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  1. Cavani also blatantly pushed Hause in the back of the head as he headed it too
  2. I hear Aleksandar Tonev is claiming that penalty
  3. I thought the handball call was similar to the one against Shaw last week.
  4. Watkins was in an offside position when the ball came off Hause. He was in front of the keeper but not interfering in play in any way so correct call.
  5. Martinez is going to go full mental disintegration on every single penalty taker in the league. I half expected he was going to save it anyway. I have Hause motm with the goal tipping it his way over McGinn. My dogs won't come near me now, though. Will have to buy some treats for them tomorrow.
  6. I thought Nakamba's penalty was at least as good as Noble's the other day and everyone was hailing de Gea as the hero.
  7. Looked like when I control the keeper for penalties on FIFA
  8. Thought Everton looked to be shutting us out in midfield just before we scored and changed the complexion of the game. Bailey's cameo was really something. Ings also showed he is a very good footballer and not just a Darren Bent type. Nakamba was also really impressive, releasing Dougie to carry the ball forward. Shout out to Dougie for his corners today too - much more effective than McGinn's. The options in this team are really going to start giving Smith headaches moving forward. Hopefully Bailey is okay.
  9. Imagine being 18/19 years old and running the midfield against the European champions on their home turf.
  10. Finishing was the tale of the day. They took their chances, we didn't. Ref was a disgrace. I thought Tuanzebe had a good game also. McGinn man of the match but I really don't want to see him on corners too much.
  11. Don't know how we haven't scored or Chelsea have no players on yellow. Their keeper is their best player so far, which says a great deal. Just need some composure around goal.
  12. Don't forget the Cash lateral cross-pitch ball to El Ghazi - or rather the full back's head.
  13. El Ghazi our best I thought but was very worried he was going to give the ref a reason to give him a second yellow. Buendia also very good and starting to build a bit of momentum now. Thought Ings was also much more accountable and involved for most of the game. Ref was an absolute joke. Hope Konsa is fine.
  14. Pity Caleb came on when the Barrow players had just decided they weren't winning so were just going to kick the crap out of us. Made some promising moves that ended with him on the ground in pain. JPB was so much fun to watch but the couple of times he had a chance to score he over thought it a big. Had never really heard much about Archer before tonight but I'll be keeping an eye out for him from now on. Anwar was superb. Took both goals well but that pass for Archer's second goal was *chef's kiss*
  15. He's got some serious pace too. It's not blistering but he really has a knack of getting in behind the defence. He kind of glides across the pitch too.
  16. Interesting quote from Shakespeare (our one, not the Bard) last night: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9923417/Barrow-0-6-Aston-Villa-Villans-coast-against-League-Two-underdogs.html
  17. Ramsey was the key to that performance - linked the two halves of the pitch for us and kept possession really well. Buendia liked much better out wide and while not as influential as we'd like yet, he made some really telling contributions defensively. Great outcome if not a brilliant performance. I'll take a world class strike and a penalty every week though.
  18. I agree actually. I thought they were harshly done by there, but I was also looking forward to a Martinez save followed by pelvic thrusting.
  19. I like Guilbert and he deserves a shot but no way Cash is getting dropped after one bad game in which the entire team was out of sorts
  20. So is it Chukwuemekas, or Chukwuemekae?
  21. Way too many pointless long balls from our defenders. We desperately need players farther upfield to be able to retain possession and we had nobody to do that until Ramsey came on. Young was excellent at fullback too and used his experience to pretty much take Sarr out of the equation second half. Buendia was a worry for me. Very easily pushed off the ball and (from memory) twice when that happened they went down the other end and scored. I think the start of the season has come about 10 days too soon for us.
  22. Ponky

    The Captaincy

    Leon Bailey's stepfather has volunteered Leon for the job
  23. Such a beautifully balanced player. Seems to be almost like a ballet dancer the way he uses his feet.
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