win this one 5-2, but make no progress in the table because everyone else has reverted to 'winning type.' We're rapidly approaching the stage in the season where we start looking at what we need to do just to finish above Blues.
  11. Raver50032

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Hull

    Rather come from two down and earn a hard fought draw against the form team, than be two up and draw. Next up, the mighty Tractor Boys.
  12. Raver50032

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Best wishes @Villan4Life Very sorry to hear this news. There are some posters here at VT who I seem to read their posts in a particular voice. Often, this is associated with either spelling/grammar mistakes. But most often, this is associated with the avatar they choose. So, I've spent most of the time reading your posts but with Bungle's voice in my head. Take care... hope you get back to full time VT service soon.
  13. Raver50032

    The Game's Gone

    Fair play to you for investing time to do all of that research. Semantics I know, but you do not 'disagree entirely' with what I wrote. You referenced some similar angst to me about certain VAR decisions at the World Cup. The system isn't perfect because there is still the interpretation of what somebody sees in a slow motion replay some time after the incident has happened. Is a boot lace or an unfortunate long nose offside? Is a 'ball to hand' a handball or not? Technically, it is... VAR gave some of those. I thought the Russia World Cup was one of the best World Cups in my living memory (maybe slightly edging Italia 90) in terms of actual entertaining games. But I thought the VAR input became a bit of a glitzy, melodramatic sideshow, complete with a cast of half a dozen 'full kit rocket polishers' in the VAR box waving to the viewers overseeing the 'Townsend Tactics Truck.' Happy to accept that things can, and probably will become more efficient in terms of deliberating over decisions and wasted time on the pitch. I still have reservations as to how robust, and consistently enforced the outcome of a decision will be. Happy to bet 50p that the 'top clubs' will see more iffy decisions go their way. As is believed to happen now. I wonder if there are any stats on that.
  14. Raver50032

    The Game's Gone

    Yes... I used to find that Andy Gray on Sky used to change his interpretation of the offside rule every week depending on which team was playing.
  15. Raver50032

    The Game's Gone

    LOL!! Gosh, the amount of times I grumble under my breath when I see or hear him speak on BBC. Proper cynic he is... I'm just a little old fashioned. Something needs to happen... the quality of referees, particularly at our level seems like a caravan of ineptitude at times. However, I can imagine that it's a difficult job. I just don't see VAR being the magic elixir it is being heralded as in football circles. Danny Effing Murphy... FFS!!