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  1. Best game he’s had for good while, he’s been poor recently but today thought he was back to his best
  2. What did he do wrong today at the back?
  3. Goal came from him as well, he pushed everyone, Mings included as knew the ref would blow straight after. Also some good saves, be nice when we have a striker he can ping it to
  4. Man of the match for me, amazed people are talking about Drinkwater and not Targetts performance.
  5. Anyone got the video in normal speed?
  6. Where have you been for the last 5 years?
  7. Maybe from Abraham’s point of view, he’s top scorer in the championship, Chelsea are crying out for a striker and still won’t recall him so maybe he feels he has to do it in the Premier League
  8. What did McGinn do today that put him above Hourihan?
  9. roadoftrinity

    Keinan Davis

    Thought he did fine when he came on and held the ball up on a few occasions
  10. Hasn’t effect Mignolet and many other keepers in the Premier League. Also Shay Given was pretty shite on crossed.
  11. roadoftrinity

    Keinan Davis

    Disagree with what? Someone said he’d been poor every game since he’d since his contract? I pointed out he was very good when we played QPR which is since he’s signed his contract. agreed he’s inconsistent and that’s expected from young player
  12. roadoftrinity

    Keinan Davis

    Other than when we played QPR when he was absolutely superb.
  13. I’d agree with both of them comments however you’d hope Samba was cheap. I don’t know who we have in the academey, also no idea how Samba played today but had has been dog shite when I’ve seen him play for us before.
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