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  1. They both can't do 2 things at once like Amavi. Bacuna is better at attacking and Hutton better at defending for me.
  2. I think the defensive suicide stat would probably give us 1st rank in that dept. Still though, it does back up what a lot of us were saying up until the understandable recent angerfest. All the more reason why he should stick to his guns and play football we don't have the players for 10 behind the ball military discipline, compact and concentrate for 90 mins, we need to go at teams to get points with this squad, or if we want to contain it should be by keeping the ball not by conceding 2/3rds of the pitch and playing a catenaccio which we just don't have the players to play. Yep completel
  3. Look at the fixtures we've had, then look at our league position. Now look at our upcoming fixtures and tell me you're not worried. Ok I'm telling you I am not worried. I was one of the few on here who was convinced we would stay up last season as I believed we had better players than at least three sides. That just about proved to be the case. This season I believe we have potentially the best squad we have had over the last four seasons. Four seasons when we stayed up. Before a ball had been kicked I was expecting us to finish between 11th and 14th so either just outside or in the bottom t
  4. I really dont see us getting relegated. Our defence is a mile better and we're actually scoring. That said we dont have a reliable striker and the way our midfield crumbled yesterday and offered ZERO support to our back 4, who consequently got pummeled (and did well to keep the goals out for so long), shows how dependent we are on Gana.
  5. Sherwood **** up massively with our subs today. We were defending great and creating plenty up front. Then all of a sudden we were running on empty, backs against the wall, and he brings on Gestede and Ayew?! Mad. Okay Gil was struggling - sub him off. Don't bring on 2 strikers away from home ffs.
  6. Think the depth chart for centre defenders is in following order Richards Lescott Okore Ilori Clark Baker Senderos Senderos is crocked and you can forget Baker for another 12 months. Everyone seems certain that we've signed this lad as a centre half, when the OS made a point of saying he can play anywhere across the back. I doubt they gathered that info themselves. Judging on his skillset I can see him playing right back. Yep, that's what I thought! Doubt tim would bring in 2 CB's, Lescott being the other. Reckon Sherwood sees him as a RB.
  7. 4 games in = other options clearly didn't work out. **** sake.
  8. tomh621

    Carles Gil

    We've not seen enough of Traore in the Prem yet. Sinclair Grealish Gil and Traore as a sub i'd imagine.
  9. I love how it says you've 'edited' this post.
  10. Considering his age and 2 seasons in the Prem i'd say that's the absolute maximum i'd pay, but yes.
  11. **** hell that was awful. Literally forgot where the ball was - looked like he was drunk.
  12. Yeah here you go: 1. Google 2. http://www.avfc.co.uk You're welcome.
  13. That would be amazing! Valdes and Zlatan. Heard it here first itk.
  14. Buzzing about this. We're having a **** great window!! I wonder if Tim has stuck a top 6 team badge over ours when the players come for talks….
  15. With Gestede and Adebayor seemingly coming in does that mean Kozak is out?
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