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  1. No yellow card to John McGinn also a huge bonus
  2. FFS how many times are we going to come up against a keeper having the game of his life?
  3. Of course if the wheels fall off around that period we'll know who to blame
  4. McGinn has been superb all year but he seems to have come back from suspension with beast mode permanently switched on. Something that we've lacked for many years is a CM with that capability of willing himself to win the ball with gut busting runs and sheer bloody mindedness. My favourite Villa player for quite some time.
  5. I've missed a lot of Villa this season but of what I've seen that first half was up there with the best I have seen. Just absolutely shredded them. Absolutely great seeing us belt the goals in without relying on Abraham too. I gave Motm to El Ghazi. Sure McGinn and Whelan were probably slightly more dominant but I thought El Ghazi was almost unplayable - very much his best game for us.
  6. Having a competitive midfield makes a huge difference. A few weeks ago the midfield was selecting itself due to lack of bodies, now Smith is having to leave a few out and that sends the message that unless you are 100% on top of your game you may not get a start.
  7. Lowlight for me, apart from conceding twice, was that corner late in the game where a perfect ball was played across the top of the box for Ramsey to have a shot and Whelan decided he'd cut the lad out and have a go himself, of course ending disastrously.
  8. We lack any goal threat whatsoever other than Abraham. When he is off his game or shut down by the opposition who steps up with the goals? We had a number of occasions where one of our midfielders had a bit of time and space at the edge of the box, but rather than take a chance they pass it sideways and the moment's gone. Liked young Ramsey. Far better movement than Hourihane and once he got a feel for things he played some nice stuff.
  9. This is the first Villa game I've managed to watch since November and I couldn't believe how bad we were. It was in incredible finish but we were yet rubbish for most of it. Quite worrying.
  10. I feel very much the same. Love him but it's time to take him out the back and shoot him (figuratively speaking of course).
  11. Loved seeing Abraham pointing to the crest on his shirt. Loved the celebrations when Hutton scored. Would have loved to have seen Craig Gardner's crestfallen face at the end. What a bitter, nasty piece of shit he was today.
  12. A frustrating game largely because there were more than enough opportunities and we just didn't get the rub of the green. The other thing was that the players looked like they were trying hard to implement something that wasn't quite coming to them naturally, resulting in a few misplaced passes etc. Once it sticks I think we'll be fine, but unfortunately I suspect that will come too late for us to mount a challenge.
  13. By the sounds of it, sacking the fitness coach in the off season was not the brightest move.

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