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Ratings and Reactions: Chelsea 2-1 Villa


Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match

    • Guzan
    • Vlaar
    • Clark
    • Luna
    • Lowton
    • El Amadi
    • Westwood
    • Delph
    • Weimann
    • Agbonlahor
    • Benteke
    • Okore (for Clark 43)
    • Tonev (for El Ahmedi 81)

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Lukaku was effectively neutralised. I was impressed by that. I think he was the wild card in the Chelsea deck, and they played him to no great effect.


I posted midway through the match that it didn't seem as if Chelsea quite knew how to handle us, and I still believe that. They won on a wing, a prayer, and two reprehensible ref decisions.


We go forward from here knowing we can beat any club in the league. I still hope we can sign a strong mid-fielder -- a Fellaini junior or someone like that -- but it's not essential.

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  • Last season 8-0 loss


  • This season:
  • First goal an unlucky own goal
  • Ref sees a deliberate elbow and chooses to not send the guy off
  • Gives a ridculous free kick in the face of pressure (bitching) from the Chelski crowd/staff/players
  • Said player who should have been red carded is offisde when the ball is put in play
  • Said player who should have been red carded scores
  • Chelski defensive player CLEARLY handballs in the box - No penalty

We were battered in terms of possession the first half, but thats going to happen the way we set up.

Chelski GK makes 2 WORLD CLASS saves from Weimann


Guzan - 6 - but only as he couldnt do anything about both goals, looked good with his feet

Lowton - 7 - the way Chelski interchange he was constantly being attacked, looked the part

Vlaar - 7 - solid, but need him to be a bit more cuter with the experience he has

Clark - 6 - not on the pitch long enough

Luna - 7 - same as lowton

Westwood - 8 - looks the part of a experienced prem mid

Delph - 9 - MOM everybody has said everything that needs to be said

KEA - 8 - same as Westwood

Weimann- 7- if not for two world class saves, would have been the matchwinner for us

Gabby - 8- LEGEND, really leading these youngsters, dont want him called up for that circus that is England

Benteke - 8 - Such a handful in every aspect of center forward play. what a finish!


Okore - 8 - slotted in and provided much needed physical attributes to counter Luakau

Tonev - 6- looked solid enough when he came on


Lambert - 8 - Went with the team that did so well at the arsenal, which is understandable this early in the season, hope he called jose a knobhead!


Ref - 0- seriously, how can he see the elbow and not give a red, and not even see the pen.

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Before the game i would have been very happy with a draw but im actually feeling a bit robbed now. Anways since we didnt get the result we deserved *cough* shit reffing *cough* the only thing we can do is be unbelievably proud of that performance. Bearing in mind that Chelsea are considered by many to be favourites for the title - i thought it was pretty even so i cant wait to see how we perform against our 'mid table contenders'. Delph was a beast again, and the counter attacking was great. Thought Weimann could have buried that second attempt from the left, but hey. If we can look like winning against chelsea, and keep up this high level then... who knows.

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Also for that free kick where he who shall not be named scored, the ref looks to have played at least 10 seconds of advantage and lukaku clearly attempts a run to cross outside the becuase before he is stopped. Then they get a freekick. Awful decision let alone the elbow.

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Mourinho says Villa are a long ball team. Villa attempted 46 long balls tonight. Chelsea attempted 51. #avfc #cfc


What a **** word removed

They did have more than twice as much possession as we did though....

Don't think it was a penalty

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Delph was phenomenal! I thought we played really well after the first fifteen minutes. We're looking great when we've got the ball and when we're going forward. I still worry there's far too much 'throw-your-leg-at-it' style defending and I think the players are obviously still gelling and a side effect of that can be being found out of position when defending, especially against a team like Chelsea. Saying that I didn't think Chelsea had much in the way of creativity.


Extremely unlucky own goal for Luna and I must have imagined Ivanovic scoring because there's no way he'd still be on the pitch after elbowing Benteke in the face...


Evidence of how well we must have been playing was at the end when they had to use Terry as a second keeper. I didn't know you could do that but they must have got permission as the ref seemed fine with it.


Ah well, 8pints's' Holiday Fund Adventure is still fun...

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Mourinho has a pop at Lambert for complaining about ref decisions on the sideline.

Well it's dead easy to say nothing when absolutely everything goes your way.

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So so proud. Great effort Delph my MOTM.

Plenty of reason to be optimistic for the rest of the season.

Well done lads

This says it all for me.

Great play by the team, so looking forward to the scousers coming to Villa on Saturday.


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Of you offered me 3 points from the opening 3 games for us I would of snapped your hand off. Unlucky last night,to put in a performance like that and come away empty handed due to a ref who makes the refs down perry barr goals seem OK is disappointing. Hopefully we carry this performance to VP Saturday evening..... The red cafe forums for the match looks exactly like ours

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Delph was exceptional tonight, bring on Liverpool, after the first two games I would say Westwood should be looking over his should the most, thought he looked lost last night.

Also Lowton needs to improve his positioning.

My boy Matt needs to sharpen up a little. I think he was slow to react to us loosing possession, and therefore he was late. If he was quicker to react he'd had time to cut to the Chelski player even from that position. But yeah, he'll do better next time, no question.

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watched the game in town,said to another fan at HT i hope we get a fair crack in second half, punish us if we do wrong & same applies to chelsea.

the elbow was a straight red-lets not cluck about here,the elbow has no place in football,if CB had done this to him he would walk as hi did at VP against terry last year.


JT went up for the ball with his arm up,the ball came off gabby onto the hand,i would say jt knew what he was doing. its a pen plain as day


the standard of refs is a joke these days & its all about keeping the big teams in the spotlight to stir up tv intrest

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“I felt my players were not very, very sharp, which is understandable. The team fought very, very hard.

“Sometimes you win from fantastic football, sometimes you have to play on other things, and those other things gave us the game.”

Even you know what those 'other things' were last night Jose!

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