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  1. Bournemouth have been a disgrace today with their sportsmanship
  2. Ponky

    Wesley Moraes

    Yes. Trez especially will benefit from this I think.
  3. That's all fair enough. But it's not chump change. If you're going to spend £12m on a player you're going to give him every chance to prove himself before making a call as to whether he's a nailed on starter, rotation or backup. There would have been plenty of opportunities to recruit a capable backup from the Championship or elsewhere for a half that price (e.g. that Vucovic fellow we were supposedly after) and saved money, but the fact that we actively pursued, paid good money (and probably over the odds) for and ultimately got Marv over the line suggests that Smith fully intends to use him. It may well turn out that he is not much chop and significantly behind other players in the pecking order, but given the price we paid I think he'll be given every chance to prove otherwise.
  4. Is it Saturday yet? This one game a week business is rubbish!
  5. For what it's worth, we're not paying £12m for a bloke and hardly playing him.
  6. I think if Grealish had released it to him a little earlier when he was on the other side it would have been a different story.
  7. It's all ifs, buts and maybes, but in hindsight it might have been better to replace Trez with Lansbury and gone a bit more compact to try and retain the ball in midfield. No doubt Jota had a mare and Smith would not have expected him to have given the ball away with the regularity he did. I expect Smith learned some things about his squad this weekend that only a baptism of fire in the Premier League could reveal.
  8. Ponky

    Dean Smith

    Well, either way I suspect Dean will be sleeping more soundly tonight than Frank Lampard.
  9. Ponky


    I just think Jota looked a bit overwhelmed by the occasion. Deer in the headlights. Doesn't make him a rubbish player or not cut out for the PL. Won't have been the first person making his premier league debut to have been caught in the moment. Question is how does he respond next time he's called on. Will be a good test of character for him and it would not surprise me to see him start next game.
  10. Did a ridiculous amount of defending for an attacking midfielder and was one of the few trying to get us farther up the pitch. I agree that he gave it away too cheaply at times but consider that he may have been trying to follow Smith's instructions to keep possession and play the ball out, whereas hoofing it out was simply inviting more pressure. I do think the pace of play caught him out a bit but the big problem was a lack of team mates making themselves available to receive the ball.

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