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  1. We might need to start paying Nakamba a finder's fee
  2. Ponky

    Milot Rashica

    This is not the signing you are looking for
  3. You'd need Pryor knowledge to get that one
  4. Not sure what to say. You may not have been the most prolific of goal scorers but at least you were capable of opening your gates when called upon to do so. May the Stockholm syndrome kick in quickly.
  5. Only if it's from the Bolleaux region of France
  6. Cripes. This thread is going to overtake the Rashica thread on bickering and moaning alone.
  7. Given he's only 25 or so he should be coming into his prime and we should see the best of him, whatever that may be.
  8. Ponky

    Saïd Benrahma

    He may well have been one of our options if Jack decided to leave
  9. So it was a boat race then...
  10. Ponky

    Leeds United

    I wonder if Leeds are adding too many players, which might upset the balance and chemistry of what appears to have been a very close knit team that won promotion. Sheffield United made minimal changes to their team last season, compared with Fulham the previous season. I know we also added a huge number of players, but that was forced in many ways.
  11. Prefer deaf Josh King myself...
  12. I think the club will hang onto him until January at least, when Wesley should be up and running. We need at least three fit strikers at any given time, so unless they're going to buy another one, they'll need him for now.
  13. Good to see the club stand by their man(ager)
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