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  1. Meh. It was all in the script. Move on to the next episode.
  2. VAR was shocking. Both our penalty appeals were more emphatic fouls than the one leading up to Hourihane's shot - how the hell was that a "clear and obvious error"? Agree Montoya was also lucky to remain on the pitch. Mooy was a tad unfortunate but only had himself to blame petulantly kicking the ball away for his first yellow. I really didn't think we were getting through with the 3 points today. Happy to be wrong. When was the last time we won 2 in a row in the Premier League by the way?
  3. You could see Heaton was clearly blinded by the sun. Otherwise he would have realised he was still in the penalty area and grabbed it with his hands.
  4. Has taken to the Premier League like a duck to water. He is great defensively but his passing is also top notch.
  5. Toss up between Wes, Grealish and Marv for MOM for me. Grealish just edged it. He was dangerous and determined and ran his nuts off. Took a superb goal and really gelled beautifully with the players around him. Wes' two goals were well deserved and I loved his work rate today - especially the fact that when he lost the ball a couple of times he chased and tried to win it back. Marvelous was also brilliant today - I love the way he breaks up play all over the pitch but I also reckon his passing is superb. We also look much better balanced with Hourihane out there. He wasn't dominant today, but having him in there doing a bit more of the donkey work frees up Grealish to do Grealish things. Norwich were pretty bad today ain defence but they do play some nice stuff in the final third. They are very well drilled but our defence did a great job of squeezing them off the ball. All in all a very unexpected outcome. And Dougie's goal was pure porn. Looking forward to seeing mant more of those.
  6. Guilbert's deep crosses are an absolute waste every time
  7. Should be off for a concussion check if he was out cold
  8. He's not terribly resilient for a big bloke is he
  9. Last time we were in the Premier League Jack was an inconsistent, precocious youngster, who most regarded as being in danger of wasting his talent. First 18 months in the Championship he was good, but not amazing, then the second 18 months he was pretty much the best player in the Championship. Now people expect him to be at his very best week in week out in a Premier League that has improved exponentially in the past 3 years. Overall, he is heavily involved in many of the positive things we do, and has also been at fault for some of our failings. However he is still a very young player and still learning, and as the captain and key player of one of the biggest clubs in the world, he is doing an amazing job. What other player out there has had to contend with this? Yes, he probably needs to be more vocal as captain, and he's not above reproach, but given all of the above he's doing an incredible job and will only continue to improve. Fans just need to be a bit more patient with him.
  10. Apart from the goals 2 key events in the 2nd half exemplified the lack of bottle. The first was when Jack played Trez in on goal and he simply blasted it at their keeper when he had time to take a few more steps and place it. And the second one was we were deep into their half, with numbers around the ball, Trez plays the ball back to Fred, who just tries to put a speculative cross in from deep and it's easily rebounded. We still had the numbers here and had the option of keeping the ball and waiting for a better option, but the decision making was terrible.
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