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  1. We may still see an in or two but I'd say it's a question of someone like a couple of keepers, or Lansbury or AEG moving on first. I like though how Smith keeps saying we don't want to be stockpiling players, but the way we've been snapping up youth prospects suggests otherwise
  2. Did anyone else find that after a while they stopped cheering our goals and just started laughing because of how ridiculously easy it looked? I got to that point by about no 5. Reminded me of the 7—1 destruction we copped against Southampton a few years back when Sane scored his record hat trick. A complete dismantling of an opponent with zero idea how to stop it. That it was US on this occasion, doing it to LIVERPOOL is just ridiculous.
  3. I hope they realise this is the last Wednesday before the transfer window SLAMS shut.
  4. Great signing and even if no purchase clause it would be hard to see a way back for him in the Chelsea team at the end of it, unless they get another transfer ban. That would mean a decent chance for us to sign him permanently anyway, if he buys into "the project"
  5. Agreed. I think Trez rose to the occasion and ensured Traore had to wait to come on.
  6. McGinn classic Trez workrate brilliant Watkins is trying a bit too hard I reckon. Needs to relax a bit. Grealish looked a million dollars with the ball at his feet but passing was poor. Konsa and Mings did a great job on Mitrovic
  7. Has anyone asked the Lyon fans what they think of him?
  8. Yes it would be hard to believe they'd make the exact same mistake as last season, leaving us with only two specialist strikers to start the season
  9. You should get that looked at mate
  10. Either that or his first touch is horrendous
  11. May become a question of which club blinks first. WB obviously need new players and will want both time and money to achieve that. It's a question of how long they can afford to hold out and at what point Villa also need time to move on to alternative targets.
  12. I think we could have done with more crosses /s
  13. I'd bring on Davis to help draw a few more of our players into the box. Not sure who for though.
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