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  1. Well I really don't watch Man City at all so I guess I'll be only seeing him play twice a season. And I'm pretty okay with that now.
  2. Probably Cantwell with a quick dye job
  3. Crikey KDB's let himself go
  4. No doubt Jack is world class and losing him hurts our team immeasurably. That's a given. But I think the real hurt derives from the death of the fairy tale. The local kid who's a fan who rises to become a superstar and captain of the club he loves. He's living the dream every one of us has. And apparently, he's given it up the collective ambition for personal ambition and we can't really understand why. It's like millions of kids simultaneously discovering there's no Santa.
  5. Bailey more likely an upgrade on AEG than a replacement for JG
  6. What, they're out of hyphens as well as Es, and As and Gs? There goes my Philogene-Bidace shirt
  7. But you'll have to pay a small monthly fee to access it.
  8. Two very disjointed, makeshift lineups played in a very disjointed, makeshift way. Even combining the strongest players of the two lineups together we were missing 4 automatic starters so it's pretty hard to respond with anything but "meh". I would like my fiver back though...
  9. Love that they've given the two Emis lockers next to each other too
  10. It's a few horizontal stripes shy of a tartan. Homage to McGinniesta?
  11. Sadly, probably not since Engels left
  12. Hmmm. Looks like he might be returning it.
  13. I'm very much the same, even to the point of wanting to see England *gulp* keep on winning, because whether Jack plays every minute or not, having him and Mings acquit themselves faultlessly at this competition enhances the reputation of my club, and myself as a Villa supporter. And this - I mean I understand Southgate wanting to suffocate the opposition, but 11 behind the ball when you have some of the best attacking players in the world is a bit over the top. Rice and Phillips do a great job of breaking down the opposition, then have to pass it back to Pickford.
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