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  1. I very rarely post on VT, much more of a lurker, but I just wanted to respond to this. Nothing personal against you @tinker, but this approach is one of the problems with women's concerns being taken seriously by men. I'm a 30-something woman, and happen to live 2 streets down from where Sarah Everard was last seen alive. Although what happened to her is incredibly rare, it highlighted the fears that most women live with every day. Every time we walk somewhere at night, or unknown, or quiet, we make a risk assessment on what we would do if we were attacked (most likely by a man). We make this risk assessment because it's happened, or has nearly happened, to most of us. My friends and I have been followed on numerous occasions, groped in bars, made to feel very uncomfortable on public transport with lewd comments, been grabbed or even assaulted. There might occasionally be violence involved but the majority of the time, it's "just" sexual. These events aren't rare - they're experienced every day by a lot of women. That's why we carry our keys between our fingers when we walk home so that we have something to use in defence, why we tell each other to text when we get home safely, why we pretend to be on the phone when we walk past groups of drunk men to try to not get noticed. I'm not saying that men don't sometimes have the same fears, or that this happens to all women. But it's so much more prevalent for us that it's a part of life - just normal behaviour - when it really shouldn't be. And telling people not to surrender to fear negates the genuine concerns that women have, so they stop raising them and the behaviour is normalised. I know opinions will differ on this, and I don't propose to get into a heated debate on it, but just wanted to post my view.
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