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  1. http://www.astonvilla.vitalfootball.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=55429&start=1 If this is proven to be true, surely that is an automatic sackable offence? Telling a customer to shut up in retail or customer service would be instant dismissal. At a football match I would suggest things are different due to the raucous, high intensity atmosphere. When you say he was swearing, you don't mean at the fans i presume, but at the players? This is to be expected if so. You can't take your kids to a football match and not expect to hear swearing. If he was swearing at the fans this
  2. Do we have a condom government?
  3. Rocksmith. Pretty good TBH. Good practice tool.
  4. Wow, I wouldn't want to test that bag out!
  5. While we are on the subject, I need a better camera bag. I like the rucksack style, but it's not a deal breaker but it needs to hold the camera and three or four other lenses. Any recommendations.
  6. Blimey mate, that's a few quid just to take flap shots ;-) Your not wrong!! LOL. Seriously I must have spent well over £1000 and that is for basic stuff. Photography is a very expensive hobby!
  7. Depends on what he wants to do. I just bout a 50mm prime lens. It is great for those out of focus background shots, i use it as my standard lens. it was around £180. I have also just bought a wide angle 10-24mm lens for £350 for Landscape photos. That is great as well. I have a 300mm zoom lens that does macro pretty good, I think that is about £150. The stock lens it comes with is OK.
  8. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-Digital-Camera-18-55mm-14-2MP/dp/B00403MA4M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1345819689&sr=8-2 Excellent camera, had a year with superb results.
  9. Current Squad League: Bottom 5 FA Cup: 3rd Round League Cup: Last 16.
  10. The Arctic Monkeys were shocking.
  11. Terrible band to have on. Why?
  12. Any news on the Dawnguard addon for PS3 yet?
  13. Wurzel

    Camera DSLR

    thanks that is what I mean, so if I am photographing something over the last figure of 7 ft, and at the infinity symbol then that is the setting i should use. Here are a couple of shots I took with it:
  14. Wurzel

    Camera DSLR

    Cheers, as a novice I'm always a bit wary. Can I ask yet another idiot question? The depth of field indicator, how exactly do i use it? If I have it all the way over above 7ft is that the distance I am away from what I'm photographing? I know, I know, dumb question, I'm cringing asking it!
  15. Wurzel

    Camera DSLR

    I bought the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Is it a good lens?
  16. Wurzel


    What's "Facebook"?
  17. Wurzel

    Camera DSLR

    Hey b23, I wondering what lens I should get next. I have the 18-55mm that comes with the camera, and a Tamron 70-300mm tele/macro lens. The stock lens is ok for snaps but i would like to take those snazzy snaps where the background is all out of focus. The zoom lens does this but it zooms too far (Sorry for the terminology, as you can see I'm no expert!) What would you go for? Also what lens is best for landscape photos?
  18. Wurzel

    Camera DSLR

    Get the Nikon and put the £200 to an additional lens.
  19. Wurzel

    Camera DSLR

    I have the Nikon D3100, it is fantastic. Nice guide mode if like me you need a little help. Not too heavy and has come down in price recently. You may want one that takes HDR photos though.
  20. Loved the main game, but hated the undead add on.
  21. Forgot to mention Total War: Rome on PC. A game so good they made it into a TV series
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