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  1. Looks like Gabby was right about Leeds then, just picked the wrong week to say it, got them fired up against us but been awful since.
  2. In fairness he finished 3rd last season, and has won more of his first 100 games than Klopp did for Pool. Looked poor lately though so he's going to need good performances and results in the next couple of games.
  3. Yeah same, I've always worked in small companies (plus a stint in public) or industries where I've had to pretend to be interested in the interview to get the job, knowing really I don't know a lot about the products and then I struggle to get interested. I also feel like I spend too much time on Excel, not sure if that will ever change
  4. That sounds a dream job. Are you CIMA or ACCA qualified presumably? I'm on my final year of CIMA and hoping things get more interesting job wise (not football levels of interesting but you know!) After I qualify.
  5. I'd agree Konsa and Luiz definitely increased significantly, think Mings slightly and Trez worth about what we paid. Personally don't think we would get back what we paid for Nakamba or El Ghazy (12m and 9m respectively was it?). Don't know what we paid for Guilbert and Targett id say is worth about what we paid upfront (11m).
  6. Is Rego a Villa fan? Franks there were rumours he was Wolves but then other rumours of Albion if I recall.
  7. I'd agree Chris, think if both teams are in similar positions Derby get slightly better crowds. Both have won big things in 70s/80s but Forest due to European success get lauded as a bigger club which is probably harsh on Derby. Would like both back in the PL.
  8. Quite refreshing seeing Everton up there, another traditional club who've not really hit the heights in recent times. Would love Villa and Everton both to gatecrash the top 6 in the next couple of years.
  9. I wonder if further down the line we will make a move for Mohamed Elneny, could see Sawiris liking having a couple of Egyptians on the books, and AEM leaves at the end of the season.
  10. It was difficult to continue my initial praise with many of their supporters as so many were 'Villa this, Grealish that' with pinned tweets about Villa despite their club having its best ever season at PL level. Like you say, the way some talked like Villa were never coming out the Championship, to then do it in half the time it took them, if this flips very quickly we will be sure to let them know about it
  11. I remember before saying my son will have free choice who he supports. But I've since decided he isn't joining any of those bitter, obsessed fan bases or glory hunting either, so it's AVFC or no one. 'Whether you support the Villa or another local team, you'll only be looking out for the Villa result either way son'.
  12. Had to laugh when I heard a Wolves fan on WM said we should enjoy beating Liverpool 7-2 as we would still be getting relegated Must be a bit rattled that we aren't the same team as last season and getting concerned their time above us could be very short lived. Personally I think they will still be a few places higher but be funny to see their reactions and start to panic if we can stay above them for a while into the season.
  13. I think when comparing Leeds and Villa trophy hauls it's only fair to use since 1919 when Leeds were formed. They couldn't exactly have been winning trophies when we were initially around 1900.
  14. This also answers his own question as to why another club managed by a local man called Dean Smith dont get the same praise or acknowledgement.
  15. Maybe hes not going anywhere. I'm starting to doubt he even exists, if he was that good and available for around £20m, wanted to come to England, surely others would be in for him. He's just a figment of our imagination. None of us have seen him in the flesh.
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