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  1. Yep. Melbourne City's loss is everyone else's gain. You could almost guarantee though Man City will buy him and farm him out like they did with Mooy.
  2. If Arzani doesn't start ahead of Kruse next game there's something really wrong with Bert's eyesight. We were the better team, but as others have said, lacking that little bit of quality up front.
  3. Thor is racking up a bit of a body count!
  4. Ripped this off Twitter but very good:
  5. Well the script for this world cup so far has been for a late goal to someone and unfortunately it had to go to them. It was a bit underwhelming, the winner, and given the fact that when they finally showed the goal line there was only about 1cm in it it amazes me they didn't at least have a closer look at it (or maybe they did and just didn't show it I suppose). The result was better than expected but in the end worse than it could/should have been. I really wish Bert Van Marwijk was taking over this team full time. Denmark vs Peru should be a cracker.
  6. Ponky

    Steve Bruce

    Haha. I don't follow other clubs...
  7. Ponky

    Steve Bruce

    So best case scenario is another Championship club or a premier league club come in for him. He goes and we get a bit of compo chucked in. Who knows, Stoke might be tempted.
  8. Ponky

    Incorrect Song Lyrics

    You don't say...
  9. Ponky

    Incorrect Song Lyrics

    Credence Clearwater Revival - Cotton Fields "It was down in Louisiana, just about a mile from Texarkana" Texarkana is about 30 miles from the Louisiana State Line. So even the original Leadbelly version ("10 miles") is incorrect.
  10. Ponky


    Rubbish post - ignore
  11. Ponky


    It all hinges on who the manager is. Bruce will fight to keep many of the old heads, but those who weren't really part of his plans like Lansbury, Hogan and Bjarnasson will probably be sold. Whether or not Jack leaves I think will be left up to him, but his currency is as high as it has ever been. I suspect he would not be enthralled at joining the likes of Brighton or Crystal Palace, but would jump at the chance to join a higher mid-table club like Arsenal or Chelsea (see what I did there). If we bring in a new manager with a modern football system then we may find the likes of Hogan and Bjarnasson staying. Hogan especially has shown he can score when he gets a run in the team and we play to his strengths, but he has spent most of his time here chasing down long balls over the top. And Bjarnasson, when played in his proper position, was consistently very good. These guys are by no means bad footballers, they are just not well suited to Bruce's style of play - which makes their recruitment in the first place something of a mystery.
  12. Ponky

    Steve Bruce

    As I understood it Bruce resigned from Hull when he was told he would not be getting much money to spend. I suspect that a similar scenario is developing at Villa. We will struggle to compete without the likes of Grealish and Chester, yet we will struggle to rebuild the squad without selling them. I am not sure Bruce will want to stick around for that.
  13. It was directly in front of the fourth official, our old mate.
  14. Ponky

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I'd hope to keep Grabban and JOhnstone of the loan players. My main concern is that losing a third of our squad means another massive turnover of players and the risk that we will have to take the first 10-15 games for the players to gel. The only way around this is to bring the youngsters through.