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  1. Watkins is trying way too hard to force the issue. Stop trying to shoot through five defenders and give it off man.
  2. Dougie is a bit buggered out there. Time for a swap for Marv I think
  3. Frustrating first half. We should be a few goals up here.
  4. As good as Son was too, we played right into his hands by giving it away in dangerous positions all game.
  5. Will be very hard for us to play worse but manager has to take plenty of responsibility for the loss. It wad obvious about 15 minutes in Spurs had figured us out but no changes until 65 minutes. Midfield was out manned and afraid to try and hold possession, while Mings et al just hoofed it back to Spurs defence.
  6. Cavani also blatantly pushed Hause in the back of the head as he headed it too
  7. I hear Aleksandar Tonev is claiming that penalty
  8. We earned that win too, rather than nicked it.
  9. I thought the handball call was similar to the one against Shaw last week.
  10. Watkins was in an offside position when the ball came off Hause. He was in front of the keeper but not interfering in play in any way so correct call.
  11. Martinez is going to go full mental disintegration on every single penalty taker in the league. I half expected he was going to save it anyway. I have Hause motm with the goal tipping it his way over McGinn. My dogs won't come near me now, though. Will have to buy some treats for them tomorrow.
  12. I thought Nakamba's penalty was at least as good as Noble's the other day and everyone was hailing de Gea as the hero.
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