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  1. Depends if a sneaky bid is likely to be more effective than a cheeky one.
  2. If it had been the defender beside Kerr it would have been offside. But the defender who headed it in was in front of that contest with no eyes on the attacker.
  3. Representation matters hugely. Why should men's sport be considered the default setting? Just heading to bed at 2am having sat up with my daughter watching Australia come back from 2-0 to Brazil. The world cup matters hugely to her. She plays at an all-female club that has produced a number international representatives, including a few members of the present Australian team. They take their football seriously. Sure the standard is not the same, but the theatre and the passion is no different. And indeed the relative absence of pompous, overpaid, self-important Representatives for Wellingborough makes it all the more refreshing. And my 15yo son has NEVER stayed up late watching football with me.
  4. Ponky

    Wesley Moraes

    Maybe a more powerful version of Tammy
  5. Crikey we're going to need to poach someone from NASA to help us with all this launching of bids business.
  6. To survive in the Premier League I reckon the two most essential players are a keeper that will save you games and a clinical striker who will put away the few chances that may come their way. If we end up spending over the odds on both of these positions then so be it. I know Bent was ultimately a flop but he pretty much kept us up the year he signed with us. So too Benteke.
  7. Ponky

    Kortney Hause

    Playing Green and Hause together on the left could be quite fruitful.

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