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Ratings and Reactions: Spurs 2-0 Villa


Man of the Match  

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  1. 1. Who was your Man of the Match?

    • Guzan
    • Vlaar
    • Clark
    • Lowton
    • Bennett
    • KEA
    • Delph
    • Albrighton
    • Holman
    • Benteke
    • Gabby
    • Bent (sub)
    • N'zogbia (sub)
    • Bannan (sub)

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we were shit, i only saw the second half but from what i saw

guzan made a couple good saves but was no where near either of their shots for the goals

bennet didnt do anything coming forwards

vlaar did ok

clarke was wasteful with the ball and drifted

holman didnt do anything

gabby? im guessing he played? seriously i dont know if he did, if he did he was never mentioned and did litereally **** all so maybe he didnt play?

i saw benteke was playing although he won not 1 header and did nothing

delph, did little before being taken off

keo did nothing gave the ball away each time he had it disapointing

albrighton didnt see him as i tuned in about 5 minutes before he was taken off, he never touched the ball

dont know who else was supposed to be on the pitch, they did **** all apart from give the ball away and leave great big open spaces for spurz to literally just walk through


bent didnt touch the ball - should have started

nzogbia each and every **** time this idiot gets the ball he homes in on the largest crowd of opposition players and then just walks up to them gives them the ball and then stands there like a twunt

banan did nothing of note apart from his normal hollywood 90 yard air passes to the sidelines

i only saw second half but it was the exact same weak pss poor standrd i saw against southampton

it is not good enough, put 5 in the middle until we have a decent strong midfield because we are getting walked through every week

if our forwards were scoring then the 2 up front would work better as the opponents would be holding back to stop it, we arent and dont look like scoring so they dont need to worry about the 2nd forward

sort it out lambo

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Went to the game today gotta say I expected more. My verdict of every game so far is 100% work rate but the players are far from good enough for premier league, We are surviving, if I can say this, on work rate not quality. It gonna be a long season. I know what Lambert is trying to do but we dont have time in the premier league. Big buys in January needed or relegation may be coming this season!

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Just back from the game and it's sad to see the apathy setting in already.

We where competitive in the first half and made a good fist of it, Vlaar was very solid putting in some decent challenges and being a rock in the heart of defence. We had two great chances to score at the start of the 2nd half, both falling to Benteke and after that header went inches wide, we seemed to fall into our shell and began playing like Villa of last season, kept giving the ball away and no-one seemed to influence the game at all after that! To be fair, Spurs have just won away at Old Trafford, and will be pushing onto the top 4 this season, and they'll beat better teams by more goals, I don't think the alarm bells need to be ringing just yet, but we need to start picking up the wins soon!

Oh, and the bloke who started singing "Gassed in the morning, you're getting gassed in the morning..." at the spurs fans - Grow up, get a life, we don't want to be associated with you.

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Expected result and very quickly heading for another relegation battle. Lambert's signings aren't working.

Lambert's signings aren't the main problem, it's the general quality of the squad and the fact that we're trying to implement a new system.
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watched via stream, wont bother with all ratings as we actually did ok for a majority of the game

turning point was benteke`s 2 missed chances, the header he had 6 foot of space to head it into and so much time i was celebrating when the ball left his head only to see it sail a yard wide. i labelled him as benteskey in the match thread which is probably unfair as at least he is getting into the position to score, but come on christian, you should be putting those away.

delph, again, flatters to deceive, got to be knocking on for over 40 appearances for villa now and has done **** all in most of them,he gets booked for tackles his never going to win which means he has to tip toe round for 70 minutes to avoid being sent off. how many more chances can he get at villa? i dunno whether its for formation, who he plays with in midfield or whatever else but he and KEA cant decide whos staying back on the break and whos bursting forward. generally our midfield is so lightweight its an area we need to sort out in january.

the result was expected, which takes away from the reality that we created 2 good goal scoring chances and a good few half chances.

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Just got in - I think this game pretty much summed up our season so far.

We play some lovely football at times but the killer instinct just isnt happening. We matched spurs well in the first half and got into good attacking positions, but we just fail to do anything with it.

Thought second half we started well again, but Benteke missed a real chance, free header on goal. I think if he had scored we would have gone on to win. The second goal totally killed the sides belief in a come back and being down to 10 men ended it then, we were lucky not to concede more.

Other points for me are:

- We need to know when to play the clever balls / one touch passing and when to send it into orbit.

- Agree with Lambert for keeping Bent on the bench - even though he scored he shouldn't have mouthed off to the press. MUST start next game though.

- Bennet seemed un-interested or star struck, however he always made the challenge that was needed, frustrating performance. Hope the injury isnt too serious, the players ushered the stretcher on quite quickly.

- If Delph can cut out the hard man tackles and get a few more games under his belt I think he'll be important for us this season.

- Think we miss ireland, someone who links it up.

Expecting a tough season, but I still think it will come good. Not worried yet.

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We are in big trouble IMO.

I said it when he signed but I'm not convinced PL is the messiah lots of people think he is and with the calibre of players he has signed I cannot see things turning around very soon.

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long season ahead,i did think we would get any thing from this game,spurs have spent a lot of £ now.. i think the midfield will be over run in many games now,wish pl got charlie adam in, think he would have fitted in,again i carnt see bannan/delph/zog/ cutting it.

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Vlaar and Clark looked a good pairing but got no support. Defending outside our own box is my biggest concern, we keep giving teams too much space there.

Bennett's' injury looked a nasty one, seemed to fall awkwardly.

Benteke had three good chances, two real sitters. I worry he's finding it easier than he thought he would and his concentration is lapsing in front of goal. Bent and Weimann are still my favourite partnership so far, seem to compliment each other the most out of all our forward options.

I'm worried Lambert tries to be a bit too clever with some of his ideas.

Their first goal had an element of luck to it but we should have cleared it and Lennon was given far too much space for their second.

If we get at least four points from Fulham and Norwich then I think we'll still be on a good course. On paper we're one point behind what I personally expected us to be at this stage. So I'm not panicking :D

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