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  1. Some of you may remember I posted on here a few years ago when my long term relationship broke down after I caught my (now ex-) boyfriend cheating on me. Well, 2 years ago I met someone else whilst still feeling a little fragile, but stuck with it as we got on really well. And this weekend we just got engaged! Thanks again VT - you lot were brilliant when times were pretty crappy, so I thought I ought to share the good news!
  2. Christmas Day 2014, about 8pm. News had broken that CityLink had been put into administration and I had a fairly long call from our Ops Director on it. Pretty sure I didn't give my best legal advice that day, given that I started on the bucks fizz at 11am...
  3. Haha, I wouldn't expect anything less in your destination reports Tony! Have passed them on to my other half as useful info :-)
  4. Thanks Tony - I might take you up on that closer to the time, if that's OK? What did you think of the country generally? We've booked an 8 day trek from Paro (the airstrip landing looks interesting!).
  5. Got flights booked for 2 1/2 weeks in Costa Rica at the start of December. Anyone been before and if so, any recommendations? Have also booked to go to Bhutan at the start of next year, but technically that's not for this thread...
  6. I went to Cuba a few years ago in August for 2 weeks and it was absolutely fine - a few clouds/ showers in the afternoon but cleared very quickly and got rid of the humidity. Havana is a great city, and the beaches are beautiful. Don't know if it has changed much since they opened up to Americans - hope not.
  7. @lapal_fan I found that it wasn't a conscious decision to tread cautiously - just an underlying need for self-preservation against something that had been very painful when it happened previously. You're right that emotions are difficult to explain, but I suppose it's not that different to physical pain. If you've spilled boiling water down your arm when emptying a kettle (which I did recently!), then you're naturally going to be more cautious the next time you use a kettle. (sorry, crap analogy)
  8. Just adding a bit of female perspective - my ex of 15 years and I broke up after he'd been cheating on me. After a while, I went on a few dates as I was ready to move on and have fun, but was definitely very cautious (probably subconsciously) of getting too emotionally involved with anyone else because of the risk of being hurt again. After a while I met someone absolutely brilliant, and moved in with him after a year, but still couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't really giving it my all as I just assumed that he'd probably end up hurting me too, so it was easier not to get too attached in the first place. I soon realised that I was at risk of jeopardising a really good relationship just because of not wanting to let myself get hurt again and went to talk to someone about it. Made me realise I was being stupid, and now everything's great. It may be completely different with your girl Dem, and she may want her ex back (in which case, stay well clear), but it's not as easy as "being a spinster" if you don't want to get hurt - all a bit more complicated than that.
  9. Adults on scooters. Not the motorised, moped things, but the push-along ones kids have. Especially on London pavements, which is becoming surprisingly common.
  10. Had the back to work blues today so booked the following holidays for 2016: - 5 nights skiing in Morzine in March - week in Antigua in May - 2.5 weeks in Costa Rica in December. Just flights booked for the moment, still deciding on hotels and an itinerary for Costa Rica. Anyone been? If so, any tips?
  11. I really like Opera Tavern in Covent Garden (smart tapas, sort of) but if you want somewhere that she'll like when dressed up, try Clos Maggiore (French, romantic), Balthazar (flashy brasserie) or Hawksmoor Seven Dials (very good steak and cocktails).
  12. So sorry to hear that Mike - it's really horrible when that happens. Old age/ illness/ combination of the two? I had my cat put down a few months ago, and despite my best efforts, was in floods of tears at the vets.
  13. Ugh no tramp porn here, I've got the Everything Butt series to catch up on Because an admission such as this is guaranteed to encourage GeorgeVilla82 to interact more with you, eh Rob? I'd only get in trouble off the missus if she did :D I definitely wouldn't want to get you in trouble Rob! Because that's obviously the only reason why I wouldn't post bum pics....
  14. My Dad's been diagnosed with prostate cancer today. Caught very early, and good chance of getting rid of it (or at least living a long time before it has any worse effects), but still a bit of a shock. None of my close family have ever had cancer, so (stupidly) I kind of thought no one would ever get it, even though it obviously doesn't work like that.
  15. Labour governed from 1997, so we're talking about 13 years of over-spending not just the one year prior to the recession.

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