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  1. Is it just me or did it seem unclear as to whether it not it struck his arm inside or outside the penalty area?
  2. I missed it due to my need to sleep. Woke up at 6am, checked scores, did a quick first pump, whispered "suck shit Deeney", then tried to get back to sleep.
  3. Taremi has roughly a 1 in 2 international scoring rate for a top 30 national team. That's certainly a notch or ten above the likes of Tonev.
  4. My suggestion is to lock this thread, archive it, and move on. Nothing to be gained here whatsoever.
  5. We are ridiculously easy to close down. None of our midfielders provide a target for defenders when they have the ball. Lansbury and Hourihane played 30 minutes between them. You really can't do anything if your midfield doesn't turn up.
  6. Oh, let's fluff around the back with it, then hoooooooooooooffff
  7. Absolutely loved Grealish pressing high up the pitch.
  8. Wonder how Rodriguez will cheat us this time
  9. Bloody Villa. Getting our hopes up again. Stop toying with us you cruel bastards! Loving the fight and attitude today though. Let's hope it keeps going when I Burnley get their inevitable early reply.
  10. The spirit in this team has gone. The bottle we saw at the start of the season has been replaced with petulance. The body language and behaviour of our players and coach today was ridiculous. Need some fighters in there desperately. Certainly could have done with a Whelan or Jedinak out there over the past month.
  11. This is just deer in the headlights stuff. It's truly appalling to watch.
  12. Well the best team came second but we so desperately needed the win I don't care. It took the only bit of real quality in the game to get us in front and we looked pretty confident for a while after that but the way we played in the last 10 minutes pretty threw all that away - it was almost criminal.
  13. Tiny glimmer of hope from that last 15 minutes, but only tiny. Ball retention is horrific. If you are going to play a high line against country attacking teams you just can't give the ball away with such regularity. Things are pretty bad right now. Big changes needed.
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