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  1. Ponky

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Lowlight for me, apart from conceding twice, was that corner late in the game where a perfect ball was played across the top of the box for Ramsey to have a shot and Whelan decided he'd cut the lad out and have a go himself, of course ending disastrously.
  2. Ponky

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    We lack any goal threat whatsoever other than Abraham. When he is off his game or shut down by the opposition who steps up with the goals? We had a number of occasions where one of our midfielders had a bit of time and space at the edge of the box, but rather than take a chance they pass it sideways and the moment's gone. Liked young Ramsey. Far better movement than Hourihane and once he got a feel for things he played some nice stuff.
  3. Ponky

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    This is the first Villa game I've managed to watch since November and I couldn't believe how bad we were. It was in incredible finish but we were yet rubbish for most of it. Quite worrying.
  4. Ponky

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    I feel very much the same. Love him but it's time to take him out the back and shoot him (figuratively speaking of course).
  5. Ponky

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v sha

    Loved seeing Abraham pointing to the crest on his shirt. Loved the celebrations when Hutton scored. Would have loved to have seen Craig Gardner's crestfallen face at the end. What a bitter, nasty piece of shit he was today.
  6. Ponky

    Ratings and Reactions: QPR v Villa

    A frustrating game largely because there were more than enough opportunities and we just didn't get the rub of the green. The other thing was that the players looked like they were trying hard to implement something that wasn't quite coming to them naturally, resulting in a few misplaced passes etc. Once it sticks I think we'll be fine, but unfortunately I suspect that will come too late for us to mount a challenge.
  7. Ponky

    Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    By the sounds of it, sacking the fitness coach in the off season was not the brightest move.
  8. Ponky

    Loan watch 2018/19

    De Laet scored on debut for Melbourne City, rebound off a missed penalty from one of the most dubious penalty calls ever (even with the "benefit" of VAR). He played well though and put in some quality crosses playing in a RWB role.
  9. Ponky

    Dean Smith

    This gif perfectly sums up our transfer policy in the Championship
  10. Ponky

    Dean Smith

    Maybe there's an echo where you are...
  11. Ponky

    Dean Smith

    I guess he has to say his goodbyes and organise his affairs while most of the squad is on international duty. I expect he'll be doing quite a bit of analysis of our players in the meantime. And poring over all the loan agreements to see if we can get a few defenders back!
  12. Ponky

    John Terry

    Just reading that interview with Scott Hogan he says JT is quiet and unassuming - almost shy - so I think the demeanour we see on the pitch is likely to be a little different to what happens on the training ground. I'm sure he can deliver a spray when necessary but I suspect he'll be very different to Roy Keane
  13. Ponky

    Scott Hogan

    He went on a bit of a run in December where he scored 3 goals in something like 4 games and we were finally starting to see something from him. Then Bruce brought in Grabban and he was straight out of the team again. Fair enough Grabban got us quite a few goals when it mattered, but you can still understand why Hogan would have been a bit frustrated.
  14. Ponky

    Dean Smith

    At risk of derailing the thread I think the comparisons to Lambert are valid up to a point. Lambert came up with Norwich on a smallish budget and had them playing fast-flowing, attacking football, and he seemed like a brilliant appointment at the time. Remember how Villa fans sang his name as Norwich buried us in the last game of the season? And we were just coming off an utterly depressing season of turgid football from a manager who also, it seems, mistakenly everyone thought we hated because he had managed Blues. There are some pretty clear parallels and I can understand why some people are wary of history repeating itself. I think looking back on it though many can see that Lambert was actually a pretty decent manager who pretty much had the rug pulled from under him by a club where the owner had pretty much given up and the decisions were being made by executives with zero football experience. Any hopes and dreams of playing vibrant and attacking football were drained away by the painful realities of "we go again" football. So I think this is where the difference might be for Smith. The new owners appear to be setting up a footballing structure rather than a business structure. Hopefully they will be backing Smith with the resources he needs (rather than just money) to re-create and re-brand Villa as a football club rather than a franchise. So even when/if the money dries up for a bit under FFP the structure remains as the backbone of the club and we don't disappear into a Leeds-shaped hole.
  15. Ponky

    John Terry

    You'd hope he's keeping fit just in case Chester goes down for an injury spell