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  1. roadoftrinity

    Albert Adomah

    Since we traded Baros for John Carew
  2. roadoftrinity

    Keinan Davis

    Thought he did fine when he came on and held the ball up on a few occasions
  3. roadoftrinity

    Sam Johnstone

    Hasn’t effect Mignolet and many other keepers in the Premier League. Also Shay Given was pretty shite on crossed.
  4. roadoftrinity

    Keinan Davis

    Disagree with what? Someone said he’d been poor every game since he’d since his contract? I pointed out he was very good when we played QPR which is since he’s signed his contract. agreed he’s inconsistent and that’s expected from young player
  5. roadoftrinity

    Keinan Davis

    Other than when we played QPR when he was absolutely superb.
  6. roadoftrinity

    Steve Bruce

    I’d agree with both of them comments however you’d hope Samba was cheap. I don’t know who we have in the academey, also no idea how Samba played today but had has been dog shite when I’ve seen him play for us before.
  7. roadoftrinity

    Steve Bruce

    Isn’t Tommy Elphick still there? And Mica Richards? At a guess it would be hard to justify the money without getting rid of one of them two useless shite. Plus Jedinak can play centre half
  8. roadoftrinity

    Conor Hourihane

    Well Whelan and Hourihane are shite together, Hourihane just passes the ball to Whelan and he then either passes it back to a defender or falls over it
  9. roadoftrinity

    Steve Bruce

    Couldn't care less about possession stats, I've enjoyed today's game and like 4-4-2 with our players so let's hope he sticks to it
  10. roadoftrinity

    Steve Bruce

    If we are as tight as the club claim on the FFP then we probably can't afford to get ride off Bruce and employ a new manager
  11. roadoftrinity

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Get Crouch back up front as well and it would be awesome
  12. roadoftrinity

    Chris Samba

    I never thought we would manage to replace Lescott so quickly
  13. roadoftrinity

    Steve Bruce

    I'm most disappointed with Bruce's signings last January, I'll reserve judgement on the latest batch. Bree - young but not great Hogan - Meh Lansbury - Alirght but doesn't boss a game anywhere near enough Hourihane - Can't get in the side Taylor - Poor first game of the season but was ok last season Hopefully I'll be proved wrong, but just seems like more money wasted by a Villa manager.
  14. roadoftrinity

    Jordan Amavi

    Nice have just sold their left back for 30 million euros to Inter Milan so hopefully they come in for him
  15. roadoftrinity

    Josh Onomah

    Agree, thought he was pretty poor
  16. roadoftrinity

    Leandro Bacuna

    I thought the booing him off was wrong, wasn't like he was the worst player yesterday
  17. roadoftrinity

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Bruce seems to have wasted enough in January as most of the players he since don't seem to be able to get in the team
  18. roadoftrinity

    Aly Cissokho

    How annoying, I came into this thread and forgot the title, read the comments and thought we had found some mugs to buy Micha Richards
  19. roadoftrinity

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    If I was Barry I'd be wanting to try and get more Premier League appearance's to get the record
  20. roadoftrinity

    Sam Johnstone

    If he gets us into the Premier League, then even if he goes back to Man U we could compete for the likes of Joe Hart in if we were in the Premier League
  21. roadoftrinity

    Jordan Amavi

    Maybe Amavi didn't want to stay to be a reserve See : Gardner on the subs bench
  22. roadoftrinity

    Joe Hart

    Never going to happen, we'd be a last resort for Hart so it's the kind of transfer that would happen near deadline day if it happened and we can't wait that long for a keeper
  23. roadoftrinity

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Anyone can see we need another right back?
  24. roadoftrinity

    Sam Johnstone

    Well not recently as that's 5 clean sheets in the last 6 games!!
  25. roadoftrinity

    Scott Hogan

    What about going to the pub before and after?